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  1. Bob Glidden from just a few days ago. Chopper Jim
  2. That sucks. There goes my collection of magazines. Subscriptions to 12 of the 19. Chopper Jim
  3. Very glad to hear. Chopper Jim
  4. VFR800 how are you doing. Are you safe where you are? Chopper Jim
  5. Two friends from Kingman lined up. Right lane is Troy Hann in the 1964 El Camino. Left lane Dwayne Buress in the 1953 Chevy. Chopper Jim
  6. I would search for another one, or make one. Chopper Jim
  7. This was this last weekend. On Route 66 in Kingman, Arizona. Yours truely walking up. Chopper Jim
  8. It's a mystery to all of us except banzai510. He must have ESP or something like that. Just joking. Chopper Jim
  9. Not a bad deal. Napa, Car Quest,Autozone are priced around $2.25 ea. Chopper Jim
  10. Thank you all that came out. It was nice to see old friends & meet new ones. Very good time and fantastic weather. That Figaro was cool. Well deserving of an award. Now we want to know, is the top a canvas or hard top. Charlie69 & I want to know. Chopper Jim
  11. Will be leaving Kingman Saturday morning again. Truck & trailer in tow. Drive careful everybody. As always my cell # 928-263-0166 if you have troubles. See you all in Williams. Chopper Jim
  12. Just got this Email from my wife. Thought this belonged here. Priceless. Thank you Australia. Chopper Jim
  13. You got mine also. Good Luck. Chopper Jim
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