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1967 Galaxie 500 Project

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Drove  '65 or '66 Galaxy 500 XL. 352 boat anchor. Reliable, smooth running, 4 dr and totally boring. This one looks sportier for some reason. Maybe the forward leaning front end, way nicer gill and the thin C pillar. 

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The previous owner had already purchased some stuff, as I mentioned, including this...





All the bits to make the front disc brakes, and also all the bits to rebuild the rear brakes. Going to do that first...


it is originally a 289 car, and still has it's original engine, but that is DOA. We have a spare good '70s 302 at the shop, so that will be going in as well.


I have a new aftermarket wiring harness for it, as well as a few other cool bits, so here we go...

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On 8/21/2019 at 8:19 PM, datzenmike said:

Drove  '65 or '66 Galaxy 500 XL. 352 boat anchor. Reliable, smooth running, 4 dr and totally boring. This one looks sportier for some reason. Maybe the forward leaning front end, way nicer gill and the thin C pillar. 


Yeah, the 65/66 has a very flat nose. Also this one has the "fastback" style roof unique to this model. The '67 is a "one year" car, not like any of the others. Good for uniqueness, bad for finding parts. 


A friend of mine had a '66 as a drift car for awhile...  😄




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On 8/22/2019 at 1:13 PM, Chopper Jim said:

You have the perfect tow vehicle behind it. The Econoline would fit in just right.


Oh, that is loooooooooong gone. And I'm not sure it would pull a wet stick out of a mud hole. 😄


This Galaxie has been at my shop for almost a year now. I've been doing some work on it here and there for the previous owner, but it seemed like he lost interest pretty early on and now has decided to sell it.


And as his interest waned, mine has slowly ramped up. To the point that as I was walking past it on Wednesday I just said screw it and called him and told him it was sold and that I was buying it.  😁



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1 hour ago, Mattndew76 said:

going to seal that rust up and keep the look or strip it and put down some paint?


More the former. I have no intentions to paint it. Always wanted something with patina'd stock paint and a decent interior and engine bay, so this will be it. 


Need to redo the front suspension/brakes first, then the rear. Then pull the engine trans and paint the engine bay. Then put in the new engine/trans, rewire the whole car, and freshen up the interior. Then just drive it "ugly" for a while.


If it gets paint, it won't be for years down the road. 

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22 hours ago, Chopper Jim said:

Please don't do the clear over the patina. Takes the cool away from it.


See below. 


On 8/26/2019 at 1:33 PM, datsunfreak said:

I have no intentions to paint it.


Most likely what I will do is give it a bath with a fine scotch-brite and call it good. That seems to get the oxidation off of just fine, and it beats buffing it. 😃 

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I purchased some original paint for my Unibody and intend to repaint it. Patina is cool, but so was barb wire tatts. I like the sun faded look with no rust, and maybe some under coat showing. Just opinion.


The Galaxy looks really bad ass though.

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7 hours ago, Mattndew76 said:

I purchased some original paint for my Unibody and intend to repaint it. Patina is cool, but so was barb wire tatts. I like the sun faded look with no rust, and maybe some under coat showing. Just opinion.


For the most part, I actually share your opinion. I have no intention to leave it like this forever, and I don't think it looks "perfect" right now.


I just don't want to blow it apart to paint it any time soon. Once it's on the road and sorted, at that time I will decide on paint. Kinda like your truck. 😄


And it may depend on if I can find another (less pitted) hood...

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51 minutes ago, Lockleaf said:

Definitely needs moar lows to rock those rims.  Looking forward to where this goes.


Already have 2" drop springs for the front, to be installed shortly. I want to get those in and see how much drop the rear needs. 


And these wheels will likely not stay. Mulling over a few choices for wheels now in fact...


A little bit JDM...





A little bit Euro...





Or possibly, a little bit 'Murica...





With it having the most common bolt pattern in the world (5x114.3), the ability to swallow 10-11" wide wheels with ease, and being able to run anything from a 15" to a 20" diameter, it is not making the choice easy...   😄


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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 4 weeks later...

Got the front end up on jack stands and took the wheels off. Crusty, and some surface rust, but overall not too bad...





Right side not so much. Bent control arm, bent T/C rod, and more fun surprises...





Lower ball joint came free fairly easily (by comparison). Tie rod nut had welded itself to the shaft and had to be cut off. Upper ball joint, absolutely nothing worked. Wanged on it with a BFH and nothing. Used a pickle fork, nothing. Used two pickle forks at the same time, nothing. Finally gave up and got out the angle grinder with a cut-off wheel on it. Got about half way through it when the cutting disc wore down too far...





At this point I was tired, hot, and pissed off. Gonna go back on Wednesday with some more cut off wheels and at least get the spindle out. Will probably need the big hydraulic press to get the ball joint tip out of the spindle, but gonna try to put some monster heat on it first. So far I have had to cut off several of the bolts holding this thing together and I''m hopeful that trend doesn't continue...


Good news is, I already have a new control arm, new tie rods, and new ball joints to put it all back together with, as well as new shocks and springs going in at the same time. Then comes the disc brake conversion. I will be much happier when this is all cleaned up, painted, and being held together with new non-rusty bolts...  😁


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So, I was looking for a manual transmission for this car and had come to the conclusion that a Mustang T-5 was my only good option. All of those I found were either beat to death and needing a rebuild, or nice condition and really expensive. 


After doing some digging, I found out that the F150s from 88-96 with a 300 engine used a better/more modern 5 speed built by Mazda (aka M5R2). And since the 300 has the same mounting points and flywheel bolt pattern as a 302, it should bolt straight up to a 302. 







Obviously shifter location is a bit far forward, but I have the looooooong shifter from the truck that I can tweak to make it work. 


Also as a nice bonus, this uses a hydraulic throw out bearing unlike the T-5. This will be a much easier swap. 


Apparently the T-5 didn't do so hot with the torque of the 300 straight six, so that's why this was built/designed. It's rated to handle a fair bit more power/torque than a standard T-5. 

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On 10/11/2019 at 4:46 PM, Lockleaf said:

You can always do this sort of shifter relocation deal.  Loads of examples on the interwebs.


Yeah, we actually looked at making one of those today. May go that way if it's just too far forward. 👍




So it took me about 2 hours of cussing and sweating to get to this point...






And now I am realizing I need to order a shitload of little parts like wheel bearings, seals, wheel studs, etc.  😄

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