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Fisch dreaming in Photoshop

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Been under a bit of art deadline stress lately, but I stole a second to do some Datsun dreaming in Photoshop to lift my soul!


So this is me in my 59 imagining I am tearing up the back roads of New England. (Starting from a still photo my wife took in the garage)


This is actually a bit of a preview, because at the moment this is how I will paint the '59. I love patina rods, and I didn't want to cover up all the original paint, at least not right away. But I also wanted a bit more splash! So this is simple. A two tone blue, but painted with a blue tinted clear for the roof so we can still see some original paint beneath. It'd be cool to get a little metal flake in there as well! Then I will hand paint the dragon.


So there is it dudes. Dreaming in pixels! A fun thing to do when the winter blahs got you by the balls!



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looks like your hauling azz in the 59, so fast you lost your hair -------- piece jk


when I was over at the Vancouver BBQ last weekend, I stopped by my sis's house to show her your Ratsun car's art, all she could do is droool, 2 thumbs up was her reaction. as always Scott, you do excellant work.

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Thanks guys! If only it were closer to reality!


THis si too funny, my buddy Lars added himself to the image and asked to bum a ride! His expression is perfect!



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