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  1. Looked like this and I had to replace the MAF. because at this point I had let all of the smoke out.... Was hard to find because it was under the intake tube....and the plug sits almost straight up where it will rub. This is a pic of Alyssa Rose' butt I took at the Good Guys show this year:
  2. Yep: http://www.jimwolftechnology.com/customer_part_detail.asp?PartID=72 $595.00 😮😮😮
  3. My DE is also a '93 S13 and runs rich as well. Ive gone thru everything and replaced a boatload of parts "just to be safe" and it still runs rich. I think it is the lack of smog equipment. It does not throw any codes except 14 because I dont have the vehicle speed sensor from the 240SX but I dont think that is it. I am considering getting a Jim Wolfe custom ECU to see if I can tune it out. The engine runs great. Idle is perfect...Cant figure it out...
  4. Got it, good to know. I'll see when I get the truck back. Sounds like I might have to take apart the connector and separate the turn signal from the brake light so they are independent. I know when I was stationed in Europe they required amber tuns that were separate from brake lights. Might try to search for a Euro/Asia wiring diagram and see how the factory did it...
  5. Looks like they plug and play, check out the back side pic - it has a Datsun standard 6-pin plug and since it is OEM it should work nicely (I hope). My truck is getting the coil overs installed, so I cant double check now, but I'll p0st when the time comes.. I also have a pair of factory fronts japanese yellow/clears as well 😁
  6. Scored a set of NOS non-USA tailights.
  7. Hella H4/H1 with incandescent 55/50 watt bulbs on the left, same glass with LED's on the right. I dont really remember the LED wattage, but they are way brighter than the Halogens and about half the current. I did not pick any kind of crazy bulbs either. It feels like they could melt paint on high beams. Im already wired with independent relays. . You can kinda see what they look like NOT on here:
  8. I ended up using Hella 5 3/4 H4 low beams and H1 high beams and swapping the bulbs for LED's. They dont look stock, but do have kind of an 80's look because we were using Hella's a lot back then for roadracing. I have a pic in my thread someplace. They really work great - but like Mike said the whole thing was expensive. I already had the relay set up, but was doing this to get more lumens... .
  9. FYI - be careful of where your fresh air intake pipe is. I had the same thing and it ended up shorting out the MAF connector. I finally used brake duct tubing to get enough clearance...
  10. There is nothing but air in the hoses, and maybe just a trace amount of oil. You can take them out and remove the drier and plug the holes in the firewall. Be careful where the hoses connect to the expansion valve underdash. You dont want to booger that up. .
  11. Badass. Bonus points for getting the shifter on the correct side of the vehicle!
  12. Thanks for the pics. Sounds like the condenser is gone. If you wanted to restart that A/C, you would have to change lots of stuff... Those hoses with hose clamps on them would not work with today's higher pressure refrigerants. I dont see a compressor either. The only thing you could re use is the under dash evaporator. The hose routing would go out of the compressor, into the (missing) condenser, out of the condenser thru the receiver/dryer and into the under dash evaporator, then out of the under dash evap, back to the compressor. If you want to free up some leg room and remove the under dash unit, i'd be interested in buying it - if it is in good condition...😎 Edit - also I have found a new old stock condenser online a while back.
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