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  1. I got new ones from Nissan. Try that, I used nissan4u.com to find the part number which I sent to the dealer. As for consoles there are two types (differ in length) because the 720 had a short tail and a long tail transmission, get the console with the metal bracket and it should bolt up. Might need to drill two holes in the floor for the rear mounting. I had too
  2. Spiff

    Timing chain wedge

    I 3d printed one but somehow it seemed a tad to wide when it was actually time to push it down. Ended up with the trusty screwdriver once again....
  3. I know it's an old thread but here's what I know: H190 LSD's are rare, and expensive if you do find one. C200 LSD's are also rare, at least for you guys, here in scandinavia most 720's sold where 4x4 with a c200 lsd rear end. We got lucky, you got screwed. However most 720's are scrapped now due to salt+winter=rust so finding a rear axle is increasingly difficult over here as well. BUT! Internally the c200 is the same as the independent rear suspension R200 diff found throughout most of Nissans RWD cars from 280z's to 240sx's. And since aftermarket lsd's and even factory lsd's are available for these diffs it means you can buy one and put it in your C200 axle. It means you can even swap gear ratios. The only issue would be the 10 vs 12 mm ring gear bolts that have to be adressed, either drilling out the carrier holes if using an older carrier with newer crown wheel or using spacers if using an older ring gear with a newer carrier. Not even an issue if you are using a complete setu mind you.
  4. Spiff

    Clutch Damper Options

    Don't even need two people nowadays with those check valve brake bleeder kits, admittedly, it is kinda hard to see when your offside brakes are free of air though ?
  5. Spiff


    I've tried lens tint spray and film. I would choose film just because it's easier to remove, and sometime you're gonna wan't to remove it because you'll get rock chips and other debris scratching them up and you wanna fix that
  6. I've experienced this myself with aftermarket mirrors. In the end I just tossed them and got a set of used oem mirrors, never an issue since...
  7. What's your wheel setup charliemurphy? I've had my suzuki sv1000 in the back of mine several times and it isn't even close to rubbing. I'm also running 3" blocks. Only issue I ever had was hitting the bumpstops when I did the flooring in my house and had almost half a ton in the rear. https://photos.app.goo.gl/MpS8ZeigLpeH8tYn9
  8. All engines have blow-by to a varying degree, some more than others, and turbo engines experience more blow-by than n/a engines. Blow-by gas contains a foul mixture of oil vapour, unburnt fuel, co, nox, and other acidic gasses which can lower the octane of your fuel. Furthermore oil vapour will condense and coat the insides of the intake, throttlebodies/runners and intercooler(s)(reducing efficiency of ic). Also leads to carbon buildup in DI engines. Plumbed back to the (turbo) inlet there will be a slight vacuum present in the crankcase, this helps rings and seals to seal better, improving performance. All of this is facts, simple as that. You say a catch can is useless on anything but race engines. I disagree, the LS engine f.ex has been known to consume oil, fill the intake with oil etc because of a poor pcv system. The simple addition of a baffled catch can or other air/oil separator has been known to cure this. Audis tfsi engines as well suffers from badly engineered pcv systems and some bmw engines. Had this been a stock engine, sure no problem, run the factory pcv. But this z24 is not a stock engine, it's not N/A and I will be pushing this to the limit and probably beyond hence I wan't the air entering my engine to be as clean as possible with as little variables as possible.
  9. Want the cleanest possible air going in to the engine. So I've been browsing Hybridz.org for a while now and it seems most people either go for alternative B or D either plumbed back to turbo inlet or venting to atmosphere.
  10. Since there is a crank breather and rocker cover breather do I: A- Buy two catch cans and plumb one into each of them and then to the intake B-Buy one catch can with two inlets and one outlet or C-Buy a regular catch tank and connect it to the crank breather and let the rocker cover breather vent to atm or put a breather filter on it. D-Same as C but "T" the crank and rocker breather together before the catch tank. I feel A and B does the same thing, and cost wise is about the same as well. Astetic reasons would put B over A, less clutter in the engine bay C is definately the cheapest, but the breather filter on the cover isn't legal here and it always leaves a oily film that dust and grime sticks to around the breather in my experience. D; Cheap as C but without the grime and it keeps the emissions bit kind of legal. Only thing I can think of is airflow? Two 5/8 lines combining would need an even bigger line going to the can? Or is this not something to worry about? PFA ?
  11. Spiff

    Turbo 720

    Sure, check out www.turbodatsun.com Just a note on that setup though as I run the same turbo manifold on my Z20E 720, you will probably need a smaller brake booster so the downpipe don't interfere with it. I run a B12/N13 one. I also shortened the pedestall it mounts on to get even more clearance.
  12. There where some dual plug heads over here as well. For the most part the CA20 engine but there where some d21 z24's also. From the discussion in the z18et group I would love to drill and tap the head for a second set of plugs on my z24 engine and do some comparisons myself but it's already assembled and my z20 is smoking like a chimney so I need to swap the engines asap, but maybe in the future.
  13. There is a research paper available online on the effects of one vs two plugs per cylinder, it basically found that two plugs produced slightly more hp and torque. This was some small cc one cylinder engine, but one guy in australia dyno proved and increase in hp and torque on a Z18ET firing 8 plugs vs four. It's a subject I'm somewhat intrigued buy as we mostly got the 4 plug heads over here and as my z20e is turbocharged I see the conversion to an 8 plug head(or drilling and tapping my excisting one) as a way of reducing the risk of detonation as I push the limits of this engine.
  14. The axle shaft itself. Are they interchangeable?
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