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  1. Hey would you have a 510 HOOD OR CROSS MEMBER by any chance

  2. Anyone have a line on a rust free bed for sale ?
  3. https://post.craigslist.org/tpa/S/cto/psc/x/EY0u0GCBNtrxauu2/BJolL Its mine... I am willing to trade for certain vehicles...
  4. Here is coolioni ( Me) my truck 4 sale!! http://www.autotrader.com/fyc/searchresults.jsp?lastBeginningStartYear=1981&num_records=25&search_lang=en&page_location=findacar%3A%3Aispsearchform&search_type=used&distance=25&address=34654&marketZipError=false&body_style=TRUCKS&make=NISSAN&model=&make2=&start_year=1981&end_year=1986&min_price=&max_price=&seller_type=b&transmission=&engine=&drive=&doors=&fuel=&max_mileage=&color=&keywordsrep=&keywordsfyc=&keywords_display=&sort_type=priceDESC&body_code=32&certified=&advanced=&highlightFirstMakeModel=&showZipError=n&default_sort=&awsp=false&systime=&rdm=1296981934834 and here: https://post.craigslist.org/tpa/S/cto/psc/x/EY0u0GCBNtrxauu2/BJolL
  5. Hello : I have a 720 pickup that has a bed that is very rusted. It has the usual rust spots down the seams on the sides. And on the inisde there are many areas that have completely rusted through. should I just try to buy a bed that is not rusted, or is there a cheaper way to fix all of this rust ?
  6. http://tampa.craigslist.org/psc/cto/2083707745.html
  7. http://tampa.craigslist.org/psc/cto/2083707745.html This is mine...
  8. I have an 83 720 4x4 . I need to replace my compressor. the problem I have is that I ordered one from a used part store online, and the compressor is not the same that is in my truck right now. The one in my truck has the connection to charge the system right on the compressor, but the one they sent me does not have the connection on the compressor. Does anyone know if they made different compressors for an 83 720 pickup ? Or do you think I may have a differnt compressor on the truck ? Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the replies. I am going to get someone else to look at the truck for me. He is telling me I need new lower ball joints, but I looked at my service records and I replaced them about 5000 miles ago. So I doubt that can be any of the problem.
  10. After all of this time I have finally got my a/c working!!!! I was able to get the hoses/fittings from an internet used partd dealer that was in another state. I got all the hoses I needed with the fittings for around $50 total. We hooked them all up, and added 2 cans or Freon and amazingly everything works. It has been working just fone for about 2 months now. It is amazing what a difference having a/c in your truck will do during the summer. I used to hate driving my truck once it started to get warm. Being that I am in Florida that is pretty much 8-9 months out of the year! I could not believe that all the little parts including the compressor have been woking just fine. Now its time to start working on the body. I really need a new bed. Mine is totally rusted out beyond trying to repair it. unfortunatly here in florida you just can not find a bed for this truck that is not all rusted. so if I want to do it right I am going to have to buy a bed from somewhere out west and have it shipped to me. the shipping alone is going to cost more than the bed will. I have found plenty of almost rust free beds for about $300- $400. too bad the shipping is at least that price too.
  11. On my 720 4x4 king cab I am having a problem which I think is brake related. When I hit the brakes lightly I am getting a terrible bouncing that seems to be coming from the front pasenger wheel, the shaking will start there, but end up shaking everything on the truck even down to the bed. When I hit the brakes harder, the problem pretty much stops. I brought it in to get looked at and I am being told that I need new lower ball joints and a idler arm. I am also being told that I have a broken motor mount. Does this correct or could it possibly be something else ? BTW about 5000 miles ago I completely replaced all 4 brakes including calipers and a master cylinder. Any ideas ? Thanks!
  12. Hello....not sure if you know of this site....but

    it's all about 720s


  13. neither have clocks but they do have tachs. What exactly are throtte bodies anyways ?
  14. I have an 83 720 truck. . The instument cluster was a wreck, so I picked up a real nice one off of an 85. I noticed that there are 2 plugs coming put of th bottom of the cluster that are not on my 83' . What are these for ? I notice there is an indicotor light that reads "sensor" . That was not on the 83. Could those plugs have something to do with the sensor light ? Will the instrument cluster still work properly without the 2 plugs not being plgged into anything ? I was ttold that it was compatable, but I was not expecting these 2 plugs to be attached to the cluster. Someone had mentioned to me something about a throttle body sensor. Is this what the plugs are for possibly ?
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