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  1. Tom1200

    ‘75 B-210 wheel and tire sizing

    Is this car your daily driver? If it isn't then your tire choices have some options you likely have not considered. 185/60-13s are widely available in R compound tires. While they can be pricey new, buying take offs (used) from a place like John Berget Racing Tires ($250-$300 per set) makes for a good deal. As for the size go with no wider than 185s, with a standard or near standard motor the narrow tires (read lighter by as much as 4lbs per tire) will noticeably help the acceleration. Additionally the car will have a nimble feel.
  2. Tom1200

    '92 nissan sentra transaxle meltdown

    Most of us here are not up on FWD cars but there are some things you can check. First go to a parts website like Rockauto and check to see if the half shafts are different. The clutch assembly is likely the same. The chassis mount to the tranny may be different but again look at the parts for 4 speeds and 5 speeds. If you haven't already check the Nissan forums; in other parts of the world Sentras are also Nissan Sunnys, search forums may get you the answer.
  3. Tom1200

    B210 dogleg 5 speed in B310/210

    If your car was an automatic the 63 series box should fit in the tunnel. I do not remember what auto is in the 210s but I'm assuming it was the 71 series auto so again you should be able to fit the smaller 63 series. Addtionally it may use the same driveshaft. You will have to fabricate a tranny mount but that can be done using a flat piece of steel. This is what I did to fit the 60 series 5 speed in my 1200 coupe.
  4. Tom1200

    63 series 5 speed availability for L series.

    Unfamilia I'm not aware of the major differences between the L & A internals so my understanding is the front cases are interchangeable. Mike I already have a custom driveshaft in the car so I'll likely have to shorten another driveshaft.
  5. Tom1200

    63 series 5 speed availability for L series.

    Mike while the 71 box is the way to go, my 1200 coupe would need tunnel surgery to fit one so it's not a straightforward install. Additionally I have a freshly rebuilt 63 series box, when I was checking a coupe of years ago a few members had 63 series 5 speeds. All I would really need is the front case.
  6. How available are the 63 series 5 speeds for L series engines? My 1200 coupe is a manual and the 71 series trans don't fit into the manual tunnel without mods. Background: I had a motor failure this past weekend with my A-series, it melted the head and the GX heads are getting thin on the ground. I've found a couple but they're pushing $2000. My thought is put the 2K into converting to an L-series motor (remember my so called A15 race motors only belt out 100 whp).
  7. As the topic says do the the manual and auto 510 wagons use the same driveshafts? Background: My 1200 had a H190 diff and my spare tranny is a 63 series 5 speed. At the moment I'm running a 60 series 5 speed with a custom driveshaft. If have an issue with the current box and ever need to swap I need a spare/different drive shaft. Also so does anyone know the driveshaft length on a 510 wagon?
  8. Tom1200

    Which engine for my 210...SR20DE vs KA24DE

    You would simple use the truck transmission. Don't overthink it to much, even if someone gave you a free L16 (universally unloved) it wouldn't be a bad thing, you could bolt on a Weber DGAV, header, clean up the ports, run a mild cam and end up with a motor that had a solid 30hp more. Obviously the bigger the motor the better but there really isn't a wrong answer here. You'd have to check Datsun1200.com but there may be an L-series crossmember that bolts into your car. There is 1200s and B210s had a L-series crossmember so something from a Stanza/A10 or 200SX. (If I have a chance I'll look) Again I like the simplicity of the carbureted motor, if you use a matchbox style dizzy in the L series you won't even have to rewire anything.
  9. Tom1200

    Which engine for my 210...SR20DE vs KA24DE

    This may be a silly question given the desire to have EFI, but why not just go with a simple carburetor / carbureted engine. You may lose a bit of mileage and it may take a minute or two longer to fully warm up / run flawlessly on cold mornings. Besides the wiring you're also going to have to do the plumbing for the FI. Having to put 60hrs and or $2000 less in a project is a huge benefit. So back to your choices; if your not going to be building a performance motor go with the KA, you can find a wrecked vehicle with all the parts you need for next to nothing. Real world the bigger motor with broader powerband will nicer. I get wanting to swap out the A14 as 75hp in a 2000lb car is rather anemic, not to mention getting any power out of them requires revving the nuts off them. If my coupe was a street car rather than a race car I would have swapped out the A-series motor long ago. The L series or even Z series engine is nearly a direct bolt in and with very mild tweaks would be a 40-50hp increase in the car. With that kind of increase the car would feel like a F#**%ing Saturn Rocket........well at least for the first 10 minutes (damn car poeple can never have enough power).
  10. Tom1200

    77 b210 learning to build (Becky)

    Nothing wrong with playing with the A14 as long as your goal isn't extracting maximum power on a budget. You can get an extra 20hp for not a lot of money. Bolt on a weber DGAV, install a moderate cam, port the stock head and add 1.75" diameter exhaust. Shopping carefully and buying as many used parts as possible you should be able to do this for as little as $400. You can do the porting yourself with a Dremel. The key is doing the valve throat area, the valve seats protrude into the port so simply finding them done so they are flush with the port opens that area up by 2mm. You don't want to change the port shape just simply clean up the obstructions. if you want to spend more money you can buy a GX cylinder head $500-$700 complete, use a .6mm crush thickness head gasket $75 (eBay). You can bore the motor out to 78-79mm (see Datsun1200.com for the details) parts and matching will probably be around $400-$500. For carbs you can go with 40mm DCOE carbs, either single or double, I'm not sure on the price but anywhere from $600 used to $1000. I prefer motorcycle carbs but you will have to have a custom manifold made or make it yourself. You can by the carbs for as little as $150 but of course you could end up spending hundreds more on the manifold. Scrap the exhaust manifold for a header. So for $2500-$3000 you could get the motor up around 90-100whp with it still being street able. The A15 in my coupe is making 99whp and I spent $2500 on it. This is why many of the guys have told you to go with an engine swap. I've been racing a 1200 coupe for 30 years now so my choice would be work to get 20hp more out of it and if that isn't enough look at swapping in an L18 or KA24. Also you live in an state with a large number of been involved in racing in stage rally. A used set of rally tires would be way lighter then those off road meats and you could probably get them for $50 a tires is not less.
  11. Jack go to Rockauto, use a 1981 210 for the vehicle and order a Fel-Pro gasket for an A15. Should be Fel-Pro 21199. What at bore does your motor have? Standard is bore 76mm, the 21199 gasket bore is 77.50mm (I measured) While a BMC A-series is a great motor the Datsun a12/14/15 are indeed more robust being 5 main bearing motors. I have a bare A14/A15 block if you take a measurement from the deck to a fixed point on the block I may be able to compare it to mine and we can see if the block has a lot taken of the deck. The machine shop for my race motors lightly skims the deck and the pistons are never proud of the block.
  12. Tom1200

    Nissan a14 motor reaching 100kw

    Kurt go to peterzekertcom he is a former SCCA national champ / long time GT-lite competitor. He always has lots of stuff.
  13. Are you sure you have an A14 head gasket? The ring on the gasket should be a slightly larger diameter than the bore. The A12 gaskets are right on 76mm versus 77.5 thereabouts for the A14/15 gasket.
  14. Tom1200

    Nissan a14 motor reaching 100kw

    Kurt I haven't checked in about 18 months but the 60 series syncros where still available in the after market. I can't remember if it was Rivergate or somebody else that had them. Peter Zekert has GX heads in various states of tune between $500 and $2,500. The last one Imgot from him was professionally ported and came complete for $700.
  15. Tom1200

    Bike carbs

    I run just shy of 2 psi on my FCR Flatslide set up. Much more than that overwhelms the float needles.

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