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  1. As with years past. I will have a truck & trailer on standby in Kingman, Arizona. If you need Help call me. 928-263-0166. Hope to see everyone in Williams tomorrow. Chopper Jim
  2. I thought that 40 looked familiar. No we have traffic for about 1 hour out of the day. And anybody that lives here knows to go the other way around. Chopper Jim
  3. Strap the Thing to the Jeep Liberty and pull everything out. Just a thought. Chopper Jim
  4. I just punched up Google, 1986 Nissan 720 rocker panel. Quite a few. Chopper Jim
  5. Try NAPA # ECH CS351 Points. ECH EP344 Condenser. Chopper Jim
  6. Just heard that Dusty Hill, bassist for ZZ Top has died. RIP Dusty. Chopper Jim
  7. The peaceful protests had fire, BLM & thugs in hoodies. Chopper Jim
  8. U-Haul used to. Friend of mine had one made for a 1964 Caddy 2 years ago. Give this a try Part #UH107011CH $209.95 6-8 weeks delivery. Chopper Jim
  9. Is that a protest? People blocking the street. Chopper Jim
  10. You could dismount the tires, package them up for shipping to Kingman Arizona, Attn: Chopper Jim. I will take them off your hands. Just Joking. I would clean them up or have them polished. Then put them back on your truck. Chopper Jim
  11. Mine to be. Chopper Jim
  12. My brother in law has one of these he's taking the engine out of. Once that is done, the project will be in my care. Needs quite a bit of work. But could be cool. He bought a Class A. Doesn't want it anymore. Chopper Jim
  13. Just noticed the date this started. One year ago today. Chopper Jim
  14. Go to Ratsun classifieds. 521 project in Oregon for $500.00. Get it shipped to Cal. for $1000.00 - $1500.00. Dream truck, and $3500.00 left to do it your way. Chopper Jim
  15. Looking forward to it. Will be there for sure. See you there Kelmo. Chopper Jim
  16. And an Olds Vista Cruiser or Buick Sport Wagon roof to add cool points to the van. She could have been the clergy. Just out spreading the word. The word is legs. Chopper Jim
  17. Chop-Tana back on Craigslist Las Vegas. Chopper Jim
  18. Still looking for one of those Corvair Rampsides for a project. Had lines on one cheap. Then the selling party changed his mind on price. complete gutted, V8 conversion started. Shit job, would have had to start over. But have a 1976 Cadi just waiting to give up it's drivetrain Chopper Jim
  19. Growing up in El Monte, Cal. in the 60's & 70's we had this. Chopper Jim
  20. Try forklift salvage yards also. We got parts from a yard in Phoenix a couple years ago now. They gave us a pallet full to choose from. Then took the pallet back to them with what we didn't use. Chopper Jim
  21. Just saw this today. Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it. Hitler Chopper Jim
  22. Biden has now started his executive actions on gun control. Here they come. Lord help us all. Chopper Jim
  23. Street Rodder April 2018. Chopper Jim
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