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  1. nl320what

    My Datsun truck wont rev up

    Must grab and meter as it sounds like wires are crossed and its dropping the 12VDC to the ignition coil to half or less. I would just go around with the meter and check lighting voltages and things with the bulb connectors disconnected and try the switch in varous positions and track down your issue. Go through it all and trace wiring with a diagram is needed.
  2. nl320what

    1967(?) Cony 360 Wide Kei/Micro Truck ... Nissan?

    An progress in running it?
  3. Can of original Coke soda and a wad of tin foil really works.
  4. You really do have to add time to your commute to talk to someone, you will get more thumbs up in a Dats than anything else out there. Especially in a 510 since they were used by everyone in different forms through the 50 years its been around, I met many friends in my 510 and also got pulled over by a cop cause I didnt have my shoulder belt on, it was still folded in the upper door part of the headliner, and we talked for an hour about him growing up with his mothers 510 he inherited with super low 50k something miles.
  5. nl320what

    Godzilla, Rebuilding A Monster

    V8, not in the GT-R, there are certain times and places for different engines. FJ/KA/SR/RB have their places.
  6. nl320what

    Godzilla, Rebuilding A Monster

    Oh not saying you should drop it in brother, its made specifically for Classic vehicles that wont need smog checks and real frames to handle the torque. Keep up the work on Godzilla, must hear it fire up when its ready.
  7. nl320what

    Godzilla, Rebuilding A Monster

    I love the sound of the RB motors, its a sweet lullaby approaching any power level. But for $15k+, complete drop in full unlocked ECU and harness, senors, everything from Dodge factory for a Hellcat 707hp pump gas daily driver 😄 https://www.forbes.com/sites/jimgorzelany/2017/10/30/fca-to-sell-aftermarket-707-hp-hellcat-engine-but-theres-a-catch/#60f7a045a2ff Thats a good deal considering there is more room to tune above 1000hp on pump gas. I'm already imagining a Dodge HellColt and Dodge D50 truck powered monster.
  8. nl320what

    Godzilla, Rebuilding A Monster

    When you said you were going another direction, I immediate thought oh crap, going LS or HellCat fully assembled supercharged crate motor for $16k!!!
  9. nl320what

    720 l20b dizzy wiring plz help

    I had a custom setup on my Z20, but does any of this wiring help? Mine didnt run and it was the magnetic trigger collar that was cracked, new one got it going again.
  10. nl320what

    Datsun J16 Engine performance

    It wouldnt hurt to just slap it in place of the J13 and see if it runs... if it needs a rebuild or more parts to see if it runs, that would be the proverbial "Fork in the Road" for me to stick with stock and gather parts for a more readily available engine/parts choice like an L16/5speed combo.
  11. I have come across a few custom Mini Cony trucks and vans, they run about $1500 running and driving even with legit license plates. They fit in the back of a full size truck bed lol. Slap it on a Suzuki Sidekick/Geo Tracker frame should fit. They still make these Kai Cars, with newer setups with 4x4, A/C, power steering: Daihatsu Hijet !!!
  12. nl320what

    LED headlights

    H5001/H5006 are the sealed beam original models, so you would want to search those for led equivalents like HERE for example.
  13. nl320what

    1974 620 Ultra Quiet (like OEM) Exhaust: Adapt 720? or?

    8 years ago in Sacramento CA, also had a Weber and EI matchbox on it. Have to hit the right people at the right time to buy/sell a Dat.
  14. nl320what

    Monster NL320 4x4 Build

    Wiring headlights and turn signals with a simple harness of new pulled teflon wires, probably be done this week so I can drive it out this weekend to finish the paint scheme. I have a pair of 84 Subaru Wagon passenger doors I will re-skin and run them suicide on the truck, they are power and dont have a window frame (easier to custom fit).
  15. nl320what

    1974 620 Ultra Quiet (like OEM) Exhaust: Adapt 720? or?

    Its the Datsun market as a whole, not just the 620 trucks but the older and newer stuff also. I think its the Datsun gene pool, not much is getting passed down to the next gen, and good vehicles and parts are rotting away or horded from the rest. I had complete restored a 73 620 with a L20B completely rebuilt with 0 miles, and couldn't get over $2500 for it, just how it is.

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