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  1. Edz280zx

    1978 280Z

    lol...They are indeed.
  2. Edz280zx

    1978 280Z

    Just posted my Z up for sale in the classifieds for anyone who's interested.
  3. Edz280zx

    1978 280Z

    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    1978 Datsun 280z with 121,000 miles. Runs and drives great! This is a Black Pearl edition although it is missing its original side mirrors and rear louvers. I’ve owned this car for going on 8 years but it’s time for someone else to enjoy the ride. Here are some of the features of this fine automobile: Body is relatively rust free. Some surface spots here and there. There is a spot in the wheel well that is a very easy fix and is very common. There is no rust in most of the normal areas such as the battery tray or under the hatch. The original owner had rust protection applied when new, so it has really held up well. Keep in mind this car is 42 years old and does have it’s share of bumps and scrapes here and there. It is still a straight car as far as I’m concerned. Has 260z small bumper installed on the front as well as a 260z air dam. Looks much better. I do have a brand-new front bumper and two used rear, but these will be sold separately, or we can work something out if interested. The paint on the vehicle has a nice faded patina which I think gives this Z it’s own character. The hood has a faded rising sun on it. See pics. Engine runs strong and is original to this car. Has an automatic transmission that shifts well. This car is a Federal emissions vehicle which means it does not require a catalytic converter. Currently running a mostly stock exhaust with a Thrush Welded (think Flowmaster) and polished tip. Sounds very muscly for an import vehicle. New fuel injectors and connectors under the hood. New EGR valve installed as well. Brand new tires all the way around on 16x8” original Enkei 92 wheels. Original center caps are still present. Very light set up as I can lift the wheels with two fingers quite easily. Probably around 15 lbs each. New brake lines on the rear along with new shoes and wheel cylinders. Newer brake lines on the front with brake pads in the last two years. The entire front brake set up was replaced a couple of years ago but have very low miles on them. New master cylinder just installed as well. Has genuine Nardi steering wheel with NRG low profile quick release. This is all brand new. All of the gauges are functional, even the clock! Has Kenwood head unit installed that is wired into the original wiring, but only works “when it wants to”. I have the original stereo included. The original headliner was falling, so it has been carefully taken off and is also included in the sell. The front carpet is still in decent shape. The rear carpet will need replaced as it has been sun-baked to death. Dash is cracked like normal. New KYB struts front (with upper strut bearings) and rear along with new sway bar end link bushings. New rear u-joint recently installed on a axle shaft. Others side was good. Steering rack has new bushings along with outer tie-rod ends, ball joints, and steering column coupler. This has made the steering phenomenal with much more direct feel. The only known “issue” with the car is that is occasionally hard to start after sitting awhile. It will always eventually start after giving it gas while cranking. It’s more of an annoyance than anything. My theory is that the relay that controls the fuel pump is not letting the pump prime the system prior to cranking. I’ve never really looked into it as the car always starts…. just takes a few cranks to do so. Extra parts included but not installed: White face gauge overlays New rear hatch weather stripping If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. My phone # is Nine51-six1six-8850. Please call or text anytime. If I can't answer I will get back to you. As always, the price is best offer..and cash talks. Please don't offer until you see the car in person. Serious offers only and no joy rides. I know I'm being a bit cheeky with the price so shoot me a reasonable offer.


    Banning, California - US

  4. Sorry I couldn't make it guys. Hope everyone had a good time.
  5. If I'm able to make it I'll be in the Sentra. The fates have worked against me to get the Z done in time. I might actually be working on it the day of. We'll see what transpires.
  6. I'm gonna try and make it this year. What's a good hotel/motel?
  7. Hoping to get the Z back down on the ground by then as well. Redoing some of the suspension and some brake work. I'll be there either way! Looking forward to seeing everyone again.
  8. You sir, are a fucking stallion....love it.
  9. You guys don't mind if I invite my buddy in his 78 Blazer? He's been my brother from another mother for almost 25 years and I think he'd enjoy the get together.
  10. Damn, Charlie! LOL...quite the project good sir.
  11. I'm definitely coming back this year. You guys know how to make a guy welcome and I loved meeting you all last year!
  12. Hi Ed how has it been going did you get auto.?

    1. Edz280zx


      Do you mean the 4 speed auto?

    2. hosestop@msn.com


      Want black Z saw a repainted one . have trans need find t. converter

    3. Edz280zx


      I still need everything if I want the 4-speed auto. Not sure what I'm going to do...it may involve an engine swap down the road.

  13. Like those wheels man! Keep up the good work sir!
  14. Thanks guys. Yeah, the Maxima is the only "L" series with an overdrive. Getting hard to find now..lol
  15. Has anybody tried bolting the 3-speed bellhousing on the 4-speed case yet? Just wondering as the L-series overdrive is almost impossible to find now. I can however find them for other applications all day long.
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