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  1. New K Mart car coming out will be a 510 wagon
  2. Ill take the steering wheel and horn pad if you want to sell
  3. Does 4 book set mean 4 rims? I was trying to figure it out but that's all I saw
  4. I went on this site how do you search for 6 lug?
  5. Yeah Im having a hard time find a OBD2 harness so I would need computer to be OBD2 also correct?
  6. I already have several times they don't make a S14 KA harness , and did not offer to make one either
  7. I just want to make sure before I spend more money. If the manifold is OBD2 the OBD1 harness will work I just wont have the extra plugs?
  8. So is the manifold different? And can I just buy a S14 engine harness that's OBD1 and still use it as long as I have a OBD1 Computer?
  9. Ive been reading some 95 were OBD2 and the guy I got my engine from said it was OBD2?
  10. I need some help for my S14 KA swap into my 510. I bought a engine and tranny from a 95 S14 but I did not get the harness. Im having trouble figuring out what I need , how do I tell if my engine is OBD1 or OBD2? I need to buy a harness ASAP but need to figure out which one to buy
  11. I just picked up a pretty clean 1980 200sx with 77,000 original miles . Im looking to lower it but cant find any info on the internet so far. Will 280zx struts work in the front? Or should I just do coilovers on my stock struts? What about the rear cant find any lowering springs
  12. DatsuNissanLove how much for the mesh wheels?
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