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  1. I kinda like it without the shell. The wing made it look super tall.... .
  2. Not sure if you are asking a question? Yes, MS2 uses the MAP to run speed density. I tapped into the vacuum line that feeds the fuel pressure regulator Keep you p0sted...I think im going to try the Nice Time Racing coil-on-plug kit since I can fire the igniters from the MS2...and because it looks cool. Then maybe upsize the injectors. https://www.nicetimeracing.com/products/nice-time-racing-denso-ignition-coil-6732301 .....
  3. Wish I could have...its a 235 degree 2.75" that goes up to 3" to fit the air cleaner with a mount in between. No more MAF needed. Maybe I look for someone that can fab up some pipe...
  4. I would think so (The exhaust is on the left side), plus the advantage of an upsize to a full 2.75/3" intake. I had to run 2.5" brake duct to the other side of the bay because it was the only thing that would fit around my oversized radiator... I need to find black anodized hose clamps....
  5. I almost crapped my pants from the fire from cutting in the Courrier engine bay. He blows on it to get it go out and it gets worse! Im subscribed!
  6. Got the MS2 installed and running! It runs better already on the "base" tune map installed. There is an option to install an Intake Air Sensor (IAT) and wire it in place of the MAF, so I ditched the factory MAF and ran new a new intake without. Full 2.75 to 3" filter now and ditched the intake pipe over the radiator set up. Now the real fun begins .... tuning. 🤪
  7. FrankRizzo

    Hood lip trim

    I still have mine....and all 4 stainless headlight trims!!! I had the painter paint it and the grille when it was in the shop so they match.
  8. First thing off the bat was that the throttle Position Sensor would not calibrate with the new MS ECU. Tested it and it was bad...so now I'm pretty sure I found out what was making it run so rich!! LOL. New one is on order!
  9. Merry Christmas to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Megasquirt PNP ECU for a KA Nissan. Lets see if this helps the rich running condition....
  10. 818 in da house!!!! .
  11. Speedhut 3 3/8" fits perfectly and can be customized to look like to original gauges. Its in my build thread someplace.
  12. Just clicked on it and it sill works https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004O1YTLW/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 .............
  13. FrankRizzo

    JCCS 2021

    That is why Eagle Rock feels more better than buy it and show it stuff...
  14. FrankRizzo

    JCCS 2021

    I still don't understand the trucks. Why do we compete against all makes instead of individual makes like the rest of of the entry's? If I had know that (maybe it was posted) I would have had second thoughts. Not mad, but feel gypped.
  15. I'd go with one of Crash's suggestions above^. I bought rubber from a reputable seller on Ebay (in the USA) and when I reinstalled my glass after the repaint, the top edges of the windshield rubber are lifting up about a 1/4 inch. I have to pull it and get a new rubber and reinstall it. I Should have went with Vintage rubber....
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