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  1. I decided to bring on a new topic and see where people's favorite roads are, so please post with some details and pics if you can. Where I live there aren't many roads within a reasonable drive that are more than "interesting" other than the scenery, at least for the kind of driving I love to do. Turns & twists are what I love to drive. I found this road on vacation in Mexico and just had to drive it in both directions. In the duration of the video clip, I didn't encounter any other traffic at all, and hardly came across any for the entire road. Most traffic now uses the new major highway so this is getting ignored: Also in the general geographic area of Mexico is this one: "The Devil's Backbone". This is going onto my bucket list to drive/ride. So tell us about your Favorite Roads!
  2. EDM620

    '74 Cactus Green

    Alrighty, the NetParcel app does indeed provide me with a better shipping rate - 36% less. If Frank is still good to send me the grille, I'll get things arranged.
  3. EDM620

    '74 Cactus Green

    There are 2 issues jacking the cost. #1 is I am the foreign receiver getting quoted to get a parcel from US to CAN, so the cheapest freight charge I've been quoted is $85. That's USD so add-on 30% to convert currency. If it weren't for Covid, I could get it shipped to Montana for less but of course the border is closed. Second issue is size of the box, length specifically as that one dimension must qualify it for the "large package fee", as it weighs only a few pounds. I did try Paypal and the cost was actually slightly higher than straight from the courier. I'll look for the Netparcel app and see what I get.
  4. EDM620

    '74 Cactus Green

    If you're willing to get a quote to ship from your end, I would eTransfer or Paypal the funds to you.
  5. I honestly can't say as I haven't played with the L series in too long, my Z24 uses an electric pump. I had the cam dowel pin shear on a 289 I built years ago and I bent a few valves as a result.
  6. If you like the road twisty...
  7. The biggest advantage that way is you can sort out and issues pertaining to the swap before adding in improvements, spare yourself compounded problems.
  8. First thing that comes to mind is the eccentric on the cam sprocket must be loose/no longer locked in place to the gear, so the pump isn't being properly driven. Don't want the cam gear dowel pin to shear off! (I speak from experience there...) That seems the root problem, the inability to retain the fuel likely a leak-down issue.
  9. Fantastic looking road, pavement in great condition. I'm always on the lookout for roads like that. What road is that? Would like to drive that in the future once borders are reopened & my truck is ready for the road.
  10. Now it makes sense - many of us were confused! I suppose a front dif might have worked in the rear.
  11. EDM620

    1978 200SX

    Any updates on this?
  12. EDM620

    '74 Cactus Green

    Wow that's a pretty good fit! Looks like you got everything new except cups behind the release handle. Lada door mirror?
  13. RAM makes some nice hardware for mounting stuff; phones, GPS, etc. You might get lots of vibration if the ashtray is open with the phone in the mount, but looks good!
  14. High oil pressure would be created by blockage. Engines wear as do oil pumps and the clearances get larger creating LOW oil pressure. Blow-by cannot show as high oil pressure as you'd have many other engine problems before that could happen - excessive blow-by creates crankcase pressure which would find it's way out through the easiest means, your PCV valve first off would be dumping all that crap into your carb and then it would try to escape through the next weakest point. To back pressure through the oil system would be way down the list, and your oil filter would be bulged. The most logical issue is sender first then gauge gone bad. Have you dropped the oil pan? What's the sludge like in the bottom of the pan? Weirdest thing I've ever seen was guy with high mileage Bronco brought it into the dealer complaining of engine sounding bad. No oil showed on dipstick, added 1 quart and suddenly it was overfilled. WTF??? Turned out the guy had NEVER changed the oil so the pan was full of hardened sludge - there were grooves that the crankshaft spun in. Amazing that the engine even still ran.
  15. EDM620

    Hand brake repair

    If previous owner wasn't using them, you'll probably need to put some rust penetrant onto the hardware at every joint.
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