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  1. Stock 71 510 has a square adjusting shaft accessed on backside of backing plate. With wheel off the ground, turn clockwise as you look at it until wheel stops. Back off 1 or 2 detents. Wheel should be free. Repeat on opposite side. Check every 6k.
  2. Yes, the valve is called the needle and seat, and the float shuts off the fuel when the level is correct. Also, there is a screen around the inlet. If you need to replace it, remove the rubber fuel hose, then while holding the base, take off the small cap to remove the inlet pipe. Then you can unscrew the needle and seat from carb top.
  3. Sounds like the dash lights are seeking ground thru your gauges. Look for corrosion on circuit board and/or round connector.
  4. "Icebox" 2.3 liter with su's
  5. Check fuses with a test light, not visually If it blows on high speed only, you need to repair or replace fan speed resistor.
  6. Roadster-ka

    Boink boink

    Rockers must be installed to allow compression test.
  7. Possible pickup coil. When it fails to start, dump cold water on distributor with cap off. Or, you could swap distributor with known good unit
  8. Grommets come with valve cover gasket from Nissan I believe.
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