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  1. Was actually thinking of suggesting this, or I think I remember seeing a truck on here that the owner cut just the front of the hood off and mounted that, leaving the engine exposed. Looked pretty trick. I mean, you already ruined a perfectly good 510, why not ruin a perfectly good hood, too? :rofl:
  2. This thread = Not Ratsun at all. I'm not picking sides, and I'm not even going to bother reading through to see how justified OP or Adam were in what transpired, but everyone ITT was too quick to pick sides and flame a member. Maybe I'm just too "Old School Ratsun" and I've been out of the loop too much or something, but this thread made me a little sick about the "community" that used to be here. It didn't used to be about standing up for Mr. Popular. Let OP voice his opinion, and let the target reply in his own time and stay out of their business. Close this thread.
  3. James isn't your friend, pal. :sneaky: JK! James you went SHORT with those struts! I approve. Car looks sick. I've been crazy busy between work and school, and I always think about trying to take a day off to come to the Friday meets.... One day...
  4. Yeah, that motor made some bad noises when it failed the 'goon, and probably would have made it home if the shavings hadn't gotten into the oil pickup. I remember the engine shaking and bucking and the oil pressure gauge reading zero. A rebuild would be a good idea so you don't end up dealing with this again:
  5. Tagged and subbed for future hoodrattery, hooliganism and general tomfoolering.
  6. Could split both fronts and rears apart... flip the fronts to uber negative and use half of the rears to the old fronts to widen them and create NEW rears... then use the smaller half on the old rears to make NEW fronts... reseal and bolt together... I didn't look at how wide that would make them, though... like 12"? and fronts would only like 7"? Dunno... if you bought them, I say play with them and see what would happen!
  7. Those of you who saw the ad in Austin... was it my old wagon? I've always wondered what ended up happening to it, and the link has been taken down since you posted it. Anyone save pictures? What was he asking? PM me, I don't want to clutter the thread...
  8. Masturbated my butt and drank lots of water... Not srs. Srs.
  9. Reinstalling Windows 7 Picture Viewer, I can't see shit.
  10. Is that last photo at full droop? You're going to have a retarded amount of negative camber under load, if so.... ROCK IT!!
  11. BRB, reinstalling Windows 7, since it seems my image viewer isn't working anymore. Will try again later from my Macbook Pro, see if pictures show up.
  12. Fixed. Torsion bars are like the front suspension on the trucks. But you knew that.
  13. I would totally take the opportunity to do that! Even though I don't drive a real Datsun anymore, and I'm not going to Canby, it'd still be rad to do it. SADLY, though, I'm really busy chasing leads to get replica 510 and Z car bodies produced out of fiberglass, or maybe even carbon fiber. Hope someone picks up the torch!!
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