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  1. awesome!! hope to see a lot of you there!
  2. STREET NEO CLASSICS -- 80'S & 90'S SHOW DATE: Sunday OCT.18, 2015 TIME: 10am to 3pm PLACE: Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. INC -- HEADQUARTERS IN TORRANCE, CA CARS: Japanese Cars made from 1986 to 1999. "OLD SCHOOL SECTION" WELCOMES EARLIER MODELS FROM 60's to 1985. (LIMITED SPACE) "GRANDFATHERED" models are ok: Nissan 300ZX -- (Both Z31 and Z32 models) Toyota Corolla AE86 -- (manufactured in 1984, 1985, 1986) Mitsubishi Starion -- (1982 to 1989) Mazda RX-7 (1991 to 2001) Unsure if your make and model is eligible? Send an email to via the website 80S/90S SHOW FAQ: Where is the location?
  3. ..we all should've gotten a medal for even going to that "show" (was more like a glorified car meet)
  4. was searching the web for results for the show and stumbled upon this... http://priuschat.com/threads/historic-j-pacifico-show-11-8-14.147295/#axzz3IhwUtg1W ...even prius people were displeased.
  5. I actually have time... I'll swing by. I'll bring my stickers and t-shirts if anyone is interested.
  6. At the time when I started this thread, goons seemed to be the underdog, so I wanted to bring like minded people together. There have been non-510 goons as well as Bonvo's Subaru goon and other non-datsun goons if I remember correctly. I kind of remember there not being sections...I could be wrong, but there were (and still are) more 510 goons than any other Datsun model. I only made sense to make it here (as I had a 510 goon at the time as well). ALL GOONS WELCOME to check in Happy GOONING!
  7. no luck with that..sorry
  8. I'm currently in Japan with only a few more days to go,serious buyers will have to payal up front. I leave here on SUNDAY 3-23-14 If i can get some SSS gauge clusters, who would be seriously interested? $200 each (dusty but complete) let me know ASAP goki.datsmo@gmail
  9. i have returned...with great news for the GOON SQUAD... I have a BRAND NEW...still in (tattered) packaging. Straight from Japan (even tho it says made in france) Locking gas cap with keys! $250 takes it!
  10. payment received... Will send it out on Thursday. (because holidays) THANKS!!
  11. Yup...i can make them in white...no problem! Reflective silver....i dont have any stock of it, but MIGHT be able to score a few sheets of regular silver. let me know
  12. Half of the collection all for sale if the price is right ;)
  13. DATSMO Parody FARTFACE/illness/Filthiest A parody of FATLACE/illest/titleist colors: red/white/blue $4 each + shipping
  14. previously released on facebook: DATSMO Bluebird Inspired by the late 70's/ early 80's Datsun/Nissan brochures, we proudly present to you the DATSMO BLUEBIRD sticker! color: blue $3 each + shipping
  15. hey guys! sorry i havent logged on in a while. Thanks DATROD for letting me know. You guys can just PM me ...better yet, email me goki(dot)datsmo(at)gmail(dot)com for sticker inquiries. 510SSS....absolutely! PM or email me silviamaxxed.... PM or email me! -goki
  16. Latest addtion... Hayashi Street CR Front: 15x9 -13 offset Rear: 15x9.5 -19 offset
  17. awesome! cant wait to see it, Supra510!
  18. yup! awesome dude and an asset to the Datsun community
  19. The Glow Star Wheel will be on display at JCCS this Saturday! Shouji Inoue of the famous Star Road will also be attending JCCS! Shouji Inoue will be at the Kyusha Roman booth. Stop by to say hi and meet one of the famous Nissan/Z/Skyline tuners in Japan. Kyusha Roman Magazines and stickers, STAR ROAD stickers, and DATSMO stickers for sale at the booth. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=522012767886939&set=a.211352805619605.54982.119618854793001&type=1&theater See you there!
  20. Nissan Jam pics are ready for your viewing enjoyment! DATSMO page http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.473491292739087.1073741837.119618854793001&type=1
  21. i have an extra grill ....so if you end up getting it, let me know!
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