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Fisch's print feeler....

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I am curious what y'all would be willing to pay for prints of the datto art? Normally for my other illustration I sell a 24" tall or wide giclee print for $75. These prints are bad ass. Not little 8X11 color copies. And the price goes up from there for canvas, etc. But what would Datsun dudes be willing to spend?


I hadn't thought about making prints too much as I really do these for the love of it, where as every other piece of art I do is commercial. BUT, I'd really like to make the latest '58 design a reality. (I know, first you gotta find one!) And if I thought about the funds from prints going to the coffee can for a 58 or 59 Rod... well that is another story indeed!


How much interest is there really?

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I would love to have a print of the 510 fighter and the 411 Ratrod for sure!

As of right now, $75 is a little out of my range for a pleasure item (read: not food, rent, gas, or beer) but if there is a way to print that is a little more affordable all the way around, and put some funds toward your projects, and make it worth your time... count me in! (I don't know anything about printing options or qualities)

That said, I definitely think your work is worth whatever you want to ask for it- eye-popping stuff!

If that is the only way, then I will start saving, now!

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Y'know, since we are such a bunch of cheap bastardos, maybe doing 8x10 prints wouldn't be a bad Idea. I personally would probably pay $25 for a quality 8x10 print before I'd pay $75 for a High Quality poster sized print.


If all you can do is the larger print, then I will save up though, for any of them.

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...As of right now, $75 is a little out of my range for a pleasure item (read: not food, rent, gas, or beer)...


Y'know, since we are such a bunch of cheap bastardos....


Fisch, just like a $480 LSD, your artwork is totally worth it, but like the LSD it's hard for a ratsun owner to cough it up.


You do know that copper wire was invented by two Datsun owners fighting over a penny, right?
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come on guys the mans an artist and has a passion for Datsuns like the rest of us and if he is going to try and make one of his renderings a actual car I would spend the $75 bucks to help make his dream a reality... Now Scott if you were to to a '69 wagon in a nice shade of blue I personally would go higher than that :D. with that said have you ever done a rendering of someones personal car??? maybe there would be a market for that too and not just for the Datsun guy



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$75 seems a fair price for what the person would be getting i personally am gonna hold out till i can afford it and there is a rendering of a 610 2 door :P but i would love to get one onve money allows

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I say it's worth every penny, easy. 411 please, wish you had a four door but would settle for the wagoon though ......


Realy realy wish I had a four door candy apple red with a little crazzy lookin toy rat terrier stickin its head out the window I would pay 150 for that.


I know it's worth more Scott and your busy ...... but another of the mountain grizz and your three hundred closer to your Hot Rod.

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Fisch, number and sign them. They could end up on e-Bay.


True that-


It sounds like you've got some interest here! ....and as broke as most of us are- I'm sure we could all cough up enough to make it worth your while!

you def. don't want to go too low, or you get some creedler snapping them up and reselling them for profit!

I can only speak for myself, but I want one for pure automotive pornography!!:D


i think I could handle paying a chunk if I could get a couple prints (combo pack!)

I'm pretty sure that you know that if we're all looking for a lower price its because we're all on a datto budget and we all NEED those!!

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OK guys... here is my scoop... "fisch" has been gracious enough to provide us with "Datsun Art"!!!! (gorgeous Datsun art!) which very few of us can do anywhere near the same... If "fisch" decided to make a calendar or what not, I myself would be happy to pay "fisch" for his time and work...because I can not do what he can do in the art...And my experience with unique Datsun art is ....It only goes up in value over time... I have been in this for 14 years and that has been my experience... Bottom line, my belief is Fisch's art work will be PRICELESS (No joke)... Mark my words!!!….

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Are you doing on-demand giclee prints for your other art? (nice stuff, btw!) Possible to offer several sizes?


If you do a calendar try http://magcloud.com/ (I've been curious about their quality) If you are used to giclee prints, something like CafePress, etc. will not be up to your standards. On-demand printing for calendars and such is the way to go. You'll make less per unit, but you will not be on the hook for a bunch of inventory. I've known a few folks who have done tradional print runs of Datsun-related calendars over the years and they all lost money.


I'm waiting for you to do a roadster!

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Thanks for all the feedback on this guys! I am a bit surprised at all the responses!! You make me feel all warm inside!


Shifty these would indeed be on demand Giclees like the other art on my website.


I will gather my thoughts on this and try to figure out a few options.


Ratsun Rocks!

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where are the ratsun on your website ??? im down for a 510 and a calander you should do a couple more so you have 12 :)

610, z, roadster, 1200 and a skyline 2000GT-R KPGC-10


I've been meaning to add them to the website, but I need to create a special section for them which means I have to relearn how I made it!


And there is something cool about them just being here! But I do have them on my facebook in a gallery.


If there were only more time in the day fellows! Getting a lot of clamoring for a Z. I was working on a 221 222 rat truck to match this 59. I also have a half cooked 521 that I need to finish. (Since I own one!) I will get to them all someday!But I have to squeeze them in between the paying illustration gigs. And when I do them I am really playing hookie from my other clients.... But it is good for my soul!!!!

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