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Just my luck...

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Got my new wheels installed last night.


Drove to work this morning. Some asshole speeding, runs a red and totals my goon :(






I'm feeling very heart broken and pissed the fuck off right now.

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Oh man

Where did this happen?

If I'm not mistaken, you take 880 going south cause I see canary yellow wagon in the mornings time to time.


If it helps you get hope to get that wagon on the road again

I have whole quarter panel all the way to the roof and rear tub

Complete hatch also

Not sure how bad it is or if it can still be straightened out



On the good side, hope your not injured.

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OH SNAP! Dude, that totally blows! I dread that happeneing to my goon... I'd be heartbroken. I hope you weren't hurt, but I hope you get money for being hurt... and a good chunk of change for the car to set you up right for the next one!

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Dude, I feel bad for you, same thing happened to me last year, but, not as bad as yours. The local insurance company fixed mine for me, they spent ~2500 bucks to fix it for me too! Good luck!

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Oh man

Where did this happen?

If I'm not mistaken, you take 880 going south cause I see canary yellow wagon in the mornings time to time.


Yep that would be me. This was by Great America off of Tasmin turnning left on to rio robles. I got the green arrow, started to turn.. didn't see him, kept turnning, heard him lock up his wheels, and BAM! I spin 270 deg and hit the pole. :mad: I know he was speeding because I would have seen him coming around that curve in the street.


I'm ok, other then a stiff neck and a hell of a head ache.


I just had a motor swap done, and just picked up those wheels. I loved driving that car.


I think I'm going to find another goon and put all my drivetrain in... I just need one thats straight with no rust.


the one wheel he just scuffed slightly. a little rash on the lip only. Shockingly my locking gas cap doesn't have a scratch! :confused:

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glad to hear your sort of OK, sad about the goon. :mad:

instead of messing with the insurance a holes.

go get a lawyer and get them to pay for another goon plus for your medical problems that might come up later if not now.




I asssume it was not a hit and run prick......

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at least you walked away.

:cursing: shit ass drivers!


I think I'm going to find another goon and put all my drivetrain in... I just need one thats straight with no rust.


call james johnson, i think he said he had a nice shell :D

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Dude, thats sucks. Hope it can be repaired. But thats it. I'm going to Montana to see if the goon I saw three years a go is still there. I would think it would be, it was in a yard on top of something. dind't look like it was going anywhere for a while.

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Maybe it's time to have a sticky post for what to do when you get hit. Wish I could say that never happened to me.


In case nobody mentioned it already...GET A LAWYER, GO SEE A DOCTOR, START CHIROPRACTIC VISITS... Forget the car they aren't going to give you anything for it but the lawyer can recover money for injuries.


Yeah, that sucks about the car but it easily could have been worse. I commuted from Mt. View to SF from 1980 to '89. I got war stories for days. When I moved to Oregon I was amazed how laid back and courtious the drivers were. When ever you see drivers being dickheads here, either they have California plates or new Oregon plates with Bay Area dealer's frames still on them.


I was in the Bay a couple weeks ago for a week. The drivers are even crazier than I ever remember. Everybody drives way too fast. Driving defensively just doesn't cut it. Unless you drive offensively you are going to get run over, like they will leave tire marks on your windshield.


My best friend commutes from Davis to SF and describes how people drive... if they see a vehicle ahead of them they have to pass it.


When I was on my way back, the traffic on 101 started to slow up then stop before Santa Rosa. I thought it was a little early for the afternoon drive. Finally I see an overturned car all wadded up on the other side of the freeway. There was a deep culvert with armco on each side about twenty feet apart. I thought everybody had slowed up to see the accident in the other direction.


Finally as I got up to where the traffic speed up again. I could see two other vehicles in the slow lane that were unrecognizable except that they used to be cars. It was hard to imagine how the first car managed to land clean across the culvert and double armco barriers.


As soon as I cleared the scene, drivers were blowing by my at 90mph. Not me baby, that cooled my jets for the rest of the day.

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People wonder why I carry weapons in my vehicles :rolleyes:

It's not in case of car jackers.

It's in case of a wreck, get out and beat the living shit out if they're car, say the wreck did it :lol:

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