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  1. Bummed ... I am going to be outa town this weekend.... looks like a great route. have a good run!
  2. Had a great time on the run, Thanks for setting it all up Gino. I was kinda bummed i had to split early to bring the car to wekfest. Anyway, here is a little vid i put together from the drone footage while we were up on Hwy 9
  3. Looks like a great route. Any plans for more stopping points along the way? Or just the one in Santa Cruz for lunch / pictures? There are a couple cool lots / picture opportunities at the top of Hwy 9 and just as you start heading towards boulder creek... I am going to try to join in for the first leg of the run but probably have to drop out at the top of Hwy 9 before you head down towards Santa Cruz.
  4. Bump ..... im going to try to cruise by for a few tonight .. hope to see some of you out there.
  5. too bad I missed this, it sounded cool, unfortunately I had to go out of town that weekend .. How about someone posts up the results from the dyno pulls?
  6. hope to make it out tomorrow... who else is goin?
  7. Was a fun day, cool race and sweet fatlace show. I pulled first place in the show for classic muscle :thumbup: met lots of cool people and the Datsun got a ton of attention .. thanks for getting a shot of me on the parade lap! here are a couple shots of the show .. can you spot the dime? B)
  8. Check it out.. we got coverage on Rocky Auto Website... I even got my picture up there with him .. got called up for during the awards for recognition .. no first place but ill take it! :thumbup: http://ameblo.jp/rockyauto/entry-11595097904.html
  9. Biiiizzzzzump a dump... Anyone headed out tomorrow ?
  10. Great run today I had a blast! Incredible turn out as well ..... I saw as lot of cameras out there ...hope to see a lot of pics here ...
  11. Spotted yesterday afternoon around 5:30 on Lafayette in San jose
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