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  1. FrankRizzo

    LED headlights

    Metal. In the headlight lens itself. .
  2. FrankRizzo

    LED headlights

    Yep. Actually I modded the back of the lens housing, not the bucket. I snipped the edge of the one slot that did not line up. .
  3. Heh. KNAC bumper sticker ! .
  4. I just went thru this last month. It's near the bottom of page 11 of my thread: https://ratsun.net/topic/68704-74-cactus-green/page/11/ Hope that helps... .
  5. I really like pie. .
  6. That is my green 620 in Chucks shop...next time you go back ask him when it will be done...☺️ .
  7. Say Hello to what is most likely the last existing pair of rear Koni reds for 521/620's Dont ask $$...but I dont have kids. Lets hope they are not siezed from sitting so long....
  8. Suspension is pretty much done. Chuck is installing the new body mounts now. Clutch always chattered so "while you are at it" we decided to drop the trans and check. Clutch was smoked and over heated. New clutch, PP and flywheel on the way. Going with the stock 240SX parts. Glad we checked. .
  9. Thanks!! See that little arm sticking out ??- that is where the steering link goes. Mine do not have that ... well they probably do by now...but they did not have it last week with the wrong parts.
  10. Thanks^. If you have a '79, then you already have ball joints and it would look completely different... .
  11. Yaaay Me!!! The guy who I bought the parts from told me that he he had a complete installation set up - hubs, spindles and Bee's kit. Cool 4 me. I dont have to source anything! Nope Spindles are 2WD. We need 4WD. Double yaay for me. Sourcing 4WD spindles now and located a pair. Lesson: Trust but verify. Installed pic with powedercoated parts and wrong spindles.
  12. Pull the leads off the gauge and measure the resistance from the sender. Full is zero ohms, empty is 90 ohms....(I might have it backwards, but Mike will correct me if wrong). If you are getting a full resistance and the gauge registers half, the gauge is bad or needs cleaning. if the tank is full but the resistance is not, the tank sender is an "issue".
  13. FrankRizzo

    replacing rims ?

    Cr@p!!!! I had not done that in a while and probably should not have seen this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/16-Rays-Volk-Te37x-6x139-7-TE37-RARE-JDM/133322854837?hash=item1f0aa951b5:g:ljQAAOSwChteNjii .
  14. cool beans. ☺️ I like the carbon! Im trying to figure out where you took those pics. Looks like Stunt/Mulholland but maybe Santa Susana because its closer to youz?
  15. FrankRizzo

    1973 Datsun 620

    Take it from me...the parking brake is a real pain in the ass though! .
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