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  1. There where some dual plug heads over here as well. For the most part the CA20 engine but there where some d21 z24's also. From the discussion in the z18et group I would love to drill and tap the head for a second set of plugs on my z24 engine and do some comparisons myself but it's already assembled and my z20 is smoking like a chimney so I need to swap the engines asap, but maybe in the future.
  2. There is a research paper available online on the effects of one vs two plugs per cylinder, it basically found that two plugs produced slightly more hp and torque. This was some small cc one cylinder engine, but one guy in australia dyno proved and increase in hp and torque on a Z18ET firing 8 plugs vs four. It's a subject I'm somewhat intrigued buy as we mostly got the 4 plug heads over here and as my z20e is turbocharged I see the conversion to an 8 plug head(or drilling and tapping my excisting one) as a way of reducing the risk of detonation as I push the limits of this engine.
  3. The axle shaft itself. Are they interchangeable?
  4. Spiff

    R200 gearing in a C200 lsd

  5. Spiff

    Converting to rear disc

    Thanks! Will try that first!
  6. Spiff

    R200 gearing in a C200 lsd

    I got it back from the shop now only need to fit the axles and disc brakes. But I have these rust holes in both my axles and on the parts diagram it's referred to as "grease catcher". So I guess if I just run it like this I can risk dirt entering the wheel bearings and/or grease to fly out of it?
  7. Spiff

    Converting to rear disc

    The Isuzu setup has a lever on the brake caliper. I thought about line lock, but I wouldn't trust it, all it takes is a tiny little leak and also the brake calipers aren't designed to be pressurized for hours, maybe days on end... I see a few different universal handbrake cables for sale on summit racing, so I might just get those if I can't get anything else to work.
  8. Spiff

    Converting to rear disc

    BUT! What do people do for E-brake with this setup?? That's what I wanna know, cause I haven't found a single post about what people are doing for handbrake with this setup(I need that to stay legal over here)
  9. So glad you mentioned leaf spring perches, I didn't know what they where called in English so was thinking I had to make them myself for the axle swap but now I can just get them from summit or ebay
  10. Spiff

    Anyone ran a belltech front sway bar on their 720?

    Exactly. If I want grip racing I'll drive my z32
  11. Spiff

    Anyone ran a belltech front sway bar on their 720?

    But you have a lsd don't you? Mine doesn't (at the moment). So it's all very sketchy trying to get it sideways. My c200 lsd will be done in a week or two so once that's in it'll be a good improvement I'm hoping!
  12. Spiff

    Anyone ran a belltech front sway bar on their 720?

    Yeah I've seen some conflicting info online about that some say heat it, some say don't, only try and bend it cold... I don't know. I'm just trying to make it handle a bit better, but also I am trying to make it go sideways though
  13. Spiff

    Anyone ran a belltech front sway bar on their 720?

    Yeah the spindles fit fine, this sway bar however...
  14. Yeah I'll just need to get some pipe clamps in the right size, the ones I had where to small
  15. I bought one, didn't fit. To wide,like half maybe an inch wider each side. So the end links ends up in such an angle they won't even enter the hole in the swaybar... Fits 720 and d21 according to belltech but seems to be more of a d21 item since I know that truck has a wider track than the 720...

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