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  1. Will post pics soon, found some NL doors and installed them, welded on a ladder rack the hard way, shaved the doors, need 1 wing glass and channel felt. All is going well as planned, have a front push bumper ready to weld on and a rear I havent decided yet on how I want it.
  2. nl320what

    620 on a 720 frame??

    There are a few 620 4x4 trucks up in OR, I would save back about $3000 and await for one to pop up. I had a stock rare 620 4x4 with twin stick case and bubble back window for head room. They crop up every 3 months or so if your looking. The 79-85 solid axle Yota stuff is strong, cheap, plentiful, and upgradeable.
  3. If the stock carb looks complete, pop it back on and connect "ALL" the original vac lines and check fluids and try to start it to see what you really got. Assume the carb was off because it didnt run right, have to get it to that point so you can determine next step. If it runs like the carb is bad, double check the vacuum line routing is good and no cracks in them. Then try to run it without gas by substituting careful spray of Starting Fluid to see if it runs better, then tackle whether its fuel or spark related.
  4. Waggy axles are great, back in the 70's they would have factory optioned 620 4x4 conversions done using Jeep axles/xfr cases (Dana 20). The early 80's Toyota 8" solid axles are 6 lug and the pumpkin 3rd members are swappable front to rear and have a big aftermarket following.
  5. That is a nice RB, should bump up power about 20% on E85 tune. Make sure to change 30wt-ND oil in it for break-in :)
  6. Also, you can have many levels of tunes on your laptop for any engine you chose with your standalone. But here is alittle snippet I thought was cool in the same line your thinking from Ford: "When the 2013 Ford Focus ST goes on sale later this year, the hot hatch will come with a factory-installed "overboost" button on its direct-injected, turbocharged 2.0-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine. Although the overboost function won't increase the EcoBoost's peak power above its 252 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque ratings, it will extend the torque curve from 3000 rpm to 4500 rpm for up to 15 seconds." Another idea is that we just bought a 2012 GMC Acadia AWD that has the Camaro V6, I can get a Trifecta $300 tune that boosts power about 10% and I can turn it off and on using the Cruise Control button. I think Megasquirt has a tune on demand you can shift on the fly with their new motherboard/OS.
  7. Just for an idea, if you dont mind swapping to something that has more parts available cheap and more ratios, the 80-85 Toyota 4x4 front axle and the 80-95 Toyota 4x4 rear axle are all 8" interchangeable 6 lug units that have tons of aftermarket parts still.
  8. Keep in mind that your not going to be pushing 300hp every second of motor run time like a Lemans race, so overbuilt is always better but not cheaper. I look at the bottom ends of the motor designs, both KA and SR have stock main girdles but the SR is beefier and looks more refined. If you wanted 300hp thing about a VQ35DE that is just about in everything out there from Maximas, Altimas, Quest Van, 350Z, its short but wide for a 510..... but it naturally comes with a forged bottom end, coated pistons, and tuning potential with tons of aftermarket and cheap parts support.
  9. I believe you should read what others ideas are, then throw them all out the door and decide for yourself considering Skill Level, Tools, Budget, Availability, Time Frame, and Work Space all equally and not in any particular order. I dont think you stated you had a 510 to start with already? If you want a Hot Rod, 620 being a solid axle leaf spring for sure as a base, if you want a track vehicle racer than a 510 for the IRS as ideas.
  10. VQ30DE and VQ35DE are directly swappable, internals are swappable too.
  11. Looks good, also besides all the other stuff they mentioned about it being a 68 sold as a 69, is the Spearhead front fender lights are specific too. As with all projects, life comes first so get all you can done in a month before parts get scattered and interest is lost.
  12. Sounds very much like there is low compression and warms up and expands parts which seal better.
  13. It would be great to have a file made for these and 3D printed with Silicone in different colors as it wouldnt detract from cost.
  14. If you ever do complain about a shop or that they failed you wrongfully and called the BAR, they will say to try another shop, no help at all.
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