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  1. Will be there one way or another. Still not with a running 620. Chopper Jim
  2. 2x4 and ratchet straps Chopper Jim
  3. Good luck. Hope that is what it was. Chopper Jim
  4. datzenmike. I had to go back over his question.His first post said the center of the wheel is larger than the hub. He is centering by the lugs & nuts. An out of round wheel stud hole won't center. That will cause a real good vibration, just before the studs sheer off. Don't ask how I know. It was an experience not soon forgotten. Chopper Jim
  5. It would not show up on the balancer. What do you mean by overtorqued. When I overtorque the stud usually breaks. Chopper Jim
  6. It may just be the angle of the photo, but the 3 upper lug holes don't look round. Chopper Jim
  7. Dental floss works good also. No chance of denting or gouging the area. Chopper Jim
  8. Me too. Now as long as they don't try to remake it & Easy Rider everything will be OK. Chopper Jim
  9. Not sure how cheap you are talking, eBay shows around 140.00. Parts Geek 137.15. Autozone 160ish. Chopper Jim
  10. spddmOn you might check part # 62318-01w00. Looks like still available through Nissan, and looks the same to me. Should be able to buy from Winzer direct. Chopper Jim
  11. What was the part # for the first part. The lower retainer can be found through Winzer Corp. 3 different part #'s. 501.3416 500.788106 500.788105 Napa & Carquest & Autozone can get them if not in stock. Chopper Jim
  12. All the rally caps on the floor boards or midnight auto supply? Chopper Jim
  13. While in the junkyard you should have looked at how they came off so you could take yours off without ripping. Pick-n-pull yards are a real learning experience. Just my opinion. Chopper Jim
  14. Had a few alternators test good on the parts house test equipment, but were junk on the vehicle. It happens. Have them replace it. Chopper Jim
  15. I had a 1984 720 K C new and it had both jump seats. Chopper Jim
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