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620KC on 720 bare frame build


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Poking away at the gauge wiring today, and tidying things up a bit.




I may decide yet to forgo the second terminal block and just have those thin gauge wires got directly into a connector, but with respect to the overall short length of the idiot light wires I may continue with the terminals and connect the plug to it.


I've run stainless wire through the center of the modular terminal blocks to tie them together.


If anything ever needs to be serviced, the whole panel can be pulled from the front so it's much better to have this all routed and attached to the gauge panel.


This weekend is the Victoria Day long weekend (Monday is a holiday) and I'm heading off to visit family & friends, take in some garage tours that are sure to be impressive.

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Have you considered using connector housings instead of the terminal strip you have? Deutsch makes connector housings with as many as 36 pins. Or you could split them up into two or three Molex connectors to save money. Molex stuff is available at any Fry's or on Amazon. Molex connectors are great for inside the cab or engine bay. Deutsch are good where weather, water or chemicals may be a problem.


You can buy a starter kit here - https://www.amazon.com/Molex-Power-Connector-0-093-Gauge/dp/B07ZY9BQ16/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=Molex%2BConnectors&qid=1653411532&sr=8-3&th=1


Then you'll need a crimp tool - https://www.amazon.com/Molex-Crimper/s?k=Molex+Crimper

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I've reworked the terminal strip and will stick with this approach as it allows me to group all the electrical sections accordingly, plus if for any reason I have to service anything, I can pull the whole panel out then just disconnect 3 Molex connectors (on order).


The instruments are essentially completed now, back to working on the dash cracks so I can move forward to focus on the wiring harness. Because there really isn't anything on this build that OE stock, I have to enlarge the firewall hole to fit the larger wiring harness through from the cab. If possible, I'll make up some kind of cover to "hide" as much of the harness as possible in the engine bay.


I really need to refocus on the build as I have so many different tasks underway, everything needing something else completed in order to finish off. On the good side, many tasks will suddenly be completed and I'll feel less stressed.


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Had some time to work on the wiring harness layout, a few connections don't quite reach the new locations so a bit of extensions will be needed. The larger fuse panel also will need a slightly newer place to live.




The console test fit is good with some further adjustment on the shifter hole, also getting the general revised wiring layout.


Also have been still mucking about with the dash cracks, think I may be satisfied enough with this. A bit more finishing and they're leveling out pretty good. You'll be able to identify most but some are finishing out better.


Coils have a temporary home while I further sort out the engine bay wiring, and the carbon can location yet TBD.

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Well my dash sure isn't as pretty as Rizzo's but ah it's good er better than originally, and since I hadn't ever intended on putting the 620 dash back in (or budgeted for that) this is gonna do. I might end up wrapping it in fresh vinyl later on. Hmmm, kinda like why I don't do bodywork.

Before vs After (excuse the cobbled up photo)



BTW, have the 620 instruments, panel, wire harness, and column cover available if anyone needs.


Remade glovebox fits up good, will mount that up onto the metal frame with the new hinge. Might even put in some tiny glovebox lights since only needs a contact switch.


Could say it fits like a glove, but that's plain cheesy


Messing about with the console, as mentioned previously I had to relocate the shifter hole 5" forward (feels better in that position) so trying some different options.





Think I did something else today, maybe...

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8 minutes ago, EDM620 said:

BTW, have the 620 instruments, panel, wire harness, and column cover available if anyone needs.

And I'm gonna be moving in the near future - some stuff might end up gone forever. Hmmmm got a gas tank too plus a std cab roof skin. OE steering wheels for 620 & 720, 720 dash and all the ductwork (non AC)

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Almost have the overhead completed now, new headliner on hand with 1 support hoop for the sunroof and that's complete. Oh, after I paint the A & B pillars...


Ducky is doing some awesome 3D printing for me, several custom pieces to finish off things. Bonus points if you can figure out what that is


My move will be happening soon so further progress will have to take a break, gotta set up the new shop first.


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