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  1. The other driver door. Chopper Jim
  2. Bubble side windows? Haven't seen those in awhile. Truck looks greaaat. Keep the pics coming. Chopper Jim
  3. Just can't get enough of the new builds using the 80's style. Air dam, twin sun roof & those Baby Turbo mirrors. Need to hide the MSD box. Cool truck. Like the louvers & chrome handles also. And parked between a Cobra & Tri Five Chevy truck. Chopper Jim
  4. We have done a few chops and had custom windows made. I'm looking for the name of the people that did it for us. We had tinted door & quarter glass for a 1957 Bel Air done at a local glass shop. Will let you know when i find it. Chopper Jim
  5. Yes it is. It would depend where you bought it. Kaiser dealer or Sears. Chopper Jim
  6. My 78 L 20B seized because the p o had engine rebuilt. and they must have used a gallon of silicone sealer. It had clogged the oil passage to the cam. Locked up tighter than shit. Still haven't got old cam out of the old head. Chopper Jim
  7. Looks like the bigger issue would be the v belt behind the chain. Chopper Jim
  8. Now there is a nailhead. Make that 4. Thank you VFR800. Chopper Jim
  9. If you are referring too this engine, it is not a nailhead. Chopper Jim
  10. Bob Glidden from just a few days ago. Chopper Jim
  11. That sucks. There goes my collection of magazines. Subscriptions to 12 of the 19. Chopper Jim
  12. Very glad to hear. Chopper Jim
  13. VFR800 how are you doing. Are you safe where you are? Chopper Jim
  14. Two friends from Kingman lined up. Right lane is Troy Hann in the 1964 El Camino. Left lane Dwayne Buress in the 1953 Chevy. Chopper Jim
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