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  1. Like those wheels man! Keep up the good work sir!
  2. Thanks guys. Yeah, the Maxima is the only "L" series with an overdrive. Getting hard to find now..lol
  3. Has anybody tried bolting the 3-speed bellhousing on the 4-speed case yet? Just wondering as the L-series overdrive is almost impossible to find now. I can however find them for other applications all day long.
  4. Anyone happen to have one or know someone that wants to part with it? 4 speed automatic overdrive L series transmission to be clear. I'm in the Inland Empire but would be willing to drive a little for the right price.
  5. I'll interject a little here. The "official" process for transferring an out of state vehicle into California is listed here: https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv/detail/vr/checklists/outofstate From what I can tell, all the DMV inspection consists of is verifying the VIN#. Technically they could care less what engine was in it as long as you have the smog certificate if it is needed. I also found this document extremely interesting: https://www.arb.ca.gov/msprog/aftermkt/replace.htm Particularly this section: Non-Catalytic Converter Equipped Vehicles Headers for non-catalyst equipped vehicles are considered legal replacement parts as long the replacement header allows for the installation of all smog control equipment originally attached to the stock exhaust manifold. Depending on the vehicle, some of the equipment that would normally be attached to the exhaust manifold includes: Air Injectors Heat Shields for the Thermostatic Air Cleaner Heat Risers EGR System Hookups Fuel Evaporation Systems
  6. Nice meeting you as well. Yeah, I kinda lucked out with the Black Pearl....altho I got rid of most of what makes it a Pearl...lol
  7. Had a great day! Good to put some faces with some names. Thanks for the food and the company. Hope to see everyone again.
  8. This thread was started over 2 years ago when I lived in Missouri.
  9. Yes, being a 78 it still needs smogged every two years. All other points you are absolutely correct on. A federal car brought in needs to only follow the federal guide lines. I find it interesting that they haven't moved the cut-off up yet. I have access to VIO data and in California they are quickly coming up on less than 1% vehicle population older than 1990 or so. I'm wondering when the payoff isn't going to be enough to keep running them thru expensive smog testing equipment? As an aside, your story makes me miss my 81' 200sx hatch. Had alot of fun in that car until I hurt it bad on black ice, a ditch, and then a culvert..lol. It wasn't the same after that. Sold it to a guy and he moved to Illinois with it. Still ran like a top even with the bent rear end. Made it really twitchy in the rain and absolutely UN-drivable in the snow.
  10. You know, I never realized that you were actually lifting the truck when I did those drawings for you..lol. When I get a new computer I'll have to do a new rendering for you.
  11. Not lately, I don't even have a computer at the homestead anymore..lol. As soon as I get one I will probably start up again.
  12. Indeed sir, indeed. I'll probably be there pretty early....does it start at 9 or 10?
  13. You can here: https://www.zazzle.com/datsun_520_t_shirt-235659563115614477 Also as a mouse pad https://www.zazzle.com/datsun_520_mouse_pad-144565152220930856
  14. Yes, Charlie, that is indeed me. Been waiting along time to meet you...lol
  15. Figured I would update this since I've been here two years already...lol. The Z passed smog with all of it's original equipment. Since it is a federal car it does not require a catalytic and only needs to conform to the federal guidelines not California. This also means that I can legally install a header as long as it has the EGR installed. Also found that you can replace the fuel injection system as long as it is listed as a "replacement" for that particular vehicle. This means that the FAST f.i. sold by ZCarDepot as a replacement system should be legal...results may vary I would hazard a guess. Anyways, that's my update for now.
  16. I'll be there...It'll be nice to finally meet some of you guys that I've talked to over the years here on Ratsun back when I lived in Missouri.
  17. Would you mind if I showed up in my 280? I'm literally right down the road from this in Banning.
  18. As 83-84 Maxima transmissions are becoming more scarce, I'm wondering if the bellhousing off of the L-series 3N71B would fit on the L4N71B out of the 300zx (or any other vehicle for that matter). I understand that it would involve a different flexplate and torque converter, I was just wondering if they could physically be bolted together? I've been looking for an answer and haven't found a clear one. Anyone?
  19. been awhile....living in Cali now.

  20. I'll be making the trek......anyone got a 5-speed for a Z?
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