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  1. Crash, sorry if I missed it, but what are those ^ ? .
  2. I put the futofab front bar on my truck... but I had to because my bar and brackets got trashed.....It definitely helps. I'm thinking about the rear as well It looks cool tho. .
  3. Thanks much. It was a risk at first because I did not know if they would fit or how to mount them. Speedhut 3-3/8" Here: https://www.speedhut.com/gauges/3-3-8-inch/?catid=f254 .
  4. For what it's worth... new-datsun-parts.com: out of Canada still has the OEM king pin kits for $265 pair He also has the OEM lower outer fulcrum kits for $310 pair and the OEM upper spindle kits for $259 per side $265+$310+$259+$259=$1,093 plus shipping from Canada Expensive? Cheaper than a ball joint conversion... Ive bought stuff from him before and it has always been as advertised OEM. .
  5. They are the OEM ones for a 240/260/280 & 510. I also got the washer that goes between the crank and the door card to keep it from rubbing. I like the look. Kinda expensive....but I don't have kids! .
  6. I'll just leave this here..... .
  7. Good eye! New OEM door handle cups arrived today...
  8. Ive started to refresh the interior a little bit. I ordered some repop door cards on Ebay months ago. they are surprisingly well made and fit very well. I also ordered new window cranks and washers, door locks and grommets and armrests from the Z car warehouse and got everything in today. Backside of the old/new panels: Panel parts: Before: After: Also - they stock these rubber doohickeys that keep the doors from rattling!
  9. 6.62607004 × 10-34 m2 kg / s The headlight on my vacuum cleaner burned out, Should I upgrade to HID or LED? .
  10. Aaaannnd this ^ was the start of my problems... Funny to see it in print now. Hi Mike! All said and done what Mike says is very true. I dont have any regrets about my Coilover conversion (well...maybe a little, but related to other people, not the the concept of the coilovers), but it would have been much less cost/hassle/time to do what Mike says above (for me - YMMV) - especially because I already had disks in front. Edit: Kingpin rebuild kit from Greece on eBay right now for $160.00! ...
  11. Whats the specs or where did you get the overflow? I like it with the integral cap! Bonus points for the use of construction adhesive! .
  12. The box is 58 x 7 x 11 inches and weighs 6 lbs. I think the tax is the killer, eh? If you pay for shipping, you can have them for free. I'd ship from 91367 in California .
  13. Ahhh. I think your bezel is different than mine and maybe that is why it did not go in as far. Speedhut is really good with service, I had the domed glass and the glare was really bad, so they sold me the flat glass to replace them with. They might sell ya the bezels if you wanted. Also, the speedhut 3 gauge dimmer knob fits perfectly in the factory location... .
  14. They should screw on to the back of the gauge cluster just fine. Not much you can do about the glare....dont bother with the domed glass, it makes it worse...
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