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  1. When did they change the K's backwards? I've seen them on adds for 1959 regular. Have seen racing photos with a 1958 wagon & trailer and it is the backwards position. Just found it. Didn't dig long enough. 1957. Chopper Jim
  2. Thanks for the shot of the Chevelle. Chopper Jim
  3. Glad to see the graphics carry through the back of the cab with the bed tilted. Nice work. Chopper Jim
  4. California started reissuing license plate colors from the 1950's,1960's & 1970's. Those plates you can tell from the originals. The originals had the date on the plate. Chopper Jim
  5. My 69 Chevelle has them on it now. Still carburetor though. Old school hot rodding at its best. Original 350 still under hood. Chopper Jim
  6. I have the opposite happen. The small or wanna be race cars want to take on my little F350 crew cab dually. Chopper Jim
  7. I know it won't be seen, but i like to see paint on the back of the cab. Even if it is a dusting of base. Just my thought. Chopper Jim
  8. Napa shows them available new. Everything I have has a Napa water pump on it. And no, I don't work at Napa. Chopper Jim
  9. R.I.P. Jesse Rooke. Chopper Jim
  10. Oops. Darin. Thanks VFR800. Chopper Jim
  11. The Di Dia 150. Bobby Darren was the second owner of the car. Chopper Jim
  12. Take a step drill, make the holes round,make round metal fillers the size of the hole. Weld and clean up weld. Chopper Jim
  13. Not at all what i expected before hitting the play button. Gotta try listening to something out of your comfort zone every once in a while. Thank you BrothersGarage. Chopper Jim
  14. When they jumped over the counter it was on. Female or not. Looked like a car antenna mast. Not big enough to be a pipe. Just my take on it. Chopper Jim
  15. 2 out of 3. What is with the Ranchero wheels? Guess i'm getting old. But ugly is still ugly. Chopper Jim
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