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HELLA 510 no. 2 !!!

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Well guys I listened to the Ratsun community and you all told me to stick with the 510 dream so I did. Most of all the parts were transferred over from the wrecked car and updated with fresh bits along the way. This project started in 2015 just now getting around to posting about it. I’ll keep it short and get on with the oics. 


The day I picked her up 




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Then I pressure washed her. The dummy that owned it before me brushed latex paint all over her inside and out. Yah was not fun. 




turns out someone ratel can spray painted under the two coats of latex. So I stripped it down to the factory paint. I plan on leaving it in its natural patina finish excpet for the engine bay , front valance and roof. 


Off for paint




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The block Z22




Ready to go in 



headliner in 😁


and how she currently is now. I had all the hardware redone in yellow zinc and a bunch of factory Nissan parts thrown at it. Also redid the valve cover. Engine block is Nissan blue/green. FB03E4D0-7671-412F-A2A4-3BED4ABF69C4.jpgE356A646-8CA1-4A24-B69E-FEBF2A84A04A.jpg5D38CDC1-C6EA-46BD-8C8D-89EEBB597846.jpg51FC0E19-9E01-4A10-A681-BBB17C620774.jpg70115202-0080-40F3-937C-151DD70C90BF.jpgE6F0BAC8-5A86-4D9B-ACE2-FBD333F26F4F.jpgF551D98C-0210-4472-8057-3C95614CBE71.jpg869F3641-F425-4D2D-AE88-FE5DE9AF5319.jpg

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On 5/1/2019 at 8:56 AM, mrbigtanker said:

What do you mean no money in it ?


No Datsun owner is going to spend upwards of $300 on something that is basically a super model g/f.... not much better in the dark than any other woman who is along for the ride, only looks better in the light. Only reason she might be with you is because she thinks you might be rich. I'll keep my L16 cast iron header.   

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On 5/1/2019 at 7:24 AM, DARIN 510 said:

The headers are Doug thorley. Not sure why no one else makes these. 


On 5/1/2019 at 7:35 AM, datzenmike said:

and the stock L16 manifold is THAT good.  

they make nice stuff. The tri y (from truck vs car?) I had wasn't gonna fit w\o mods, so I went stock. 



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Nice looking car and great work...Keep her going.  About the yellow paint, atleast it was easy to get off.  A little cannonball run throwback in the opening scene with the Lambo!!

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