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  1. I will try thanks looked at the reviews and their all bad lol
  2. I want to post pics but photobucket is fucking lame it's so difficult to just post one lol
  3. Sorry I haven't replied I called work they don't sell them (the ones I want at least) I have 15s x 8 inch If your looking for some let me know I know a guy too lol
  4. Let me know if you show up to eagle rock
  5. If you do add a light can you show me how you wired it?
  6. I have the work Crag wheels .. I did exactly what you guys did and I don't have the same ones
  7. Hello fellas wondering if I can get help finding 3 piece wheel bolts ( the ones that keep the wheels together ..) I know there's the Torx looking ones .. But I'm looking more into Knurled neck carriage bolts ..but the heads look wrong thanks any help is appreciated
  8. I'm in la you can go to the old school meet on Friday next to the Burbank airport I'll be there
  9. Just buy a retro sounds radio aux,usb, Bluetooth looks like the old one
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