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  1. Still looking for one of those Corvair Rampsides for a project. Had lines on one cheap. Then the selling party changed his mind on price. complete gutted, V8 conversion started. Shit job, would have had to start over. But have a 1976 Cadi just waiting to give up it's drivetrain Chopper Jim
  2. Growing up in El Monte, Cal. in the 60's & 70's we had this. Chopper Jim
  3. Try forklift salvage yards also. We got parts from a yard in Phoenix a couple years ago now. They gave us a pallet full to choose from. Then took the pallet back to them with what we didn't use. Chopper Jim
  4. Just saw this today. Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it. Hitler Chopper Jim
  5. Biden has now started his executive actions on gun control. Here they come. Lord help us all. Chopper Jim
  6. Street Rodder April 2018. Chopper Jim
  7. Angle should be close to 3 degrees. Just read that over the weekend from one of the hot rod magazines. Will try to find which one. Shims available from Summit racing also. Chopper Jim
  8. Go big (460) if you can. It will be more fun. That and you will always wonder why you didn't. Just my .02. Chopper Jim
  9. Indeed. I split my factory harnesses to tuck out of sight, back of the engine, under exhaust, along valve cover or fuel rail. What were they thinking not using your billet bell crank? Chopper Jim
  10. I see wiring to the distributor from the shock tower. Well hidden wiring harness. That is what i try to do with my wiring harnesses on all of mine. Makes it much cleaner under the hood. Chopper Jim
  11. Mitch is waiting his perv turn. Just look at the hunger in his face. One more second and the photo would have had him lookin like a St. Bernard. Chopper Jim
  12. Regarding the whole world becoming Democrat. No vaccine for this old boy. No sir. Will just take my Republican chances. Chopper Jim
  13. And that poor little girl is ready to cry. Bad Joe, bad. Chopper Jim
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