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  1. Good to see another roadster here, saddly you're another victim of bondo. I had to clear almost an inch thick off of my rocker pannels, I used a heatgun and a scraper and the bondo just peeled off and what didn't come off with the scraper I used steel wool for, was a little time consuming but I didn't want bondo dust everywhere. Also you can hit up miata owners for their 1.6 parts fairly cheap on the engine as most end up replacing it with the 1.8L, so turbo is not too costly.
  2. found someone building a supercharged GL1000 like mine using an SC14, today is a good day
  3. yeah it does, its icky looking but for now it will do. What I have in mind, as every does cruiser or naked havent seen many sport bike wings around.
  4. goldwing I traded my red 1.8L miata for since getting a 97 M edition at a steal. 1977 GL1000 75k on the clock but runs great. I've already put over 500 miles on it, plus plasti dipped it, I plan on changing its look but right now more focused on datsun work then motorcycle.
  5. Does the guy still have that Z? I cant get it out of my head lol, can you find out what kinda money he'd want for it?
  6. I want to punch them for their attempt at cursive, its so bad and they should feel bad.
  7. I've only seen one creeper work in that red clay lol
  8. I;ve got two of these, fairly easy to use have to follow their instructions which arent to hard and replacement sensors are 40 bucks.
  9. thinking of getting a trans for the R16 and using the roadster frame for a vintage datsun hotrod

    1. MikeRL411


      Find some old Austin 7 parts and it would look like the DAT!

    2. FoxyRoadster


      I was just gonna make the body as I have yet to find a fiberglass one.

  10. lol someone posted the same link eariler fail for not reading whole thread
  11. my goal is match or be below factory roadster weight, I don't mind a few lbs gained considering I'll be gaining a LSD rear end with IRS and a wide option of suspension parts with 4 wheel disc brakes
  12. Just something thats food for thought I found online. The weights are in KG but in pounds the body is 1052.71lbs and the ppf is 858.701 with brakes and wheels
  13. my goal is to have it drivable before the end of July, going to reinstall the turbo as well. I'm thinking of making the whole front clip removable to make working on the engine easier in the future as well. Saw this on 311s.org, I think I found my muse lol Major thoughts on having power brakes since I have all the parts, its more to break but would make street driving this roadster easier.
  14. tearing this miata apart is like shooting old yeller

    1. danfiveten


      Dont you mean tearing open a vagina LOL... Sorry couldnt resist

    2. ruckycharms


      I used to call my Asian girlfriend's vagina " Old Yeller "

  15. You could most likely source the electric power steering system from a smart fortwo and adapt it for a much lower cost. http://www.ebay.com/itm/08-09-10-11-12-SMART-FORTWO-POWER-STEERING-PUMP-/160807973334
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