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  1. nl320what

    72 Datsun Wagon upgrade to KA-T

    If I was closer I would say bring it here and I'll keep it for you while doing stuff here and there for you. Thats how I work on the 63 Datsun, an hour a day adds up over a few months. Maybe give it a thought of finding a running drivetrain right off the bat, like really anything for now: Stock L series, 510-620, even a Z24-5spd from a 720, or a KA24e in a D21/720 or early 240SX.... hell anything to get it back on the road and while that is road worthy, you can use it while collecting the proper parts!! Use the wagon to collect its own upgrades, eh eh ?? lol
  2. nl320what

    72 Datsun Wagon upgrade to KA-T

    I was getting excited on the build, but shit happens..... be safe where-ever your deployed to. You have alot of investment into a KA-T, if it doesnt sell, I would go for it again. The KA blocks are ravaged by now, all the drifters and young immature drivers just hammer these blocks thinking they hot stuff.
  3. nl320what

    pic of your truck

  4. nl320what

    Are Autometer gauges worth the money?

    Love using Glowshift gauges as they are stepper type with multi-color faces usually and have start up displays and memory recall on most. Also they always run promotion discounts and free shipping with free accessories. Never had and issue and I saved money so I could spend it in other areas of the build.
  5. nl320what

    Choosing oil for cold season ( high miler L series)??

    Mike is right, at cold start up you have either really loose valve lash clearances, loose chain, and or oil starvation still. You are just masking it by adjusting something else like lowering idle so its not pronounced. At cold startup, all these items can cause your noisy top-end.
  6. nl320what

    Monster NL320 4x4 Build

    Started welding in the grill mounting tabs yesterday, just a 30min spurt. I'll finish that today.
  7. nl320what

    Choosing oil for cold season ( high miler L series)??

    Something is wrong as 10-40wt is easily rated for less than 0 temps, we are in Cali so it doesnt get below 30degF ever. Oil Filter or passage blocked, bad oil pump, oil pickup/tube blocked, its being restricted when its at its highest viscosity. If all these look ok, try running AutoRX additive to clean the internals out.
  8. nl320what

    Monster NL320 4x4 Build

    As it sits currently, no driving issues, although not a daily due to being winter I dont have wiper linkages nor doors yet. This list helps me keep track reciting it too, 3yo twins and the older ones come out and help, pretty much on the final stage: Need to finish up small things like enclose fender wells in engine bay, plexi back window, finalize mounting for 2 forklift LPG tanks, attached original bumpers, add addition supporting brush guards, Exo-cage, wipers/washer, mount old iPhone 3GS as my dash (GPS, Altimeter, Inclinometer, Music, apps, etc...)
  9. nl320what

    DATSANITI - '80 210 Wagon VQ35 Swap

    Raspiness is not an issue, it gives the VQ lineup its familar sound without looking you can tell a 350Z or G35 is romping around!!! Definitely a ratsun build, anticipating your test run and show updates!!
  10. nl320what

    eBay Radiator review

    I usually cross reference the dimensions needed and the inlet/outlet configuration and reference it to a Summit Racing $160 alum univ radiator.
  11. nl320what

    new here with a 620 'prerunner'

    In my old R&P builds, I used a Steering Quickener: https://www.ebay.com/bhp/steering-quickener
  12. nl320what

    First datsun , first problem.. Rust

    Great pictures, I love body work and the satisfaction of welding in a new piece to look factory. Keep up the progress!
  13. nl320what

    First datsun , first problem.. Rust

    Sand down the whole area that has the cancer rust and where it becomes clean steel, mark an extra inch past it with a permanent marker and outline with a ruler with straight lines so you can measure out the same pattern and cut out on the sheet metal. Makes it quick and you can prefab the replacement piece to weld right in after cutting the bad section out. Save up for a good TIG machine and Argon/CO2 tank, the Miller 200 on a cart is what we use at the Jelly Belly factory shop to repair 90% of the parts their, never let us down. It does stick welding from the same machine too.
  14. nl320what

    First datsun , first problem.. Rust

    I vote to wait till the Harbor Freight 90a/125a (Same Model Actually) goes on sale for $89 and may get away with a 20% coupon eventhough it says not used on Welders, Gens, etc... Grab an extra 2lb welding wire 0.030 and practice away, maybe if you have an extra $50 get the auto-darkening mask, frees up a hand. For quick sheet metal tacking on Min/Low and Speed at 2, you can do pretty well, it will do up to 3/16" thick steel really well for short burst and let the unit fan cool it for a few minutes.
  15. nl320what

    First datsun , first problem.. Rust

    I just grab any scrap sheet from local metal supplier, anything structural will need to be thick enough that requires you to bent it using a tool. If you get scrap that bends fairly easily, that would be good for body panels. MIG is great for 1/4" steel or larger plate is where its best used. TIG I like as its versatile with mild and stainless, just change filler rod, perfect for most anything car related which would be a Miller 200, good all around unit.

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