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  1. Created a mock up tool. I used the old exhaust heat exchanger accordion type tube ( from the exhaust manifold up to the air intake housing ) because it maintains the right curvature as required. Then I can modify the exhaust into an exact duplicate. The angles are very complicated, despite what you are seeing in pics Remember, I'll need to create two of these. Top over bottom and seam them into one A radical bend initially before making a sideways S curve and then twisting up past the torsion bar before joining both of them together into one. I will be making a new plate and weld it all together, like the original for proper fitment. Still searching for the downpipes exhaust gasket. Last leg of the down pipe runners before they are attached to existing exhaust
  2. Question regarding advertisements for items being sold with no specified amount and an obo in place. The question is: If I’ve bid within the time frame indicated, roughly 14 days?, and I’m the sole contender at the end of that advertisements due date, how is it that I’m not notified? Being the only respondent and therefore the only interested body for said item, yet no response from the seller and the advertisement miraculously is reset for another 14 days. If the seller wasn’t satisfied with the offer they should at least put a price on the advertised item and exclude the obo. To me, my obo was indeed the only and best offer they had received in the first time period. Can Ratsun clear this up for all sellers please?!
  3. If you're set on keeping it or looking for a reasonable repair, there's a 'stitch method' that some welders can preform. Because there is no major damage and it's only an inch and a bit in length it will be a relatively simple fix.
  4. Nice car and very good work. Can't wait for the finished product!
  5. Center punch and then drill out?
  6. That's your tension side chain guide, some wear, so check for timing chain wear. Look further down inside, visually check the slack side chain guide and even further still, the chain tensioner slipper for wear. If it's grooved from the chain running over it, then everything may need to be replaced. Also examine the teeth on both the crankshaft sprocket and the camshaft sprocket for wear, the teeth will look pointier. Removal of the timing cover will be necessary to check the crankshaft sprocket but first find out if the timing chain is stretched.
  7. Cams condition is looking quite good. Sorry, failed to visually grasp the dust factor you're referring to in an earlier photo of the cam timing chain area.
  8. Welcome to Ratsun 78c2.Please help us enjoy your ride as much as you do, post pics!
  9. It looks like your fuel line at the inlet to the carb is starting to crack, replace hose or just cut back some, depends on how hard the hose is becoming. Also, the terminal connector for the coolant temperature sender isn't attached, unless you removed earlier.
  10. Welcome 510-52, sweet deal and great looking truck. Happy motoring to both you and your son! It's wonderful to see others embrace their Datsun treasures. But it's sad that in my neck of the woods any diamond in the rough would be almost obsolete.
  11. Ability will never catch up with the demand for it. 

  12. Better to be silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt. ~ Ab Lincoln

  13. The only way to show off our models is to give them more bling, cause no one's gonna see it until it's parked anyway... show time!
  14. Nice! Excellent work. What brand headers are those? I see ya scored a different valve cover, trying to make it a sleeper?
  15. I remember the first time I replaced my head gasket. When it was physically necessary to set the timing on the cam, the presentable information I was reading seemed too confusing to grasp. My head just wasn't wrapping around the concept. I kept trying to rationalize and picture their meaning but failed miserably. It just seemed strange to start at number 2 on the sprocket instead of #1 first. Then the light bulb went off, and I kicked myself, when I removed the timing chain initially I had marked the cam sprocket with the block head surface. Selfishly thinking this was a quick way to reattach everything ( ha, ha ) and this premeditated assumption would help skip a few steps ( Doh! ). What Datzenmike previously pictured makes sense, but at that time my timing chain was stretched and I was unable to set the timing properly. Next lesson was to set sprocket timing on the number 3 hole and complete the repair until a new timing chain and related peripheral parts were acquired. The engine was running well at idle but had a hard time gaining speed and power, especially on up hill grades. Distributor was clocked all the way to one side also.
  16. Rat-a-tat-Dat

    A Texas 320

    Nice looking truck and in decent shape too.
  17. Nothing wrong with the manifold, it's OEM and works. If removing any emission control apparatus then you can remove the tube assembly and plug all four holes, plus the one attached to the large outlet end. If you have access to a welder, you can place a nut over the broken stud and weld it in place. Once cooled, remove it like any bolt. Be sure to use plenty of penetrant and take your time. You may need to heat the manifold a couple of times if it resists.
  18. Awesome, thanks for the pics. Ha, I noticed you had changed the left rear flat tire, good job!
  19. Stereos are subjective items, they're only as good as the music that's played on them! As for Datsun's, you can play on them infinitely and everyone wants to enjoy your choices!
  20. Another encounter is the exhaust down pipe, after the manifold, to clear the transmission and torsion bar. I'm using the two-to-one down pipe configuration and the closeness of proximity is challenging. The best optimal and most acceptable route through this maze has a few too many bends for my liking, but hopefully in the near future I will be converting the front suspension and eliminating the torsion bar set up. Sorry for the picture quality, it was too dark and the auto focus was too slow. If you can make out where the down pipe touches the transmission, you'll notice the wear marks on the paint. Just focus hard! This is the area that I need to route my exhaust pipe through. Time to be creative. If only I had a MIG welder...
  21. Sounds like a great team right off the start! Yes, enlighten us with some visual stimuli!
  22. Hello newbie, welcome to Ratsun. I respect your enthusiasm with the swap, an undertaking that will require the most discerning adventurer. We're here to guide you and expel any creative experience at your bidding, plus give you an open minded opinion, of course. Cheers!
  23. The gauges are sic. I've changed my dash once and the replacement is now showing major stress too. Friggin UV's. Wiring takes patience and time, but well worth the effort. Well done! Does the Subaru alternator have a higher amperage output for your upgraded lighting? Wow, looks like you may have brought home some castaways in that heater box. That's disgusting, who crapped in your rad? A systems flush for sure. Keep'er going...
  24. Salutations! A good looking truck you got there. Front bumper could use some TLC, but over all has straight lines. Those coilers are shinny 😎
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