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  1. The fun part about doing a build is making changes. Originally, my wagon was going to be hugger orange 🙂 I was happy when I changed my mind.. IMHO, as always.
  2. I got a booster shot today, so now I can walk amongst the unwashed masses safely again..
  3. True that. BUT, I like everything to work as it should. It still adjusts, it just takes more effort than before.
  4. Mod is done. I'm glad I couldn't go 2 inches. The 1.5 inches worked out just fine. The car is much easier to slide my ass cheek onto, I can see the traffic lights as good (if not better than) my daily driver, and I feel like I'm IN the car instead of ON the car . The downside is the heat from welding tweaked some of the pieces just a bit, and the seat is a bit harder to adjust, but the good far outweighs the bad..
  5. I don't really know him, but I've heard Mario at TSR does this. https://www.instagram.com/tsr_fabrication/
  6. First the White Supremacy "OK" sign, now sieg heil with the Bernster? (Bernie looks like he's getting aroused hanging on to AOC, btw) When does AOC get cancelled? Where's all the indignant, offended them/they woke persons?
  7. I noticed I was sitting too damn high in this car. It does have a low windshield, and if I'm the first at a stop light, I have to lean over to see when the light changes. I had my neighbor help me remove the bench seat and I disassembled it. I then sectioned 1.5" out of the mounting frame. I would have probably removed 2", but to clear the trans tunnel, I could only go 1.5" The frame was relatively easy, but there is a curved, upholstered panel that covers the seat frame. It also had to cut it down 1.5". It is made with sheet metal and is upholstered, so I very carefully had to remove the upholstery. Of course, it had to be re-upholstered after it was cut down.. I'm hoping it gives me enough "moar low" in the seating department. If not, I could notch the seat frame over the tunnel like the hot rodders do to a frame rail. I don't really want to do that if I don't have to. My neighbor is home tomorrow to help me put it back in, so we'll see how it is...
  8. Either leave the center caps off, or paint them black....
  9. I think I paid about $150 usd shipped when I bought them. That was quite some time ago, though...
  10. Not sure what the exchange rate is these days, but this seem kinda pricey.. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/164850560714?hash=item2661dbeeca:g:ruMAAOxywbNQ99Ot
  11. I bought a set (a long time ago) off of Ebay Australia. Mr Bigtanker (a user on here) might have ended up with him. You might send him a private message to see if he has them, or look on ebay. They usually call them lower front fender patch panels.
  12. I try to turn the grinder and direct the material coming off away from me. That works reasonably well, but it's not always 100% effective, or possible.
  13. I've had a few incidents while welding, and a fire will certainly raise your heartbeats-per-minute quickly enough... I had an actual leather welding jacket for a while, and it does offer good burn protection, but the damn thing was hot, bulky, and hard to work in...
  14. Small world. I knew you lived in AZ, but I never looked at the location on your posts. The guy bought it from someone local to me, then it went to Az. The owner passed away, and it's back in So Cal again. This is a tale similar to the Keeper and his "passed around" Bluebird Coupes...
  15. Duncan

    chevy 350 swap

    Wiring harness looks old, brittle, and frayed. I don't know if they're stock, but the angle on the lower rear shock mounts looks like they might break off if you hit a bump, or get some wheel hop. The rear rubber brake lines are very cracked and dry. There's NO mention of brake upgrades, either.. With that all said, I kinda like it anyway. If you have experience in welding, fab, electrical and mechanical, this could be a fun fixer upper. If not, that could get expensive very quickly. My advice is worth exactly what you paid for it....
  16. Thanks Ray. I still enjoy tinkering around and missed having a little something to "fluff and buff".. The diff is getting rebuilt this month, then I'm going to get on the interior in the cabin.. Hopefully this hot-ass weather cools down a bit by then.. And you are The Man when it comes to red interior!!!
  17. Finally got this install done. I took this pic while all the wiring was still loose in case I had problems and had to trouble shoot. It all worked as planned, so all the wiring was bundled up, heat shrink was applied on all the connectors, and it was all squared away neatly. I also got to install my trunk makeover. It was done last week, but obviously I couldn't throw it all back in until the fan install was done. It really is more of a dark maroon or burgundy color and it photographs terribly. My phone camera hates it. The over exposure shows the burgundy nap in the carpet, but it does not show in person. When I see these bad photos, I get picky and have to remind myself that it's a fucking trunk. Anyway, for $150 in materials and about 3-4 days of labor, it's a really big improvement...
  18. This is the metal panel that has a grain-like texture in the surface, yes? If I recall correctly that trim panel has two or three small pins on it. They are about the size of a finish nail. Mine were all broken or bent to hell. I ended up buying some industrial velcro and attached them that way.
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