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    Okotoks, Alberta, Canada
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    '80 720 KC truck, '73 Super Beetle, '68 Firebird 4.1L
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  1. Rat-a-tat-Dat

    L20b manifold options

    So, what about a 1980 720 KC 2WD with an L20B - equipped with torsion bar springs. The fitment here is a little more finicky, especially with the L16 or L18 exhaust mani and collector. Any ideas regarding this scenario? Trying to shoehorn it in between requires some expereise. Looking for an easy solution, help!
  2. Rat-a-tat-Dat

    Dash clock woes

    Aye, north or south bound on 22 is the most picturesque, takes you through Longview and the Cowboy Trail, which by the way can get you to Cochrane and beyond. How about you? where about on the island do you call home.
  3. Rat-a-tat-Dat

    Dash clock woes

    Afar as south as the sun do shine, past the north bound cows at the Stampede and a bowlegged walk to the river where the snakes will take you downstream to a place called Okotoks. (A good days ride on horseback but a 30 min seat time by auto) I shall puruse thy site and enjoy all thee splendour. Very interesting concept, almost as intriguing as the Viking festivities or the Star Trek Galla in Vulcan up here.
  4. Rat-a-tat-Dat

    Dash clock woes

    Ney, my good man. I hath no relations to said festival. Prey tell a good yarn of such a gathering, I bend you my ear!
  5. Rat-a-tat-Dat

    Dash clock woes

    Alas ye good fellowship. Thee noble deed hath come to an end. A man of good will and testament hath forged onward to proclaim victory and righteousness of overcoming my darkest fears. Hail to thy success! Here ye, here ye, thy heart beat tick once again!
  6. Rat-a-tat-Dat

    Dash clock woes

    I tip my hat to you good sir, any good clue can lead you in the right direction!
  7. Rat-a-tat-Dat

    Dash clock woes

    Alas my inherent proclivity is finally at rest. The predisposition of my insidious quartz clock presented an alluring concept (Albeit one failed time piece does not constitute a failure but a phoenix from the ashes!) and an undauntable mission for such a frail thing is now imminent. I am now in pursuit of the allusive heart beat / electronic drive motor behind the face, hands and gears which is operating the pinion gear. The inner mechanics of such a specialized unit predominantly originated from an outside source. Kanto Seiki of Japan supplied these clocks to Nissan. However, with newer technological advances they are now obsolete. Thus, the quest to conquer any hidden obstacle and retrieve such a forbidden treasure shall be my new tasked journey. Hail to all noble Ratsunites, unite and pledge solidarity to locate thy organ of life and to pillage through rightful abandoned donors, to scour heaven and earth and all known places to have housed thy pace maker of time. A ransom of many thanks and admiration to those whom are skilled enough and brave enough to endure such an arduous expedition. Cheers and good hunting!!
  8. Rat-a-tat-Dat

    Not new member but new 720

    A little spit and polish, along with elbow grease will pretty that truck up in a hurry. I like!
  9. Rat-a-tat-Dat

    Dash clock woes

    Thanks everyone for all your input . I've yet to dismantle the dash and remove my clock. But in regards to Charlie69, the 'early' photo is very similar to my '80's dash but more specifically the clock. I have perused online sites and had come across a few quartz clocks - out of earlier vehicles from GM, to which are not indiscriminately dissimilar. However the task of notable compliance is allusive. My inquiry shall not waver. Perhaps I'll be in favor of Lady Luck and the face of time will start again.lol
  10. Rat-a-tat-Dat

    Dash clock woes

    I scoured the forums and happened upon, not a lot, but a few remarks regarding clocks. Perhaps I should have known not to leave out pertinent information like... it's a square "Quartz" analog clock with a second hand sweep. If there's something to learn, it's usually by experience. So, I'll take it out of the dash bezel and clean it first. Thanks for the reply Mike.
  11. Rat-a-tat-Dat

    Dash clock woes

    Hello all you Ratsunites, I'm quite new to this site, but I have been sitting on the side lines, just observing, until now. I've looked around the Forum(s) and came to a conclusion that my woe is not worthy of mentioning, abeit actually not an issue, but more of a request. Has anyone ever had they're dash clock (I know, who the hell cares, right?) working? Ever since I came into possession of my '80 720 KC, the darn thing has never, ever been able to tell time. With the exception of it happening, twice daily. lol The point is, it's probably broken (power does get to it) so where would I start to look for a rebuilt? (who does this anymore?) or replacement (new or used) for it? Thanks to anyone who dares/cares to respond, lmao

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