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  1. I’ll give you 2750 as it sits. Deal??? 😀
  2. Anyone have a link for that sale? EBay or??
  3. greenthumb

    Red riding hood

    Wheel well fully polished? Whats that mean?
  4. greenthumb


    Got mine out of a Maxima. Mounted the inertia reels with a whole lot of fuckery behind the seat, and fabbed up anchors for the shoulder harnesses in the factory location. A lot of diddling, but so satisfying
  5. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. At least you’ll break even! 😄
  7. Maybe so, but it has to be satisfying. It looks great! Is this the kit from the guy in Idaho or wherever?
  8. Love your truck have a very similar project on the go, but sadly not a lot of time to work on it lately. You’ve got a lot more done in the last 6 months than I have! Question for the experts- is that the oem exhaust exit location? I am at the tailpipe stage of building my exhaust, and I’d like to mimic the original look
  9. greenthumb

    My first datsun

    Hmmm. So easy
  10. greenthumb

    My first datsun

    Had to try this ‘new method’
  11. greenthumb

    My 1971 521

    Pretty sure Mike is referring to the one on top of the stack on the ground. Looks like a fun project. Be nice to have everything closed up. Carry on
  12. Yesssss! 546 ftw
  13. Looks terrific. So straight! But that bumper though... niiiice
  14. Terrific attention to detail as always Daniel. I really enjoy your comprehensive progress reports. Great work!
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