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  1. I was afraid of that. When i posted, it had codes above the pic. Like it said, "This photo will be almost impossible to find over the next couple of months. Guess it won't be that long. Chopper Jim
  2. Back in the 80's. Sleazy Joe. Chopper Jim
  3. Take it back to them and have a little foam or what ever they used removed. Chopper Jim
  4. Go to Google, pull up frame straightening tools. Lot of different ideas for you to choose from. Chopper Jim
  5. It's been that way for a long time. When we moved from So. Cal. 27 years ago to Kingman Arizona, we rented a U-Haul here twice, and paid less than rental fees and mileage for a single rental in California. Chopper Jim
  6. Like I said earlier. Harris will commit suicide by Clinton & Pelosi will be president. Chopper Jim
  7. They, the news people you will not see on tv have stated that 100,000 mail in ballots were sent to wrong address's. So 100,000 new ballots have been sent to the correct address's. No problem with mail in ballots or the election? And some of the news you do see, shows postal workers throwing mail in ballots in the trash. Chopper Jim
  8. Try U-Haul. They have built a few for a couple friends. Not real expensive either. You may be surprised. Chopper Jim
  9. Now if the Dem's have a cure for this. Why didn't they step up and help out. Instead, lets just wait and see what happens. Trump: 4 more years. Chopper Jim
  10. We have one that the boss owns, and it is not signed by Shelby 1968 GT500. Good question. Chopper Jim
  11. RIP EVH. It will be one hell of a night. Jimi, SRV and EVH. Saw Van Halen at a backyard party in Rosemead, Cal. 1978 or '79. They were the opening for a band called Electric Prunes or something real close. Wish i could find that flier for that party. Chopper Jim
  12. I like the Tornado or Eldorado idea better. Chopper Jim
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