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  1. He said $100.00 for the head plus the ride from Kingman Arizona. Chopper Jim
  2. Damn Phoenix. Change offensive street names. Robert E Lee & Squaw Peak. We might as well change them all to North, East, West and add numbers for each block. Can't use South because it might offend someone.
  3. I'm waiting to hear from my local wrecking yard. They had 5 or 6 L20's in the yard. Will know tomorrow. Chopper Jim
  4. Now it's the Golden Girls that make the pull list. 1988 mud masks. Phuq'n unreal. Chopper Jim
  5. Pandemic sounds good. If not for the Dems, we may not have a Panic. Chopper Jim
  6. I just read they want to get rid of The National Anthem. They claim its racist. Getting tired of it. Chopper Jim
  7. Here we go again. John Wayne Airport name change. Chopper Jim
  8. John510 you are right. I had seen a story that Nascar or one of his team members took it down & showed it to him. Now they have a photo of it hanging. WTF. Chopper Jim
  9. I just google the number if I don't recognize it. Chopper Jim
  10. Sharpton was all over this. He wanted answers right now from the FBI or he was "headed to Talladega and not to drive a racecar". His words. Saw it yesterday. Chopper Jim
  11. Don't forget Mark Kelly. The other one that want's to be Arizona's Senator. Chopper Jim
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