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  1. shifty

    Blown RL411 engine

    What makes the U20 not fit?
  2. shifty

    Datsun Dealer license plate frames

    Here are some from my collection. Jack Scoville Albuquerque Datson - yes there is a bit of white paint on that "O"! Beaverton Datsun Newberg Imports Do It In A Datsun with reflector plate Baker Ore Seattle University Datsun Seattle - University Ford Datsun Klamath Falls Smile! Drive A Datsun Logs, logs, logs! Glamour in the Pines. Lumberton! USA! Murray's Muskogee Datsun Oakland Ray Cokeley Volvo Datsun Smith Mesa Datsun
  3. shifty

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    The '67.5 has a different gauge arrangement than the '66 and '67. The '67.5 also has dual-circuit brakes. The dash and windshield height changed for '68. There is no such thing as a '66.5.
  4. shifty

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    This guy insists that this roadster is a '66 and a half. No such thing. He's pretty snotty about it, too! http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/cto/4013194927.html
  5. shifty

    New member from socal.

    Check out the tech wiki on www.311s.org - there's an off-the-shelf K & N filter that will fit. Beautiful car!
  6. shifty

    North west datsun owners association

    I'm interested. I enjoyed the NWDE meetings when I lived in Seattle. I'll try and make it this Sunday. I'm going to the Shedd roadster BBQ on Saturday, and I'm not sure I can get a hall pass for Sunday. If not, let me know about next Month's meeting!
  7. shifty

    About to start building my 2nd LeMons car.

    I took a look at this car - the body was really straight! I would have bought it if it had a title.....
  8. shifty

    Dick Dean Datsun Hot Rod

    Here's a pdf of the plans http://shiftco.com/dotrod/Dotrod.pdf If anyone has any more info please post it here. I've been wanting to build one of these for years. I used to have a scan of an article from a 70's magazine of a mini truck-based hot rod where they cut and welded the bed into an open roadster style "body". I'd love to find that again!
  9. shifty

    1964 310 top and brakes Question

    The '65s were transitional, meaning it may or may not have certain parts that changed around that time. If you windshield frame is like the early 1500s, it will have 3 short "rods" on the top edge for the bow of the top. Later cars have 2 holes for the latches on the later bow. They are not interchangeable. Later spindles with disc brakes will swap over, but you will no longer be able to use the stock 13" 1500 wheels. Tons of roadster info and board at 311s.org
  10. shifty

    New Classifieds

    So is someone going to start a new Craigslist thread? It was one of the best things about Ratsun!
  11. shifty

    Misinformation, look here to get the 411

    Are they two-piece like a roadster reflector?
  12. shifty

    POST Craigslist ads here...

    This ad has.it all - wrong about the year, delusional about the value, and illiterate! http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/cto/3590346968.html Edit, he fixed the year - previously called it a '67.5.
  13. shifty

    Datsun Dealership photos

    Sa-bisu senta-! Service Center!
  14. shifty

    68' hunting Roadster for Sale

    I'm still trying to picture a 68-foot Roadster....

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