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  1. New K Mart car coming out will be a 510 wagon
  2. Ill take the steering wheel and horn pad if you want to sell
  3. Does 4 book set mean 4 rims? I was trying to figure it out but that's all I saw
  4. I went on this site how do you search for 6 lug?
  5. Yeah Im having a hard time find a OBD2 harness so I would need computer to be OBD2 also correct?
  6. I already have several times they don't make a S14 KA harness , and did not offer to make one either
  7. I just want to make sure before I spend more money. If the manifold is OBD2 the OBD1 harness will work I just wont have the extra plugs?
  8. So is the manifold different? And can I just buy a S14 engine harness that's OBD1 and still use it as long as I have a OBD1 Computer?
  9. Ive been reading some 95 were OBD2 and the guy I got my engine from said it was OBD2?
  10. I need some help for my S14 KA swap into my 510. I bought a engine and tranny from a 95 S14 but I did not get the harness. Im having trouble figuring out what I need , how do I tell if my engine is OBD1 or OBD2? I need to buy a harness ASAP but need to figure out which one to buy
  11. I just picked up a pretty clean 1980 200sx with 77,000 original miles . Im looking to lower it but cant find any info on the internet so far. Will 280zx struts work in the front? Or should I just do coilovers on my stock struts? What about the rear cant find any lowering springs
  12. DatsuNissanLove how much for the mesh wheels?
  13. did you grab the san jose paper license plate insert???
  14. Sorry I will see you guys there. I went on the last caravan and that was the fastest my truck has ever been lol . Im taking side streets all the way there
  15. Im registered but rolling solo out there no caravan for me my truck is too slow lol
  16. That 510 has been for sale for a while now, it has a KA24de swap I think he was asking $6500
  17. Not that same one but different cities
  18. I have about 10 of those paper dealer inserts lol
  19. Those wheels are not from a matchbox on that 510 wagon they are Hotwheels wheels lol
  20. I have a few aluminum NAP Z valve covers if you are interested in one?
  21. Nice find ! Love 68's. Door panels look like they have chrome trim at the bottom like some of the models in Japan?
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