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Brakes not breaks


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I have been driving my 710 a lot more this year instead of a few months around Canby. So the last week I have slowly noted that the car does not stop as well as it used to.( '84 maxima struts and brakes with zx 15'16" master and stock rear drums)  At first I thought I was simply getting used to it. (complacency) The pedal seems a little lower... maybe, and it's firm like it used to be but it doesn't seem to be stopping as well. I thought maybe the rear shoes just need to be adjusted and left it at that. It's very subtle but there.


Anyway this morning I checked the reservoir and it's empty. I rarely check them as it works so well and it was bled/topped about two years ago... hmmm I guess time flies when you're having fun... when I replaced the shoes.


So gentlemen don't let complacency creep in. Do regular checks of vital components and fluid top ups and replacements. Maybe have a log book of things done and checks. Our Datsuns NEED attention by the owners.

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Well said. 


My brake fluid res. likes to make the fluid disappear randomly as well. 



For a few weeks around summer the res. would be very low. This would happen every couple of days. 

Checked all components, no leaks verified.




Then....last time I have topped off the fluid was July. Still at full mark. And, I drive the thing a lot.  

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I do not know about modern Datsuns, like a 1974 710, but I do know a 1970 521 required a minor tune up, greasing, oil changes, and fluid checks every 3,000 miles, and more work at 6,000 miles and a major tune up at 12,000 miles.


If you just did some work on your Datsun, I would check things one a day for a while, until you can do several daily check without having to do any thing.  then weekly checks.   You should check brake fluid weekly, oil weekly, coolant weekly. 

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Topped up on company time and will see if better on the way home. May need bleeding and look for leaks but frigging wet and cool this time of year.


On a side note which is also brake related, I noticed this fall that when braking there is a vibration that shakes the dash. It's faster than the wheel spinning so I don't think high spots on the front rotor. I did take the calipers off and lightly sand the rotors and everything looked just fine. 

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This happened to me a few weeks ago as well Mike, I thought my booster died on me again, or a vacuum hose busted loose. It was getting harder and hard to stop.   So while looking around for a vacuum leak I shrugged my shoulders and popped off the break fluid caps, and bam...  empty lol  Filled it up and it's like magic...  breaks work!

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Next spring I will flush new fluid through the entire system. It's been about four years maybe five by then. The 15/16 master I rebuilt, new rotors, rear cylinders were new. Maxima calipers were sitting on an '84 Maxima in the wrecking yard for 5 years before I scooped the struts and this was way back around 2000 maybe. Kept them under a bench. for 5-10 years and didn't even own a car. 


Drove it for a short while in the fall and the next spring did the strut swap. Absolutely LOVE the brakes.

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