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  1. I was thinking that, too. Can't wait to see it crusin' off the road. The guys on Roadkill take muscle cars and give them a treatment similar to Tim's 1200, and they claim they have the best time ever off roading Chargers, Camaros, etc, etc.. Looks like they have a blast while they are doing it..
  2. I was bummed when I found out this morning. I always liked Meatloaf. Here was a 300 pound tenor wearing a puffy shirt and holding a hankie. Too cool...
  3. I've seen that car in person, and the Fram filter is the least of it's problems....
  4. He's also being sued by some woman who he blasted on Instagram as being the usual "terrorist" "white supremeist" etc, etc. She attended the Capital protest on Jan 6, but she didn't enter the capital, and did not break any laws. You're immediately slapped with these labels if you have an opposite point of view. What a smug, arrogant prick.
  5. I did the same on my wagon, and I totally get it. I wasn't in a terrible hurry, though.
  6. With a GOOD flare tool, they're not too bad. With a cheapie flaring tool, ooph! My achin' ass.. 🙂 The newest stuff looks badass.
  7. Don't know why, but nearly every 610 wagon I have ever looked at for sale here in So Cal, is missing the belt moldings. (The stainless trim that runs underneath the side windows.) Please remove it if you're going to send it to the scrapper. Even if it's in bad shape, it's probably fixable.
  8. No experience other than my own. Everything I did was listed in that post including the forms that were needed at the time. Do your homework and read everything on the EPA and DOT websites. Like I said, it was at least 10 years ago, and I only did it once. You might try to contact an import car broker. They would know the current legalities.. Back to the Bluebirds for sale....
  9. I imported one from Australia 10-12 years ago. If you see my post in this thread, i listed all the forms and what not. I didn't see where you are from, but be sure to check with your State on registration requirements. I read somewhere California has added even more restrictions on vehicle importations, but (believe it or not) you might actually see something on the internet that is not true..
  10. Everything I saw I thought looked good. Whatever rough cuts there were will be covered. I think with the panel painted and populated with gauges, it's gonna look cool. The Galaxy 500 GT....
  11. I remeber visiting my good friend In Austin. When he lived here in So Cal, he was a "Dr Pepper" drinker. He found a generic version called "Dr Tex" locally..
  12. That's coming along nicely. I'm looking forward to seeing it painted and installed. 👍
  13. And she recently tweeted the Gov of Florida has been suspiciously absent from his duties while the State was in crisis. The Governor previously announced he was going to be working somewhat intermittently as his wife has been undergoing cancer treatments, and they have three young children. Joy Reed of MSNB-HeeWaw also piled on.. Way to go AOC and Joy Reed.
  14. She now has the dilemma of cooperating by naming names as consideration for lighter sentence, or keeping quiet up and doing more time. Should be fun to see how this unfolds.
  15. It could be the hipster-wannabe Metroplex area gourmet coffee drinking, Coldplay listening, handlebar moustache wearing, man-bun kinda way. However, the above could never tig weld, and would probably be driving a Vespa around town...
  16. It really has a Mad Max vibe to it. And I mean that in a good way!
  17. On the Morris Minors, (and other British cars of the time) They sandwiched multiple panels together and painted them AFTER. In a climate where it rains a LOT, you'd think they would have known better by then.. Somewhere around here, I should have a copy of an article that featured me and my Official British Royal Mail Van that I owned a long time ago..
  18. I remember being about 17 years old and accidently getting my thumb in the way while installing one of those into an oil can. I damn near cut my thumb off. Good times.
  19. I've been enjoying your build. I've always liked those unibody trucks. Anyway, excited for you to get it going, and great work on that! Have fun!
  20. Not surprisingly, I was wrong about Fat Boy's sister. He eats for the both of them.
  21. I like it! A no-scuff radiator cover 👍 AND..Datsun logo, too!
  22. I know he has a sister, and I believe that is her. Only Dennis Rodman knows for sure.
  23. They're not too bad, really. That's why there are files and various abrasives available. 🙂
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