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  1. You can still get them from the dealer too if you wanna go for that factory restored look. Studs- 08224-82810 top 4 bolts on intake- 08120-8301F in betweenintake and exhaust use studs or if you want bolts instead 08120-08301A
  2. Just an FYI Nissan still sells the center dust caps for the zx hubs. Would look proper with those beautiful wats. 👌
  3. Where did you get this from ? And how much ?
  4. Let us know how good these ride James. I’m curious
  5. Hey James. I’m interested in the old fucked up rear lower panel. I still need an exhaust piece.
  6. found something to put on the hako shift knob. 1970 100 yen coin lol
  7. Got some more Nissan goodies today !!
  8. Nooo!! Lol I say rock it stock that’s just me tho. You just never see that.
  9. Nah mine is a 1970 built late 69. But I am going to shave off the 70-73 markers. I do have a pilar antenna. And I’m gonna keep the stock dash. But 69 is my fav too. I used to have one but it had bubble flares so I sold it years ago. Don’t even know if it’s alive still. Can’t wait to see your 69 all done. Your gonna keep it og right ?
  10. Yes this is the factory paint that was under all that house paint. Funny my car was produced in 69. My paint code is 831
  11. I’m thinking that’s a reasonable time
  12. Yep still available Left- 80606-E4100 Right- 80605-E4100 list price is $83 each. Got mine for $50 each
  13. more factory parts from the dealer today Autocom Nissan in San Leandro is where I get all my stuff.
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