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  1. sssr20det510

    Datsunville finishing lost 1969 2 door project

    I don't off hand it is listed on the 510 realm if u search
  2. sssr20det510

    Datsunville finishing lost 1969 2 door project

    Ha ha ya right I have rare JDM and nos parts that are worth more than 6k alone
  3. sssr20det510

    Datsunville finishing lost 1969 2 door project

    Shell is for sale 12k or 18k with all the parts I have no motor or tranny
  4. sssr20det510

    Datsun Camper Pictures

  5. sssr20det510

    Feng Shui (The 510 Experiment) (All pics are fixed)

    can you do the cv adapters with the subie r180 sti diff?? how much ???
  6. sssr20det510

    how accurate is fast & furious?

    Too bad the car isnt even turbo lol
  7. sssr20det510

    SR Swappers... Top mount turbo VS. R&P Steering Conversion.

    AE86 Rack is same width as mr2 but power
  8. sssr20det510

    Slammed Datsun Pic Thread

    Any more info on this
  9. sssr20det510

    Post 510's

    Now lets see the bronze wheels on the green one lol
  10. sssr20det510

    Datsun 510 GL tail lights

    Keep your eye on ebay and ebay Australia. You also might want to put a wanted ad on the realm
  11. sssr20det510

    Repro 72 510 SSS Grille & Supersonic badges

    Are you able to plate them chrome? If so I need the rear emblem
  12. sssr20det510

    F!cking toe is killing me please help....

    You prob need more caster and a little toe in
  13. sssr20det510

    Good Buy?

    I disagree by the time hes done getting it all together and running he could be 5k into it without body and paint. the freshly painted one runs and drives and looks good id ask for more detailed pics to see how the body is but if you can get it for 5k it would be the best deal you have posted
  14. sssr20det510

    Good Buy?

    If there is no hidden rust or a bunch of shitty body work id say its worth it
  15. sssr20det510

    ka24 tranny mount??

    T3 one looks like daves ????

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