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  1. greenthumb

    71 Dat project

    That box looks like it’s almost brand new! Looks like a very solid project. Were you lucky enough to get a solid box, or does that pic represent a lot of restorative work? carry on
  2. If the squealing starts when letting out the clutch, I would not think it’s the throwout bearing. If it was, the worst part would be when the clutch is fully depressed. That is when the bearing is fully engaged. Does it squeal at all if you depress the clutch pedal slowly?
  3. Second the comment on that overflow. I couldn’t believe the price myself when I bought one for my 521. And the bonus is that it’s a nice piece
  4. Aha. Now I see it after looking closer. That is a clever (and difficult) way to clear that rubber. Love it! That’s more like a subtle widebody bod. Very cool
  5. So very glad to see you’re tucking everything in underneath without flares. I thought I heard something about flares earlier. Looking great!
  6. Got to agree- that fitment looks terrific. Nice work
  7. Or maybe I’m just misremembering 🙄 Maybe my truck was cable to the bellcrank. It’s been a while. At any rate the bellcrank fouled on the exhaust so it had to go
  8. Well that’s cool. When did they switch from the mechanical bellcrank system? My 70 still had the bellcrank. I did away with all that and used a 510 cable to gain clearance for my KA. Looks like I maybe could have used a truck cable too
  9. nicely done! I doubt there are many OEM ones left in functional condition. I'll have to revisit my column now. Thanks!
  10. where in the big province of Ontario?
  11. Nice looking truck Pidge. My favorite color. 546 green
  12. A question to Mike about the glass method of resurfacing. Glass does have a certain amount of flex to it. You don't worry about that a little? Mainer's granite inspection plate sounds like just the ticket.
  13. Ha! The shutoff valve is classic. Love it!
  14. Just get DP to photocopy it with a few measurements in case it is not entirely accurate on the photocopy. Draw it up and print away
  15. That looks really good DP I sent buddy an email. we will see if he responds Does the carpet have any insulation backing at all? Precut for shifter? Hopefully not in my case...
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