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How many miles do you expect from a clutch?


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I bought a used '95 D21 about three years ago. It had about 170k miles on it. I had to rebuild the drive line twice, second time was at the shop expence. Then at about 186k the clutch went out. Before the clutch went out I was having all sorts of problems, it would slip out of second gear, hard to shift into first gear and I had a hard time shifting into reverse but, it still moved. The guys at the repair shop said that they think it is the original clutch from the markings. After seeing the parts, I am suprised it lasted so long. I guess it depends on how hard the clutch is used but, I think 186k is good.

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Had a girl friend once whose goal in life was to destroy clutches.


If memory serves, I think my average is 100K to 120K out of a clutch(well, after I got rid of the aforementioned no driving wench).

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Agreed. It can last as long as you want it to.


If replaced with original Nissan parts at a dealer, you can't really tell.

Agreed but, I do have repair information from the po. Nothing about a clutch replacement.

Somewhere down the road I will be pulling the engine for an overhaul so, I think my new clutch will last awhile.

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The average life was 80k, for the younger drivers 60k as for me my D21 I'm pushing 200k on the original p-plate but I freshened up the disk and TOB twice when the clutch started to engage 1" off the floor instead of 1/2 way up which told me the disk was getting thin, because it was a work truck with many different drivers.

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I just had to chime in on this one;


When I sold my 720 it had 136K on it and the clutch friction point was near the top of the pedal, so it had plenty of life in it.


My old 68 Ford F100 now as 200K on it (a friend has it) and the clutch disk has never been changed.


The 1200 vintage race car still has had the same clutch disk in it since 1985, the pressure plate was replaced only becuase I got a 550kg one with a stash of motorsports parts I bought.


If you RPM match on the up shifts, don't sit at lights with the clutch in and heal and toe down shift I'd be willing to bet you can get 250K out of one.

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I had about 270k miles on a Ford Van I bought new.  302 2bbl and three on the tree.  Actually hauled around a LOT of band equipment and never replaced the clutch.  It seemed like the Twin I-Beam front suspension would tear apart the front tires at an unusually high rate, but the clutch held up very well..

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I agree, exceptional drivers never ware out clutches or brakes but there where only 3 of us in Phoenix so I gave you average life from my experience over a 50 year career of replacing consumables on Japanese cars. For brakes the average life was 32k on the front and double that on the rear but not for you, that would not be true.

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If you RPM match on the up shifts, don't sit at lights with the clutch in and heal and toe down shift I'd be willing to bet you can get 250K out of one.

Agree. I always shift into neutral at stop lights and never hold the clutch down longer than needed to put in gear and then drive away. When the clutch goes down approaching a stop, the shifter goes out of gear and the pedal comes up. When the light turns green the 2 second pause to put in gear is just more insurance that I won't pull out in front of someone blowing the red light.


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I expect many many miles from my clutches, and the only ones I've replaced have been because of much added power. Although the z32 didn't need more than a catback, downpipes and bigger intercoolers to go full slip with only 80k km on it.

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My D21 went for several years after I bought it when it was maybe 4 years old.

I sold it to a neighbor for his boy.

The clutch went out in 3 months.

The neighbor had a shop replace it, and it failed in another 3 months, and it did it a 3rd time, before the kid bought something else (that was an automatic).


Some people just never can figure out how to live with a manual.....

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