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  1. Are you using a test light, or voltmeter to check? Voltmeter can lie to you, displaying voltage, not amperage, so 12v turns to 0v when you put load on it. Have you wired a power lead from the battery to the coil, and fired it up yet? In other words, I'm not trusting your ignition switch.
  2. Indeed, the rare and mighty "Factory Curse" Nissan was able to eventually lift this curse, the details remain hidden, god only knows what they had to do, but in the later mid '70's, the new vehicles were born with the ability to remove rain as quick as it falls. This being a factory curse, serious Japanese Juju, it's beyond any round eyes ability to lift. The only thing you can do is remove the affected part, and replace it with a curse free setup. ...I used a post curse '84 720 setup. "THIS AREA IS CLEAR!" ...or is it? My turn signal/wiper assy. Is getting evil on the
  3. Hehe, whatever you burned probably kept you from lighting the gas, probably the same thing that saved my 521 from my breaker bar a time or two. I can see holding a grudge after watching you take it's guts out and bringing life to something else with them. I'll have to look up your build thread and put my $.02 in for real.
  4. I could really use a 720 '84ish turn signal assy, losing headlights now.

    1. wayno


      Do you have a photo of your bad one? PM me the photo of the back and I will look at what I have.

    2. .sunlover


      I think I found a suitable replacement, just need to separate the signal side from the wiper side to get everything to play together. Thank you, I'll confirm fitment in a bit.

  5. I use any off the shelf low psi pump. They are available at all parts stores, so no downtime. I doubt they make a pump that can't feed a z24. Mine is Mr. gasket, I never get less than 3psi pressure wot, up hill 5k rpm is no problem.
  6. Sounds like it's just being lazy. Buy some sage spice, heat it up on a spoon until it smokes, and blow smoke all over the effected area. Now the energy is cleared. Now put Herby on for it, get it all pumped, and motivated. If that doesn't work, show it pictures of crushed cars, and point ro each of them, saying "didn't start, didn't start..." you should be on the road in no time.
  7. American style rat rod built datsun has been done, but will kick ass on a roadster. Can't wait to see.
  8. Another CURSE I was able to exorcise was continuous urge to smoke cigs. First week on the road was nonstop, then my elbow from my fuel tank kept clogging, and I barely had the lung power to blow it clear. I wouldn't have made it home if I hadn't quit smoking cigs a couple years earlier. Haven't had the urge to smoke cigs since.... Oooooh eeeeee ooooooooh ...it is alive and trying to control my brain :S ...wrong thread, but it tried to set me up with some Hippie loving too. Dropped off a package, and back in the datsun, angelec voice says, your tire is really flat, I
  9. I don't think you read all the way to the end of my post. This is for fun, comparing things that keep breaking, and blaming the devil, not ourselves, or other members. For the record, the ship has sailed for putting anything back to stock for me. No factory gauges or lights or wires between in the vehicle. Not trying to solve any issues, please play along.
  10. In 1992 when I started my first project, the po (my dad) told me the affermarket gemp gauge didn't work, and I should replace it asap. A couple years later, it overheated with no working temp gauge, because teenager. The motor I rebuilt and swapped in got an aftermarket gauge that didn't last long, before I traded it for a 510 with a blown head gasket (overheated). My 521 has gone through 5 or 6 temp gauges, in about 20k miles and overheated a few times because of it (my last motor) I've tried mostly auto gage, and sunpro, and this one I'm using in my tru
  11. Thanks, guys. The light panel is easy to do, feel free, I just got aluminum, and used a rotozip with wood bits to cut in the lights. They even sell a low profile led the same shape you could just bolt on, now. There's sequential blinker ones, and built in back up light ones to personalize it too. I'm on the spare in front, one blew it's first week on the road. I am in the market for that last centercap though.
  12. I'd rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. Flat tops and closed chamber worked head...grippy clutch...RSA's Seems about right to me, plus, it operates so smooth compared to the standard one.
  13. Thanks, fresh l18 has more power than my l20 ever did, loving the high compression
  14. Thanks, made it in '05, I like the irony of using big rig parts, still meaning to get a train horn with a pull cable. The air system is just a couple wires from complete.
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