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  1. Nice work. FWIW, I bought the rear Isuzu cables from rock auto and cut the ends off the non-caliper side, then cut the ends off the 620 cable after the splitter and joined them together with 3/16 stainless cable clamps. I had to bend the factory caliper clamp about 15 degrees to avoid wheel/suspension contact and used 3/8 one hole cable brackets to hold the cable to the frame near the tire.
  2. NACA duct from a 280ZX turbo! .
  3. its been a while, but the part# I posted above has been in there since Oct 2016 with no problems. AS1264
  4. I think this facebook thing will be big. I should consider joining.... .
  5. If you get it to work - I will pay for a second...so please keep good note!!! Thanks much in advance. .
  6. Great tip, I was just checking out the compressor on Amazon. FWIW, it has a 7 rib belt and the S13/14's use a 5 rib, so I dont know if you can swap? Also - did you mount to the power steering or the old compressor engine mounts? .
  7. Hey. Thanks for the info, muy helpful. FYI - Vintage Air make the adapters for the 240SX/Sanden compressor. they are under $15 each. Go here and scroll down to the Sanden #8 and #10 O ring adapters https://www.vintageair.com/hose-kits-fittings/ You can also make your own hoses, DIY style with their kit. Lucky you have a '79....you get extra clearance on the rad support bracket that my '74 does not have. Im having fun trying to figure out how to mount the condenser
  8. FrankRizzo


    In the mean time this happened: 69k mi, $10,500 https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1978-datsun-620-pickup-7/ ....
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