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  1. I definately would have kept my 510 goon if I had a is or at with a five speed but I just traded it for a 1990 camry with a five. I really hate automatics lol. But you must start a build thread on both. I bet they'll turn out to be sick. hope everythings clear sailing for ya.
  2. I agree with the SR comment, put the SR in the dime and keep the KA where it's at. But if you want to get crazy with the 240 you have, once your done with the 510 sell the KA and save all your pennies for an RB25det and put that in the 240 :)
  3. Ts gone. Yeah I'll miss that little white turd. I've got my camry now, and three more gears not counting reverse :) five speeds are great! Down with automatic!
  4. that 510 is amazing, but what's with the odometer saying 999999?
  5. Yeah the plate could be sticking or the linkages but if it is quieter than a b-f it could be missing badly or timing on distributor off. Is the car still relatively cold when it does this?
  6. i would be scared to even take that 1200 out of the shop wow.
  7. i have an L16 cam that is stock i have really no need for it and i would sell it for about 20 dollars. im not sure how many miles are on it but its in good condition.
  8. im selling my 510 goon and it has an exhaust problem. the lady who is getting it will have it replaced and i was wondering if you would be willing to hold onto it for a couple weeks. im pretty sure this is the cheapest place she will find the whole peice with downpipe and i want to let her know about it. thanks
  9. hey do you guys need any help today on the datto? i might stop by to see how its going.
  10. im waiting on a title for a camry im trading my goon for but if the lady doesnt come through ive got a goon, its an auto. drives, needs a new tranny anyway only has 1 and 3.
  11. DaTsUn72WaG

    Grant gyped me!

    hraa i have the same tach its nice, ive got a chevy vega steering wheel lol
  12. DaTsUn72WaG

    Head Job

    Do not let the tensioner fall out lol. datsun should have put a retaining screw in it so it cant pop all the way out. also dont let dumbass friends make sure the timing chain is chocked. check those valve stem seals and make sure valve clearance is set. those clicky noises are annoying. we dont want a deisel! XD
  13. If you have a bad voltage regulator it wont allow your alternator to put out as many amps as it should. which will make headlights dim and blinkers slower. i need a sew one in my 510 goon.
  14. i sadly didnt get the chance to go along for the ride through this awesome transformation, though i looked at this thread when you first got it. But, i must say goons are the way to go. you get the looks, even if the car isnt that nice looking lol. im trading mine off but ill get another eventually
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