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  1. Yeah well this is what I got yesterday afternoon 2 inches at least in a couple of hours. video000000.mp4
  2. That's looking good, and I'll bet it feels good to have reached that stage. Here's an odd tip for you and anyone else - bar soap rubbed onto a leaking gas tank will stop the leak and lasts as long as you don't wash it off. I can speak from experience
  3. The oil that HD and BMW sell are also high in ZDDP so that is another option. BMW bikes were oil cooled therefore the need for ZDDP, unsure why the HD runs higher ZDDP, but the HD oil is a bit less $ than the BMW oil
  4. Looks like you might be lucky & dodge a bullet on that tank. Are there local rad shops near you that'll do that (in Ontario)? Buddy of mine restoring a Mustang said finding rad shops near him is tough.
  5. Since you asked, I'd go with the shiny just for easier to keep clean as I'm sure you'll deal quickly with any leaks ASAP anyway, besides once a matte surface gets stained it'll always look like it recently shit itself.
  6. Personally I've had fuel tanks with pin holes and repeating the process of draining it (probably self-draining LOL) and taking everything apart again just isn't worth it. IMO if the tank cleans up good and don't be gentle with the cleaning process, then you may choose to use it, I'd replace the tank though if it still begs you to question it.
  7. Thanks for the kind words and for the lead on the panels. I've contacted them as I will be needing all 4 box lowers. Weekend is rapidly getting eaten up with other tasks so not sure how much I will get done, slipping behind on my schedule though...
  8. Seats are fully mounted up (removed since for continued bodywork) and working 100%. These should be pretty comfortable for long trips. On initial assessment, I'm thinking that I might have a minor alignment issue with the 720 steering column, but I'll burn that err I mean cross that bridge when I get there. BTW, I have found my sunroof solution, will share that part soon as I get around to it.
  9. Rust never sleeps, seems like the more I resolve the more I find, at least I continue to make progress. Missed this somehow Right side rocker and floor area is completed to within compliance by my body guy, so now I can focus on completing the Left side. New metal is rough cut to size and ready for bending, then to fit up and weld in. I intend to get the rocker completed within the next week as I need to get the chassis out of storage and start fitting the cab up. With spring around the corner (was freakin cold here yesterday -17C/1F) I know that y
  10. I've seen his name popping up on other forums, getting excellent reviews from anyone doing their own work. I wish he'd started the 620 stuff earlier, would have changed some of my approach to tackling the rust on my 620. Hopeful he works on the cowl/inner fender area...
  11. I'll venture that the rubber seal on the new one might be as high-grade as the original. But at least replacement parts are cheap!
  12. EDM620

    '74 Cactus Green

    It looks like the IRS from a G35 also can be adapted to fit
  13. Well now then we might be cousins, but my uncle is uncle Buck, I do believe he & Sam have met through our grandma Victoria... I am expecting a little gift from him as well, hope to put it towards paint & body
  14. YUP Connected by both hands and both feet
  15. Figured this is something we all come across - rusted PITA hardware, and all the various products we use in attempts get get unstuck. I have found this stuff to be better than most of the other penetrating fluids, only need a few drops and give the bolt some tapping to set up vibration and it works. I get this at my local HVAC shop, only a few bucks for a bottle. What else have you found that works?
  16. Easier than literal! Only the deck height of the block differs. The 351W can easily put out serious power w or w/o turbo. There's more than 1 reason it was in production way longer than the Cleveland. Your car should be fun to drive, I used to autocross a late model LTD with an HO spec built 302 - power steering had a hard time keeping up though!
  17. If you know anything about the Nurburgring or even Top Gear, you'll know the name Sabine Schmitz. Sadly she has passed away at the young age of 51, due to cancer. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/autos/news/queen-of-the-nürburgring-sabine-schmitz-passes-at-51/ar-BB1eGwha?ocid=mailsignout Sabine had an incredible touch at the wheel. She will be missed.
  18. Used to be able to sit with my ass on the fender and my feet inside the engine bay while fixing them. When you dropped a tool it was easy to find!
  19. Hmmm, only partial video loaded. I'll try again
  20. Hopefully this worked I was filming this while he was chatting with someone else and he was describing the incident. When he went off the road, he was thinking "this isn't bad" as he mowed over some trees, and then he hit the rocks... Note the front axle
  21. The rear diff on that truck is fully welded, so if you wanna turn you gotta drift! I'll try to get the video of his truck post-accident uploaded here
  22. Just in regards to the mention of "clamps used on systems where guys added AC to an old car" that's all.
  23. Be'in a bit persnickity... 😆
  24. 2 things - the pressure line really needs to be crimped but the return line isn't under much pressure so hose clamp is ok. Anyone who uses hose clamps on AC lines needs a smack upside the head. Freon is an Ozone depleater (means it readily reacts with ozone = O3) and is really bad for the atmosphere. Newer freons aren't as bad as the old shit, but the stuff is supposed to be sucked out and put into a pressurized can then disposed of at a haz-mat facility. Don't matter if it's from your fridge or your car, it's bad shit. So bad there are laws about it's disposal - ask a HVAC guy.
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