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71 Dat project


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Just wanted to say thank you to the site for all the great things to read on here. Hat tips to Datsunmike, Wayno, mikeklotz and any regular members. 
I would like to post some pics as I read somewhere pics are great but can’t seem to figure it out at this point. Will search and follow through.

thanks again for the fun.

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Welcome!  I'm up in Denver, got lots of Datsun nuts around!  I'm a 510 guy, but just bought a 521 flat bed.  Bob3 is manager at Pikes Peak International Raceway, has at least TWO 521's, one with full Miata drivetrain & suspension......it is KILLER KOOL!!



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Welcome and great pics! If you right click them and get the URL then Ratsun will auto load them for you like so:

Can't wait to see where it goes from here, what are your plans?












2 hours ago, Crashtd420 said:

Welcome ...

Are you still assembling?

I was able to see a few pictures... Looking good.... 

That valve cover is funky ... 

How was that done?

That looks like a carbon kevlar pattern and they are typically done by hydro-dipping the part if I am not mistaken. 

like so: 


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It would appear I’m better with a wrench than a photo upload. I’m trying to get images from imgur to load here on this post, but alas I’m unsuccessful. Any thoughts as to my possible mistakes? 

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I can access the picture above directly from imgur, so it seems like you're at least doing something correctly. Make sure the copied link always has the ".jpg" on the end of it. Usually the forum tools automatically flag it as an image and inserts it into your post. I don't know if it makes any difference, but I always set my imgur pictures to "private" or "hidden" on the imgur site prior to uploading them. Of course, I'm doing this all from an iPhone, so it may vary.



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17 minutes ago, wayno said:

You cannot get them to load onto Imgur or you cannot copy them to paste them here, I went to your account and the last photo I seen was the one of the side of the shiny black box and rear rotor.

Wayne, they are loaded in imgur, I can copy them but they will not load up rats in. There should be 6 more pics after the left bed side/bark rotor pic. Thx for taking time on this.

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