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  1. Nice. Appreciate your efforts
  2. @mainer311 Did you ever have a chance to see if you could locate the link to those led bulbs? thx
  3. Not mine. Free 521 back half incl diff and taillights. Ramona California. Has to be gone by tomorrow. I’d hate to see it scrapped. On Facebook Datsun parts and needs
  4. Wow Ray. You sure know how to whip up buyers interest. 😄
  5. That’s a super helpful article to help wade through the myriad of head options for the L. This should be a sticky
  6. Hasn’t Maaco finished this thing yet? Sheesh
  7. What a cutey! Enjoy those precious years- they go by sooooo quickly
  8. greenthumb

    1971 Datsun 521

    You’ll need new mounts for engine, fab up a transmission mount, fuel supply mods of some kind to get the fuel pressure required for the EFI, radiator needs some monkeying or an upgrade to facilitate the new hose locations, gas pedal mods for the cable from the KA. IIRC the bell crank for the ebrake fouls on the downpipe, so something needs to be done there. I solved that one by using a cable from the 510 to avoid the bell crank altogether. The steering linkage from the pitman to the idler also interferes with the oil pan. Some guys just flip it, but I’m not a fan of the tapered joints sitting in nontapered holes if you do it that way. I chose to modify the pitman and idler to be able to mount the linkage from the bottom into the appropriately tapered holes. This is just my own experience, maybe others have different/better solutions. The l20b swap sounds like it’s a little less modification required
  9. Oooohhh. I love where this is going eventually. I’m too far down the rabbit hole already with mine, but if I had to do it over again, the Miata route looks terrific
  10. Re the compressor location my son had an interesting solution that works really well. He got it up into his attic and suspended it from belting slung under the compressor. In essence the comp is not contacting the structure at all. Like Stoffegren says, it’s so much quieter it’s pretty unbelievable.
  11. TJ I think you’re looking at Greaser2’s interior. Concur it looks great though
  12. Loading fine here atm
  13. I’ll give you 2750 as it sits. Deal??? 😀
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