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  1. Mitch is waiting his perv turn. Just look at the hunger in his face. One more second and the photo would have had him lookin like a St. Bernard. Chopper Jim
  2. Regarding the whole world becoming Democrat. No vaccine for this old boy. No sir. Will just take my Republican chances. Chopper Jim
  3. And that poor little girl is ready to cry. Bad Joe, bad. Chopper Jim
  4. First introduced in the 1993 Lincoln MK Vlll. 4.6L Chopper Jim
  5. I'm going with 100 days. That is all Biden has been saying. 100 days for this, 100 days for that. We shall see. Chopper Jim
  6. Now that is scary. But it could be some kind of fun? What could go wrong? Chopper Jim
  7. I was afraid of that. When i posted, it had codes above the pic. Like it said, "This photo will be almost impossible to find over the next couple of months. Guess it won't be that long. Chopper Jim
  8. Take it back to them and have a little foam or what ever they used removed. Chopper Jim
  9. Go to Google, pull up frame straightening tools. Lot of different ideas for you to choose from. Chopper Jim
  10. It's been that way for a long time. When we moved from So. Cal. 27 years ago to Kingman Arizona, we rented a U-Haul here twice, and paid less than rental fees and mileage for a single rental in California. Chopper Jim
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