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  1. Quick question on 1980 720 LCA ball joints. Is there a definite location between left and right sides, meaning during installation, if they were reversed ( right on left and left on right side ), could there be any adverse effects? I've noticed the part numbers can be different. Does this indicate a different geometry, dependant on which side they're on?
  2. Orange you glad you own a Datsun? Liking the detailed lines Send pics of all the stages you go through, we can't wait till it finished. Plus we get to see the important stuff as you experience them too. Post, post, post!!
  3. Convert original logic, by transposing the subject and predicate of ( a proposition ) according to certain rules to form a new proposition by reference. Hereby electing to express difference by interpretation. Such as... and so forth... and so on... Ordered the lower ball joint replacement for all those observant individuals.
  4. Here's an anomalous situation, imagine this very simple and straight forward encounter.
  5. Continuation of front bumpers progress. Decided to go with a glossy black colour, SAG! Two coats, light sanding in between.
  6. You must be a share holder by now! Yikes! Those two upper securing bolts on that engine stand look mighty suspicious. Maybe a couple of pacers could help out.
  7. Newly acquired HT wire set installed and in place. Repaired some minor leaks - new v/c gasket ( old one hardened and oozed e/oil ), set valves ( a wee bit out ) and noticed master brake cylinder leaking from the centre bottom screw, between the reservoirs ( rag catching the drips ). Never a dull moment! They justify the visual aspect and enhance a rather dull engine, don't you think?
  8. Oops, should have rotated the pic before posting. Anyway, received some essentials in the mail today. A Canadian company out of Quebec named 'Club Plug(.ca) Inc' has good deals on ignition components and free shipping over $35 Cdn. across Canada. Scored these items for under $45, delivered. About one business week delivery time. Purchased plug wires mostly for the colour but also up graded them to a newer style ( who knows how long the older set had been on the engine ). Changing the spark plugs couldn't hurt either.
  9. Moving it forward I started the next stage of changing the look to the front bumper. Scoured the shinny surface and gave it a dull optical density using an 120 grit orbital flap and a hard bristle wire wheel. An abundant amount of persuasion and elbow grease left the surface consistently irregular. The adhesion of the first etching primer stuck like glue, a light sanding with 180 paper and another two coats of rust proof primer. End results so far.
  10. Was all excited about purchasing these rims off of a guy in a nearby town. Made arrangements to meet up with him and when I pulled up to his house he says that someone had broken into his backyard shed and stole them along with other stuff. Thucking Fieves! Spoiled both our days. 15x8's w/27mm offset Would've lit Helios.
  11. Snagged a pair of seat covers from the friends of cheep and unlimited parts supply company, your neighbourhood Pick&Pull. Both have some history but once cleaned up and fitted, they'll protect what's underneath. Interior could use a makeover too! Like a new dash, a couple of door panel covers, new steering wheel and hell, put that steer column bottom cover back on.
  12. Fraught with images discerning 'the look' I'm after. I wound up envisioning a 'black out' proposition or a 'stealth' conception. Either may justify the transition I'm attempting to perform on the front bumper. Before Once the wrinkle was somewhat ironed out and most of the undesirable scale had been eliminated. This dramatically faulted chromium plated ornamentation requires a makeover. Underside
  13. Ahh, the light is getting brighter! Nearing the end of the proverbial engine bay gallery. Minuscule enhancement details pending but satisfied with present day showcase. Here's my past and present integration of the engine bay. One year later, more or less... Engine display Now for the next step. Picked up these upgrades. Need a cleansing but fitment is a no brainer. Salvaged from a '99 Isuzu Rodeo ST. Have also started on the front portion of the truck, body work mostly. Minor repairs, aging plastic replacement and possibly another colour scheme, lol
  14. So, once you have everything back together and running again but have the same or similar problem, D/M suggested an air leak at some point. Might I suggest using ‘brake clean‘ spray-in-a-can. Yes, brake clean! Less harmful than Ether. Use this on all areas around the intake mani, carb throttle body levers ( stay away from carb intakes, of course ) and inlet vacuum lines. Spray conservatively while engine is idling. If the engine rev’s higher during a specific location of choice, then that’s where the air is getting in. No issues? Then something else.
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