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521 re-redone DD


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Couldn't find my old thread, so here's the new one. Bought this in '02 with big hopes and dreams, and almost no mechanical experience or internet back up, and it sat around in various stages of not driveable, and "modified" waiting for a better mechanic.


I became one, and got it DD-ing in '11, signed up for judging at Canby that year(on 1 hour of sleep, and a teste welded to my sack), came to grips with the fact that it wasn't the best anything yet. Of cource driving it Daily got me laid, so I ended up in a relationship and neglected it again while I worked on my 16oz curls. That got me nowhere, so I picked the wrenches back up instead, aaaaaaand, pics...

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'11 redo



I'm figuring it out again, bear with me...



Fuck Fucking Photobucket, shuts down my browser if I hit upload on anything... I guess I'll check the pinned pic posting thread for anything but Photobucket...https://postimg.org/image/6ddb5ep6n/




Okay, got it

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Dig this, especially the tail light/ license light panel.  May have to steal that idea for my buddies truck.

Thanks, made it in '05, I like the irony of using big rig parts, still meaning to get a train horn with a pull cable. The air system is just a couple wires from complete.

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Why the puck clutch? Seems a bit grippy for an L18.

I'd rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.



Flat tops and closed chamber worked head...grippy clutch...RSA's


Seems about right to me, plus, it operates so smooth compared to the standard one.

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Thanks, guys. The light panel is easy to do, feel free, I just got aluminum, and used a rotozip with wood bits to cut in the lights. They even sell a low profile led the same shape you could just bolt on, now. There's sequential blinker ones, and built in back up light ones to personalize it too.


I'm on the spare in front, one blew it's first week on the road.


I am in the market for that last centercap though.

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I had a Spec Clutch,  abit too strong for a daily semi hot L16. and then the disc they had with it sheared on me and had to get it towed home.  I throw it way. Clutch fingers were worn on one side more, like didnt  wasnt  made right.. Doesnt say place of orgin where the pressure plate was made. I wonder if China.Disc was Valeo ,Korean  T/O bearing had lots of scarring.


I would go Roadster Daiken Or Nissan if you want a stronger clutch set up. that Rodster place bought up allthe daiken clitches I think 150$.

But I went back to stock soft clutch for a daily.




But cool to see the 521 still going

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