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  1. Thank you guys. Very helpful 🙌
  2. Futofab and Emrish use parts from a inner tie rod end to make their tc rods. That’s why I was asking for info.
  3. Oh sorry I did not specify. I would like to make some adjustable T/C rods.
  4. Can you share the part numbers on the mirrors? Also I don’t think the 510 keys are the same as a Z. Nissan has a type L and a type R. And the shape of the key cut is opposite from each other. The 510 ignition lock cylinder is on the left-hand side of the column as for the Z is on the right side of the column. So that’s what makes them different
  5. Does anyone know what inner tie rods these go to ? I wanna build my own for a turd that I’m working on. Could it go to a Volvo? 280zx?
  6. What size tire you running on the libres?
  7. It’s like a 156 bulb 194 will also fit but it’s more dim. 156 or 165 is brighter. You can get these at Oreillys or autozone.
  8. I know I’ve been slacking on posting the progress. So here is a oic dump for guys. Cause I know how much you guys love pics
  9. Grill and euro lights
  10. Buy some wiper shaft boots you cheap Portugee 😂
  11. No. Kfvintage makes them in house. made in Colombia . The futofab panels are trash. Made in China
  12. To fit your fat Portugee booty 😆
  13. Do you know of kfjdm? https://kfvintagejdm.com/ they are making reproduction panels for 510s. You should check them out
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