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  1. Probably right above the fuel tank along the frame rail I'm willing to bet. Seems like they all rot out there eventually
  2. 2 thumbsup for persistence!
  3. truck looks great Jacob. Front end looks really straight!
  4. great job on the steering adapter. That's attention to detail.
  5. yours already looks better than most
  6. That's great. Thanks! The 10 mile drive is sadly not in the cards just yet. This is a project that is moving far too slowly. Scope creep has proven to be a problem
  7. You have a link where you purchased that adaptor? That would be just the ticket for my KA 5 speed 521. As it sits now the crossmember interferes with the speedo cable . This looks like a perfect solution
  8. So I'm running around at work today and I find a piece of flexible grey plastic hose (spa flex maybe). At any rate it is slightly smaller than 1 1/2" id. This is easily conformable and non denting. If I wasn't such a picture posting noob I'd post up a pic
  9. my 70 must be a late one then. It had the stampings for the shoulder belts and the lock pulls
  10. Not sure, but I think 72 was the first year the captive nuts were installed from the factory. Truck is looking great!
  11. good call on the shoulder belts. Lap belt only in a 521 no buena in a collision- ask me how I know. Does your truck have the captive nuts in the B pillar already? I'd be embarrassed to tell you how many hours I just spent adding retractable shoulder belts to mine. Mine did not have the captive nut in the pillar, just the stamped area where they would go. Spent a bit of time head scratching how to get them in there in an elegant way. Very happy with the end result though.
  12. I replied to an ad here on Ratsun. This guy wanted to clear out a bunch of parts, and we came to a package deal for all he had. Pretty happy to find the fuzzies in the box of goodies
  13. Excellent progress on that trans. Nice to have that peace of mind knowing that all the internals are in great shape. re the window fuzzies- I just ended up with a set that came with a 521 parts stash I stumbled across. Any tricks to changing them out easily?
  14. I too have a 99 Silverado with high miles. 410000km which is slightly lower than yours. Best truck i ever owned i think. Bought it as a farm beater, but it drives so nice its now my daily. Uses NO oil, and runs like a top. Body is failing, but I'll drive til its dead. Could be a long wait...
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