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  1. Love a clean engine bay with a nice L series ! 🙌
  2. Z32 doesn’t use struts either. For the rear I guess you can do the same as the 510 guys? I don’t trust it. I agree with datzenmike or maybe upgrades that are within reason. Like not reinventing the wheel.
  3. Where did you get your paint ?
  4. I have a friend with spare 710 parts. Don’t know if your interested and where you are located.
  5. Yes!!! I’m glad you changed your mind. This car deserves to be left stock. Time capsule. 🙌
  6. DARIN 510


    I’ll just put this here for a guide to go off of.
  7. DARIN 510


    Just an FYI because I had mine record. Be aware if they change the upper tank or you will have figment issues. The original upper tank has a 45 degree angle for clearance and the aftermarket tanks have 90 and that is when it hits the lip on the rad support as well as the fan shroud will also. Just something to keep in mind.
  8. Techno toy tunings brake lines fit just like factory.
  9. Yah I saw that on carparts but I thought the number was only for rhd. Cool thanks
  10. What package tray is this from ?
  11. Use the Heater hose fitting on the head and plug the one on the block. Should line up perfect. Mine does at least.
  12. You can still get them from the dealer too if you wanna go for that factory restored look. Studs- 08224-82810 top 4 bolts on intake- 08120-8301F in betweenintake and exhaust use studs or if you want bolts instead 08120-08301A
  13. Just an FYI Nissan still sells the center dust caps for the zx hubs. Would look proper with those beautiful wats. 👌
  14. Where did you get this from ? And how much ?
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