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    VSCDA usually. Occasionally others if the T/A 2.5 series is running at a different venue.
  2. Hey again, sorry I did not get to this over the weekend. Might be a few more day until I can. I will try tonight. Also, I am gone this holiday weekend to visit relatives, so if not by Friday it will be next week. Too much to do, but I won't forget you.
  3. I will look into this over the weekend. I do have a paypal account. It will likely be FedEx ground as I have an account with them.
  4. I'll give you a 4 speed (or two if you want) if you pay shipping.
  5. Tom, if you want some L16 engines, I have various blocks, cranks, etc. Even a couple heads I could part with. Some might even be performance builds already. Most came from ITC 510 cars. I got a pile of these with a car I bought last year, and I plan to use only one of them. I am in Michigan, so not close-but perhaps deals could be worked. Is there a private message option on Ratsun? I don't see it right off and I have never used it. If there is, you can send me something there if interested. Otherwise reply here if you want.
  6. Car Culture BRE Team Transport items are finally showing up in stores here in Michigan.
  7. Welcome, and nice artwork. I especially like the Z drawing.
  8. So, early airbag development? I know GM put them in some cars already in '74.
  9. I finally found some of the Momo Red 510 versions locally. Found 4 at Kroger and 1 at a Meijer store.
  10. Ted, what's the offset on those wheels that allows the nice tuck in the stock fenders with that size tire and wheel? Thanks.
  11. Going to have to come visit me in Michigan so you can paint that state red.
  12. Yesterday I found the blue 510 for the first time in a Walmart in Indiana. I also bought that NASA truck for my daughter. Same store I found 5 of the 1/24 M2 cars. 2 red, 2 white, 1 black. I did not buy them all as I have one of each already, but bought 1 more of each color.
  13. What's the dish on those pistons, and what CR are you aiming for? Maybe you showed the head already, but many of the earlier pictures are not showing up. Thanks.
  14. Much better pricing here. I received delivery of mine last Saturday. https://www.diecastdirect.com/asp_modules/catalog_key.asp?ProductQuery=datsun&SearchType=All+Words
  15. I will likely be there, no 510, Hardbody or race car this time though. Just my Altima. :(
  16. If they are made properly with modern materials and sealed boots, they should not need to be re-greased. Most modern cars do not utilize grease fittings anymore. Sealed boots has really eliminated the need to re-grease as dirt does not enter in easily.
  17. What is the best source to buy these parts in the US, or is it best to order from Japan? Supplier or Distributor? Thanks.
  18. I have some AC parts that come off a 81 720 with the Z22. I know I have the mounting bracket and AC compressor. I don't remember having the condenser or any lines though. Let me know if interested if these would help you.
  19. I received mine yesterday too. I have yet to receive my actual Redline membership 510. I also have some full sets of the Japan Historics 2 I will sell, as well as a few spare yellow Zs and maybe one or two of the other cars besides the 510.
  20. Maybe this describes the calipers he is using?
  21. In this case U60 marking is certainly not a steel grade. It is a marking system Nissan used for the engine family. U6X markings are used on the L20B (and apparently Z2X) engine parts. I will have to check my Z22 crank for this. I didn't notice it earlier. BTW, pertinent to this thread, I am considering doing an L20B block/Z22 crank/custom pistons of some sort. Reasons being I don't want to bore to 89mm, would like to use the crank, and don't know of any regular stock pistons that fit with the proper piston height, etc. Anyone done this with custom pistons care to reveal specs they used? I would probably be game to go to 87mm bore.
  22. What retailer? I haven't even sniffed any in stores around here.
  23. Technically, the rim is the outer part of the wheel only (dating from steel wheel days and multi-piece wheels, not cast). You add the disc to the rim and you get a wheel assembly. When you add a tire, then you have a tire and wheel assembly. That is the terminology used throughout the industry. Yes, I get that colloquially we may say "I took the wheel off the car" or "take off the tires", but the wheel and tire together is not correctly referred to as just the wheel. In the early hot rod days, wheels were widened by welding a wider rim to the original wheel disc to get wider wheels.
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