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  1. Spiff

    How I turboed my 720

    The issue was with the triggerdisc from diyautotune; the crank signal was fine, and it would run in semi sequential mode like that. But the cam sync was producing false positives which would lead to hard to no-starts and sometimes it would fire on the wrong stroke upon startup leading to backfires, more so when the engine was warm. I tested with the stock oem wheel and it had no issues with cam sync, I'm now running the AEM triggerdisc and have since had NO issues whatsoever. The intercooler is easy; I didn't want to cut my front valance or having it hanging off the underside of the bumper, in my eyes that just looks half-arsed and thrown together for the sake of it. I wanted it to appear stock from the outside. It makes stuff a little bit more cramped but it all clears, with all the extra amount of pipework a turbo and intercooler adds it's gonna be a tight fit regardless of what option you go for intercooler-wise 😉
  2. Spiff

    How I turboed my 720

    It's been a long while since I made any videos, been having some trigger issues along with losing an oil pump and some other stuff has gotten in the way. But now it seems to be running good. Still running low boost and on an overly rich map https://youtu.be/m8dTij4oVHw
  3. I should have noted that mine was a J16 equipped 720. The L and Z engined trucks probably had the return line but mine didn't.
  4. Keyword being "appears" 😉 It's a bad drawing. You see them both here just underneath the intake.
  5. 8 is for ecu, 14 is for the temp gauge in the dash. SR uses a maf so doesn't have an air temp sensor
  6. I used an inline pump on my 720, I also had to plumb a return line since it didn't have any. In tank is definitely the quietest choice but it is a bit more complicated than just plumbing in an external in line type.
  7. Don't have any pictures to show here but they had some slight wear. Nothing big and could probably have done just fine but since I was so deep in it I just replaced them anyway
  8. No the oil pressure switch grounds through the block. So the ground wire of the oil light would go to the oil pressure switch.
  9. Oil pressure switch for an idiot light. It would most likely have two sensors for the water temp, a one wire sensor for the dashboard gauge and a two wire sensor for the ecu.
  10. I decided to dismantle it to see if I could replace the o-rings that seal it. A bit fiddly but I got it apart and took the two o-rings to a hardware store, found the closest match and put it together again. There was also a lot of dirt, grime and hard scales inside the body of the valve so I used a steel brush drill attachment to clean it thourougly. Applied some silicone grease to the o rings and assembly also. Seems to hold thight so far, might be worth a try if you can't find a new valve.
  11. UPDATE: Been a while but after i got the new oil pump I also decided to check the big end bearings and also the timing chain tensioner looked weird from underneath so I poked it and it fell out, this prompted the timing cover to be removed and basically the tensioner was so far out I decided to order a new timing set, along with rod bearings. Waiting for parts from the US took a couple of weeks. I got it all together today and everything seems to be in order, so far so good. Oil pressure is constant and about 1 bar higher than it used to be with the old pump. Timing is also tighter and doesn't drift when I lock the timing like it used to. Also seems to be less noisy. Will be going for a test drive tomorrow, fingers crossed!
  12. Yeah nah this is not by any means easy to spin by hand. Damn I regret tossing the z20 pump now 😛
  13. I'm carefull with rtv myself as I have experienced it almost blocking the oil screen of my old motorcycle, some of the pieces where red rtv but I haven't used any red rtv so It must be something that has been somewhere in the engine from before. I tried to rub the bores and rotors with a fine wet sanding paper but it didn't help, the pump is still really hard to turn by hand. I wonder; if it's hard to turn by hand, surely it's gonna put an extra load on the engine? could it affect idling if it's sticking enough? I have had a hard time dialing in the idle on this, I'll put it at 800rpm and it'll run fine there and then some other time it's barely staying alive... 😕 I've ordered a new one now, fedex usually take a week or so from the US. Yes I've posted about this on that group too
  14. Here is a log from today as i started it. you can see the oil pressure fluctuating very much. Perhaps because the oil is cold the pressure gets so high the regulator piston gets pushed back and sticks before it works loose again and the cycle repeats untill the oil/engine gets warmer?? Or something is blocking the inlet or something. I don't know... I'm thinking I'm gonna replace the oilpump, new oil and filter and cross my fingers and say a little prayer.... There might be damaged bearings, there might not be, It's not making any abnormal sounds (yet). So we'll see how that goes..
  15. Is this a bad thing or a good thing? Back to my engine; I drained the oil today, could not see anything blocking the pickup. The pump however.... Follow this link for pictures of the rotors and regulator piston https://photos.app.goo.gl/cXwkDL6Wxw3zH1HB7 Looks like someone has tried to run gravel through it. I also see signs of rust so it's clearly been stored dry for a long time. The regulator piston was hard to remove, like it was catching or sticking. Also turning the pump over by hand you feel it catching on a couple of places as you turn it. The oil was also shimmering, sadly all that glitters is not gold but I guess that is to be expected with carnage like this. Cut up the oil filter too and found some small metallic pieces in it. Also found tiny pieces of rtv and generally a lot of crap in the filter, I guess that doesn't help with pressure either...
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