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  1. Looking good!! Massive amounts of "work".....if you actually call it "work"...😀 !!!!!!!!! my wife is starting to call it a "problem" ðŸĪ‘. ...
  2. Male metric x female NPT This is the fitting that gets you to 1/4' NPT, then you can get a brass busing that takes from 1/4" to 1/8" to screw the sender into (they sell the bushing at Home Depot in the plumbing section): https://www.discounthydraulichose.com/m12x125-metric-male-x-14-nptf-female.html ....
  3. ....and my third wife....😆
  4. Not really. it was pretty wavy and only really looked good at 30 feet.
  5. Progress.... This aint gonna be cheap...
  6. I dont get it. They have the small (correct diameter for a '73) booster on RockAuto.com ...And they have the service where you can send yours to them to be rebuilt. Be careful your 7" booster does not hit the clutch slave cylinder. .
  7. FrankRizzo

    620 KA24DE

    No, it is only one bung hole (thats what she said). I guess when it gets back from paint, I could them burn a new bung in and install a gauge, but then what? Not like I can adjust anything. Ebay AEM ECU?
  8. FrankRizzo

    620 KA24DE

    Uuugh. This was a brand new o2 sensor.... Maybe its get a cat and a new standalone ECU to tune with a gage ... ðŸĪŠ
  9. FrankRizzo

    620 KA24DE

    Just the Speed Sensor. Thats all folks... .
  10. This is out of order ....but my preferred paint guy called me and had an opening - so I jumped on it and dropped the truck off to get repainted. I'm keeping the factory cactus green color (of course). He is doing a glass out and taking the bed off paint job.
  11. FrankRizzo

    620 KA24DE

    Follow up on the 02 sensor. I had my exhaust redone from collector flange all the way to the tailpipe. I added a bung just after the collector and installed a new sensor so it "smells" all 4 cylinders. No real change - the truck still runs rich, using my nose as the testing device. .
  12. Got this up next. 😁 Beebani Z32 brake adapter for D21 drop spindles....
  13. FrankRizzo

    620 KA24DE

    Just a 'lil something to add. My DE has the shorty/Megan Racing header on it ( lots available on eBay). There are two bungs to screw the 02 sensor into on the header and it seems like both of them are less than optimum. My truck has always runs rich, I think because that header has bungs that only see on cylinder instead of all 4. Redeye has the stock 240 exhaust manifold and it has the 02 port where is sees all 4 cylinders and he does not run rich. Im going in next week to have the exhaust worked on and get a new port installed after the header to see if it helps. For whatever that is worth..
  14. Ooops. Yeah, on closer inspection..... it says 1968 "camper..." I think it refers to the vehicles in the background.
  15. Well Boys and Girls...here is a cool story... Mark reached out to me above (thanks Ratsun!) and we ended up having a great conversation about my (his) truck. Mark's mom was the original purchaser and it got handed down to Mark and it was in his Family for over 35 years! He sent me a pic of the original title, which was cool. He also sent me a pic of the odometer when he sold it....86,000 miles. When I swapped the gauges out the odo with the Speedhut gauges, it was at 96,xxx and ive put about 1,300 miles on it since - so I truly have an under 100k miles truck.
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