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  1. Looking for a shop in Norcal to build\install KA motor in a 620 pickup truck.

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    2. hosestop@msn.com


      Go na sr s14 and we may be up for it 3-4 months out ,check off topics Alleycat garage posted last one .

    3. pl521sss


      Hi there.

      Alleycat Garage is your shop?

      I can go with NA SR motor if it's an easier swap.

      My goal is to have a modern motor in my Datsun 620.






    4. hosestop@msn.com


      Did you see it also alleycat garage fb.


  2. pl521sss

    any leads on a 410?

    The right buyer is out there and not aware of this sale on ebay. Timing could be factor too, thanks giving next week.
  3. pl521sss

    any leads on a 410?

    did this SSS sold on ebay? How much?
  4. pl521sss

    any leads on a 410?

    My 410 wagon could up for sale soon. No more space at home
  5. Where to find unobtainium 68 SSS dash!!

    1. Rick-rat


      Can't be found if it's (unobtainium)

    2. Draker


      You can find it in a SSS 68.. in japan

    3. pl521sss


      I've seen it once. I'll check Japan auction also.

  6. How do you look up for close out sales for specific vehicle like Datsun 510?
  7. Your average Datsun 510 sedan :lol: :lol: Nothing special.
  8. Another Datsun in my collection. One has to go.

    1. HOGIE
    2. That4doorKiD


      so you got the 240 on craigslist!! dammit

    3. pl521sss
  9. What's the story on the other 68' sedan? Pics?
  10. I was digging the camper on this truck.
  11. Love it!!! Another survivor and back on the road. At least you have disc brakes already on the front.
  12. It's a 68 sedan!! And looks like you have 2 of them. Is that correct? Looking good on the Turbo build. Good luck and hopes you'll finish it.
  13. pl521sss

    620 owners roll call

    1974 Datsun 620 Northern California L18 automatic trans
  14. pl521sss


    I want!!! I do a lot of camping and biking. Nice find.
  15. ARP head bolts or 280zx Turbo head bolts??

    1. flatcat19


      ARP is you can. Why wouldn't you?

    2. Yealla510


      stock are better


    3. Skib
  16. pl521sss

    Elgin Cam

    Hello Ratsuners!! Could someone help identify the profile of this Elgin cam. Stamp on the cam doesn't match againts Elgin's info on their website. http://www.elgincams.com/c-dat.html It has stamp number of 360.9 then a "61 65". Thanks in advance
  17. I have this setup if you're interested. I never had the chance to install it. Your ride is tad bit high, lower it at least 2''.
  18. Anyone here builds LZ motor setup?

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    2. MicroMachinery


      There's one in my 610 that I built. Fun stuff.

    3. uberkevin


      Lots of fun! Whatcha need?

    4. pl521sss


      Thanks for the feedback. There's a lot to read up on. Very interested on building one.

  19. Keep it or sell it.

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    2. Rick-rat


      You can go to jail if you try to sell "IT" to the wrong person

    3. EastBay521


      not if you don't get caught.. ask me how I know.

    4. jefe de jefes
  20. pl521sss

    521 Door Trim

    We have those trim here in stateside :-) Not many knows about it but it's similar door frame and it fits on 521.
  21. Impulse buying is a beyotch. Another set of Jap wheels on the way.

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    2. pl521sss


      It's for 4 wheels shipped, seller from Japan. But those Malaysian sellers are asking $245 and debating on another wheel set.

    3. Swedishcadillac


      That's a great deal. I usually pay twice that for four wheels but that is 3 to 5 day air to Hawaii through a proxy service.

    4. pl521sss


      Well, if it makes you feel any better. I just paid $245 for another set of wheels from Malaysia. I don't agree but have no choice.

  22. Moar Lower, Moar problems.

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    2. shacks510


      It's ok if the tire is filleted from sharp edges. One more groove for traction!

    3. pl521sss


      I can't find narrower tire 195\60\R13. In search of new wheel setup or trim something to fit the tire.

    4. Swedishcadillac


      Might have to talk with the Japanese or Germans... They never turned there back on low pro 13's like theAmericans have...

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