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  1. Any progress on the truck? Another idea is the short wheelbase of the International Scout late 70s-80s to swap under.
  2. Think of how to get it back on the road safely, fast, and cheaper. Best to stay away from something needing a new extensive ECU rewire and tune. Similar Toyota trucks match the wheel base and backspacing with 6 lug axles for 4x4 versions. Otherwise wait for a 620 4x4 factory conversion to pop up, or a 720 4x4 for simplicity. Only way to find out is to drop the body on the donor drivetrain and cut/weld to fit.
  3. I would buy a Datsun re-pop frame if it was lightweight and setup for stock body mounts with front rack and pinion and rear 4 links predone. There are more 620/720 trucks out there to make more use of this I believe.
  4. Is it that it is not charging at 14volts or that there is a few amps of discharge when parked? You could hook up a meter in series with neg battery cable and should see a few amps draw sitting (dont start it). Then start to pull fuses and wires to narrow down the circuits.
  5. Finally selling the house and moving closer to some family in Oregon but I dont want to stay them as they are in the city and we are outdoor types. I would be open to rent a small home on property, like a in-law house or spare mobile home for a few months so we can search for properties. I have 4 young kids, so I cannot share a home as they are kids and you dont need to deal with hearing us tending to their behavior as we are old fashioned types. I'd have $400 cash extra per month for you and am open to work off the rest or make a deal: We are under 40 and k
  6. A rear engine V8 swap looks to be in order next.
  7. Even trailer pics are acceptable as 1st postings here, must have them for intros :)
  8. Truck is driveable, paint protects from further rust, no worries there. I seen a newer car driving around with 1 body panel from every factory color offered, was pretty awesome actually. Looks clean, concentrate on drivetrain/suspension.
  9. I have used pretty much any 6lug on my Datsun trucks, the proper acorn or mag lugs will center the bolt holes around the 6x5.5 pattern isnt an issue. The major problem is the center hole if your a 4x4 it has the large center hole that just about touches the lugs, most are 2wd so you can use large or small center holes.
  10. SS head, bigger valves, port work, big cam, adj gear?
  11. Thats my plan, I have pretty much the major items in boxes still, plus some ideas to upgrade to a mustang II front end and keep the toyota 8" rear axle as its the Ford 9" of Japan. Its hard to do much more to it now, prepping for the move and all..... looking for a spot with min 1/2 acre... family in Bend has 40 acres for horse boarding.
  12. I thought of getting a 64-65 wide grill for the lower one. I"m just using spare parts from other projects, litterally trying to stay ratty on it. I have the original frame you can kinda see on the right background. I will be sanding it down, beefing it up, powdercoating it and laying it back in on original parts some time later after my fun. I'm leaving the newer firewall in cause I like the tilt wheel and new parts bolt in solidly. It runs on propane, drives good, will be moving up to be with family in Oregon soon, might need a half
  13. Trying a forums thumbnail pic
  14. Just as a thought, if you wanted to keep it diesel but have parts way more readily available, think of using the Mercedes 240D/300D 4/5speed manual trans/4spd Auto along with the 4cyl/5cyl diesel engine choices.
  15. Will post pics soon, found some NL doors and installed them, welded on a ladder rack the hard way, shaved the doors, need 1 wing glass and channel felt. All is going well as planned, have a front push bumper ready to weld on and a rear I havent decided yet on how I want it.
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