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postimage.cc & Ratsun

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These instructions are for using a PC.


Use postimage.cc, Upload your photos into a gallery that you create.


Go to the photo you want click the "Share" icon.



Click on the "Hotlink for Forums".  One up from the bottom or fifth one down from the top of the menu.



Go to where you want the photo in your Post and "Right" click "Paste".


If someone has Instructions for using their cell phone with Postimage please ad them to this thread.


Please Keep this thread Postimage Only!



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Top Posters In This Topic

 Using your phone. In one window upload whatever photos you want to share on to your postimage account.  Arrange the photos in the correct file, I. E. If you have one for funny shit, or car pictures, or pets, or whatever.   Make sure you put them where you want them because if you move them later the link could be broken. I don’t know if post image does that but I know Photobucket did.


Then open a second  window. One being Ratsun, and the other being the postimage.CC website.  On the post image page go to the picture you want to post and look for the share icon at the top


After that, tap on the “hotlink for forums” link near the bottom. 


Then it’s as simple as swapping back over to the window with Ratsun and pasting it in the reply window. 

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For multiple pictures at once, the easiest way I’ve found is for you to open  the correct file in postimage that you want all the pictures to be in. Such as, if you went to a car show and wanted to post all of those in the “I saw a cool car” thread in Ratsun.  When postimage asks you to upload the photos from your photo library on your phone you check all the pictures you want in that file on postimage. When They are all uploaded you should have a screen that looks like this


Make sure the selection above the list of links is set to “hotlinks for forums”.  Right beside it it says “1 column”. Click on the thing that looks like a blue page or whatever right beside that and it will say copied. Then it’s just a matter of opening the Ratsun window back up and pasting it just like you would do if it was a single picture. I don’t know what the limit for photos is, as far as how many you can do it once; But I know that I have done at least 8 to 10 at a time.

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