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only in a datsun!

Farmer Joe

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so ive got this problem with my wiring. its not really a problem you could say, just something that really annoyin.


so at night when i have my headlights on, when i push the brake, and the brake lights turn on, the headlights dim. they almost turn off sometimes.


then, when i have my headlights on, and i use my turn signals, the headlights dim every time the signal strobes.


and also, when i turn my heater fan on to high setting, the headlights dim. the combination of the heater and the brake light is what makes the headlight almost die out.


now is all this caused by the heater, tail lights, turn signals and wipers all being on one primary circuit?


now i know that anything can be done, but how hard would it be to isolate all these things to where the all get power separately?


id just really like the truck to be a little bit more enjoyable at night.


thanks a bunch!

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I agree with others that it sounds like bad grounds/connections. A higher output alt sometimes solves the problem but only because it makes up for the power being leached out.


I would break out the multimeter and spend and afternoon checking every connection before spending money to band-aid the prob with a new alt.

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my truck does the same kinds thing but my lights dont die out, then jus dim a little when something is turned on like the heater or brakes an the also mildly blink with the blinkers.. its prolly a bad ground, these datto's are natorious for bad grounds, i havent really drivin my truck much since i replaced my alt, an voltage reg. pretty much after i fixed that stuff i went directly to a clutch / tranny job an havent completed that yet.. but im sure my truck will still do the same shit..

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I had a similar problem, what fixed it was putting new battery cables in.

They were all corroded.

When I had my lights on, my car steroe would not work, and when i had the wipers on it also turned the steroe off.

Then my low beams both went at the same time, and all I could use were my brights.

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