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My '76 710 Goon


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I am now officially a Goon owner! A 710 goon owner at that. Found this baby about year ago in town. The owner was a great guy and said it belonged to a couple from the states that vacationed up here on the Island and needed a car to get around sight seeing. Probably kept it here or drove it up and back I don't remember but has only 44,000 miles on it. They stopped traveling and gave/sold it to a daughter/neighbor up here and it's been here ever since. This spring I went over to see it and found the old boy had passed but his wife had a new car and was willing to sell. I said maybe in the fall. I said I hoped she found a new owner that would love it as much as I would. This summer there were only offers from kids that wanted a 'neat old car' and wanting the car to be used and not sit around she lent it to her son to drive. BTW his name is Cedric I shit you not! I was afraid he would want it for a winter vehicle or something but he was also glad it went to a good home. The old owner just put a new starter on it this week for me. I told her to get her money back because I have 9 of them at home! :lol:


Mrs. datzen and I went over several times to see it and had agreed on a fair price to pay and previously the owner had asked what I thought it was worth. I told her a minimum $500 because it runs fine... to the right person twice that maybe three times that. To tell the truth I didn't ever expect to be bidding on it because I had just gotten my sedan, so a higher price was fair to her and would scare off some of those that would pay $500 and drive the shit out of it. Well that there cost me an extra $600 but I don't care. It's still a good deal and the widow who lives alone, gets a fair price for it.


Well as for running and driving, it starts perfectly and drives straight and quiet. Tranny shifts smooth and is quiet. Clutch is good, very smooth. Brakes a very good but the front tends to lock, or one side. My sedan has a larger m/c and a hard pedal that I'm used to so maybe I tromped on it too hard. There's a corner on the way home that I drive the sedan around. The goon has more trouble going around it at speed. Likely heavier and soft shocks. The motor pulls very nice in the secondaries but above idle in the primary it has a slight cut in and out like the ignition is being turned off and on. Likely a blockage in the main jet running lean. A carb rebuild kit came with it. Runs fine with the choke on. Temp gauge did not move, will check. Has air but the p/o said it just blows cool not cold..



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Go Canada! Eh! Wonderful job, I read your earlier posts about finding this thing, and you put in the hard work of stocking the owner and eventually you got your way! *Applause* Done deals that way so many times for my old cars, its crazy, but you persisted! CONG-Rats!



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nice score and for a low mileage gOOn I say you did good, could of not landed in better hands.

Now that ur a gOOn owner you need to contact gokiburix and get ur gOOn squad sticker(s).


howz about some engine pic's, would like to see the AC unit, ur going to luv that AC when you head down to Canby 2011, now you got a place to sleep instead of on that cold Oregon ground, :sick: BRRRRRRR and I also love the color. :thumbup:

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you saw the big red one on the back of my goon at Canby right?


I must have. Didn't imprint it 'cause I never thought I would have one!!!! :)



Awesom Mike! Congrats on another score for sure! Now, go get a 710 2-door coupe STAT and you will have the whole collection!!


I want all three!!!







I like it, I want one. Yellow maybe? Do they come big enough for across the top of the windshield i wonder?


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I think Josh was going to have more made. The big one'. And yes I think it will go across the window.

Send him a P.M. and ask. (gokiburix) Look in the goons check in thread. you'll find him there.

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howz about some engine pic's, would like to see the AC unit, ur going to luv that AC when you head down to Canby 2011, now you got a place to sleep instead of on that cold Oregon ground, :sick: BRRRRRRR and I also love the color. :thumbup:


Clock and radio didn't work but haven't looked at fuses or anything actually. Shifter boot is toast.




Did not know the rear seat bottom lifts up and forward to allow the seat back to drop down flat. The 510s do that as well???




L20B with U-67 head, air con. Fuel pump was replaced so I'll cut the lawn this weekend and find a stock one to replace the replacement.




Has full California smog equipment applicable to '76. MMmmmm camber plates!




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