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  1. MR2PLUS

    71 Dat project

    Yes, I found a donor 620 for the L20 and 5spd. Hoping to install this spring. thanks for your help/ insight.
  2. MR2PLUS

    71 Dat project

    Just building a daily driver for spring to fall.
  3. MR2PLUS

    71 Dat project

    The box had no rust and minor repairs. I do have another box with some side rust and bondo repairs if anyone needs a bed or tailgate. Thanks for looking at my Dat
  4. MR2PLUS

    71 Dat project

    Yes it was hydro dipped. The color went more green tone than I wanted but better than nothing. cheers
  5. MR2PLUS

    71 Dat project

  6. MR2PLUS

    71 Dat project

    Just wanted to say thank you to the site for all the great things to read on here. Hat tips to Datsunmike, Wayno, mikeklotz and any regular members. I would like to post some pics as I read somewhere pics are great but can’t seem to figure it out at this point. Will search and follow through. thanks again for the fun.
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