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  1. Roadster-ka

    hitachi carb fuel flow on / off valve ?

    Yes, the valve is called the needle and seat, and the float shuts off the fuel when the level is correct. Also, there is a screen around the inlet. If you need to replace it, remove the rubber fuel hose, then while holding the base, take off the small cap to remove the inlet pipe. Then you can unscrew the needle and seat from carb top.
  2. Roadster-ka

    Gauges increase rapidly when lights on (72 510)

    Sounds like the dash lights are seeking ground thru your gauges. Look for corrosion on circuit board and/or round connector.
  3. Roadster-ka

    pic of your dime

    "Icebox" 2.3 liter with su's
  4. Roadster-ka

    Datsun 510, universal harness in, Bad Headlight switch?

    Have the alternator tested. Maybe charging but ac not dc.
  5. Roadster-ka

    pic of your dime

    My wagon
  6. Roadster-ka

    81 210 blower fan fuse?

    Check fuses with a test light, not visually If it blows on high speed only, you need to repair or replace fan speed resistor.
  7. Roadster-ka

    GROSS POLLUTER - Failed Cali Smog test

    Jet may have been drilled!
  8. Roadster-ka

    GROSS POLLUTER - Failed Cali Smog test

    Jet may have drilled.
  9. Roadster-ka

    Boink boink

    Rockers must be installed to allow compression test.
  10. Possible pickup coil. When it fails to start, dump cold water on distributor with cap off. Or, you could swap distributor with known good unit
  11. Confirmed no spark when it does not start?
  12. Roadster-ka

    Valve Cover Grommets on the Z24

    Grommets come with valve cover gasket from Nissan I believe.
  13. Roadster-ka

    GROSS POLLUTER - Failed Cali Smog test

    Good luck!!!!
  14. Roadster-ka

    GROSS POLLUTER - Failed Cali Smog test

    I dont feel the egr is the problem. Egr stuck open, engine won't idle. Egr stuck shut, engine runs normally but with high NOx . Carb is leaking fuel into venturi when throttle is open or choke is not fully open

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