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  1. So how about the NHL resuming games? Not like the 1200+ players and whoever else is accompanying will stay holed up a hotel room. Bit of a concern with that, they'll be coming from all over the US & some beyond. Test positive once here & it's too late. Sports is a reward & entertainment, not essential. Resume AFTER things are settled. I have my seasons tickets & I'll wait out a season. I'm 15 yr STH. IMO 2020 CFL season. The 2020 CFL season is scheduled to be the 63rd season of the Canadian Football League (CFL). It was originally scheduled to begin on June 11, 2020, although due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada, the beginning of the regular season has been postponed indefinitely.
  2. I have full set (5) 720 OEM rims, tires on them are no good, They're posted with pics & details
  3. That is a very nicely built 4x, no doubt it works as it should 🙂 I had a '75 CJ w 360 & full 1/2t not 1/4 t. It was a beast
  4. I had one of those on my '77 200SX a few decades ago. Like you say, they're pretty heavy. I think there is a metal plate embedded in the bottom of the spoiler to you might be able to screw directly into it and not have to rely on adhesive alone.
  5. You shouldn't even use RTV on those machined surfaces. Some will squish out and end up free floating inside the transmission.
  6. Since the task is already done, this tip is moot, but if you had access to a grinder then open the crack slightly by grinding a V into it and then fill with JB Weld.
  7. I recall seeing a question about this on a thread but don't recall which one. So FYI on the 720 (and should also be 620) the original wheel size is: 14x5 rim with 6x5.5" bolt circle. The stock tire should measure about 24.2" diameter x 7.3" width. With those specs in hand, you can easily play with different tire/wheel combinations to get the look you want. Many GM trucks use that same bolt circle, just double check the center hub for fitment as the rim MUST sit flat on the hub. You can use a spacer to cancel out but then you're also dealing with stud lengths. Nissan also still uses that bolt circle but the same issues can affect your wheel choice. I'm running 18" factory alloys from an Armada on my 720 but had to either use a spacer or grind off some small nubs on the hubs to get the rims to seat properly. I ended up using spacers PLUS swapping out wheel studs so make it all work the way I wanted. Overall my tire diameter is nearly exactly the same, so no change to the gearing or speedo calibration. The original discs look tiny now.
  8. And that is a good key point to this. Whether your vehicle is strictly on the road or off, a balanced vehicle is optimal in many aspects (50/50 weight distribution is a sought-after balance). Too much bias either end makes an unpredictable vehicle when the limits are reached, intentionally or because of a sudden situation like accident avoidance. Being able to get your front end over the rocks won't be so impressive if the ass can't get there too 🙂
  9. Unless you're building a dedicated rock crawler that will NEVER be on the road, you want the front sway bar. The sway bar itself will induce some limitations on axle articulation as that is directly related to it's purpose. To get around that (again for maximum axle articulation) the best solution is to make a sway bar disconnect. Un-pin the bar when you're playing and re-pin it before you hit the road.
  10. Yup, put in a vac line for the dizzy. All my emissions are now either deleted or routed appropriately, cleaned up nicely. Lotsa crap pertains just to the EGR system.
  11. You should be able to find something suitable at the local wreckers - they essentially all function the same. To clean up the engine bay consider making a box that covers it - the box could also mount up other under hood bits so would serve more purpose. One other issue with simply deleting the evap can and just putting on a vented gas cap is the potential for vapor lock on a hot day - gas fumes gotta go somewhere or they go nowhere. So DO connect an evap can and DO connect your PCV. Just sayin' 🙂
  12. At least the valve wouldn't have gotten bent!
  13. Use this discount code for 5% discount: 142986032125786538 It's good until Aug 23. Put the code into the "where did you hear about us" box
  14. EDM620

    '80 720 L20B

    If putting a turbo on at some point is in your mind, you might not want to build to a higher compression...
  15. I broke the TVV for my motor (3 port version) and found that the part is long discontinued. Since I'm not having to concern with meeting emissions tests (you might not either as is >25 years old) I just plugged the port - already deleted the EGR.
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