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  1. As luck would have it...I found a guy semi-locally that has an uninstalled Beebani kit and his selling his truck ...and wants to sell the kit with spindles incl.!! I might pull the trigger next week. Not sure if my existing brake brackets will work. Im concerned that it will push the wheels out and rub the fenders...only one way to find out I guess...
  2. The Sanden compressors are all about the same physical size, so swapping does not really help in our situation. And the compressor mounts on it's side...and bolts thru the bracket that holds the idler pulley. Here is some good info on the differences between the S13 and S14 compressors. His SR20 brackets dont help us though... https://zilvia.net/f/showthread.php?t=429488 Bracket:
  3. I bought a compressor, idler pulley and factory brackets off eBay for an S13 KA24DE. No way will it fit, it hits the steering box. Stevie - is this something you could fab? Im having a hard time trying to figure out how to mod and keep the pulley lined up...
  4. Looking forward to getting A/C ideas from you. I havent had the time to figure out the brackets to keep the compressor from hitting the steering box...
  5. Google "ka24de IACV problem" I cant see where your idle air control valve is piped into your intake after the MAF.... .
  6. just saw these this morning on the Bay of E https://www.ebay.com/itm/TRW-HB1424-Front-Suspension-Strut-Rod-Bushing-For-1978-1979-Datsun-620-1980-720/183227752228?fits=Model%3A620|Make%3ADatsun&epid=74501820&hash=item2aa9399f24:g:K4QAAOSwZ~ha-0fk Says he has two available... .
  7. LBC in da house!!!! Not a long drive to the JCCS show... Welcome aboard!
  8. FrankRizzo

    my 1974 dats

    The downside to the speedhut gauges are the glare from the lens. The domed lens in almost unusable in bright sunlight because there is not much hood/shading in the stock 620 holes. The flat lens makes it a little better - but there is still some glare. They work great at night though!
  9. FrankRizzo

    my 1974 dats

    Cool gauges! What are those? I'd like to try something like that!! .
  10. That looks great man! Are you referring to the brake line tubing that are cracking? .
  11. I bought my brand new 15/16 vertical MC from Dave at Airizonazcar.com. But it's $129... I had the old 3/4 M/C on 4 wheel disks for a while before changing and it was just fine. IMHO you can save some $$ by getting a 7/8" M/C for a '77-78 280z ... those cars had dual piston disks with rear drums and it is vertical. http://www.arizonazcar.com/brake.html .....
  12. Good call. I saw a set (recently) of the Pandem's someplace with the front spoiler for $1800 (IIRC) NOT including shipping! pass.
  13. Good to see Willz's ride here! Mucho progress, that looks good! What kind of shop is that??? Looks like you built a wall in your living room... .
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