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Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe

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Nice car too bad it's owner is trippin. If two door, original interior and those rims thrown away it would be worth still less than 10,000. This is just ridiculous hype to get it 'out there'. Some dick with money will by it for his kid to drift with. Bye bye.

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its got felt flames in it if I recall. there were some (easy to throw stones from the internet comment ahead) tacky interior calls made IMO, and the asking price is ridiculous. If this were a for sale thread for the car Id keep it to myself, but since we are on the subject.


what 8k tops for that car? its clean but it ain't winning any best in show in california. unless it already has, and Id love to see what show it was.


not like I have something better, just throwing my unwanted 2c at the internet.

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I saw the car in person at the Nick's Burgers gathering and it does have a ton done on it, but, why a 4 door? Nothing against 4 doors, but, why? :blink:


And honestly, most of the work is very "Mini Truckin'" like.


Not my cup of tea, or coffee, or milk, or.......:rolleyes:

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the owner of that sweet 510 i belive is al (datsun parts)....if you seen any of his builds you know its done right and bitchen....ya 19,000 is nutz to me but im sure hes losing money he puts the highest quailty in his work and parts....check him out...

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Stock seats reupholstered, nicely but still doesn't really match the theme. Ruined the dash with off the shelf bling gauges. Stock VG blah. FWD offset wheels with spacers, ick. Clear markers do nothing for me. Stock (looks like stock) mirrors in the wrong place. Flamed door panels? Really?


Am I nit-picking? Hell yeah! Its $19grand, better nitpick the fuck out of it.

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Well im with surf rar on this one. Yes it is nice and nicely done,but why a four door. I paid quite a bit for my 510,but I wanted a nice one that had'nt been butchered up. I dont have anywhere that kind of money into mine but I can see how he would,what do you suppose it costs to have a vg30e re-built from the factory(remaufactured) plus any mods?:D

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Why a four door? Because four doors are the bomb, that's why!! Stiffer chassis due to the rear doors, better access for chicks and dogs in the back! Did I mention four doors just rule and there's a reason the rally cars were always four door 510s? :D

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