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  1. ariascarlos1990

    Draynor's Diesel Maxima

    Make that shit role coal!
  2. ariascarlos1990

    Carlos's 620

    The mail came :)
  3. ariascarlos1990

    Carlos's 620

    Well the motor and transmission are back in. A big shout out to Phil for gettin'er done in time so I can drive it to Canby. I haven't drove this truck in 5 years!!! :)
  4. ariascarlos1990

    Carlos's 620

    Thanks guys. Just so people know the ARP wheel studs people put on there 510's 100-7708 WILL FIT on the 620's as well.
  5. ariascarlos1990

    Carlos's Goon

    Not much of an update for the goon but here's it's current state. It still runs and drives great I drive it every now and then. Those who have me on Facebook know I bought a Ford Super Duty about a year ago I love the truck I have helped out a couple members on here recover there dato's with it. Anyways on with the pics.
  6. ariascarlos1990

    Carlos's 620

    Up mother fucking date time! Well it's been 2 years since my last update I decided to have my Mexican friend Phil rebuild the motor and stuff it back in. Current state of the truck is this: I had new tires put on the titans ordered ARP wheel studs. Bagging the truck will be in the works after I get it running and driving.
  7. ariascarlos1990

    Let's see some machine work

    Does this count? I run a CNC (Kinetic 4000) my machine does plasma cutting, flame cutting, automatic tool changing drill, mill, tap, bevel, and counter bore. There's probably more I'm forgetting. btw that plate is 1" thick and 120"x660"
  8. ariascarlos1990

    How to: Hydraulic E-Brake in a Datsun 510

    Nope none I love it.
  9. ariascarlos1990

    Beaverton Ratsun meets 2010/11

    I might ride one of my bikes not sure yet though.
  10. ariascarlos1990

    Beaverton Ratsun meets 2010/11

    I'm down
  11. ariascarlos1990

    510 Wagon Traction Bars Group Buy - Gauging Interest

    Put me down for a set.
  12. ariascarlos1990

    Red Door Meet

    I'll probably roll out tonight in my halfway running 510.
  13. ariascarlos1990

    SOLD! non-smog square port exhaust manifold with downpipe $50

    There's nothing wrong with it I was running it with no problems before I switched to a round port head. And yes Saturday will work.

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