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  1. Just wanted to make sure I got the right size, are the hard steel lines coming off the Master Cylinder 3/16" ?? I'm replacing them all and Just wanted to make sure that's the stock size before I order. Thanks! Fixed 😛
  2. lol awesome! I broke down and bought some painters stuff that's moisture and mold proof, it's a thick vinyl sheet. Was only $12 at home depot, then I grabbed some good sticky stuff from the auto parts store. I've got my passenger side done, but I'll be working on my driver side over the next week or so when I have time. Thanks for the pic :)
  3. I do not, it's actually a stock feature with the b210's, it's a small metal flap that sits just above the stock bumper, it looks as though it's just there to cover the gap between the bumper and the body so it doesn't look too tacky, though I think the bumpers, in general, are seriously tacky and ugly. The back bumper also comes with one as well. I kept it on there because of 2 reasons, 1 - it looked kind of cool, and 2- it provided stability to the whole underside and allowed me to mount the new bumper cover much easier.
  4. Hey Rats... long time no talk. Been a long journey back from my nine knee surgeries, but I'm finally able to drive my bee again. First thing I noticed was a massive stupid on my part, I forgot to weatherproof my doors after putting on my new door cards. Now they're all nasty and the nice fake leather I had on them is all pealing back, and well it's just a disaster from the ground up. So I'm going to have to redo everything from scratch. Question though, is what kind of vinyl plastic is best to put on the doors, and what kind of glue (black sticky stuff??) should I use to keep it attached to the door? Under the door cards to help keep the rain from coming through and damaging them. Thanks for any help and hope to see you guys a little more in the future. -Tolk
  5. :no: Sokay man... I know how that feels. Right now if someone came up and offered me some cash for my B210 i'd have to take it. I'm now on my 8th surgery with this stupid knee, and don't see myself being able to drive it again. If i do, it'll be a miracle lol At least every other day I get to sit half way in it and start it up, smell the engine, and let it purr for a few minutes. It's bout all the Datsun fix i can get these days lol
  6. So, I setup a new hosting site for my pics. I'll be working on uploading and getting them all back up in the next few weeks to satisfy all of your eye candy addictions. Later rats!
  7. Tolkmod

    Decklid racks.

    I'd actually be interested in just seeing what it looked like, let alone having one lol
  8. No idea as to what significants it has but I have a 74'4-door sedan with a 4 speed manual transmission. Mine had had the silver stripe down the middle that you're talking about. About a year ago I bought a complete replacement dash from a wrecked b210 exactly like mine but was a 76 and an automatic, that one had the solid black dash that i now have in mine. Not sure if that helps any. Also, as a side thought it's also where I was able to get a perfectly matching passenger front door to replace the dented one on mine. Fit perfectly.
  9. Great idea, I'll have to check this out.
  10. I was having Carb issues for a long time with my 74 B210, I did a ton of research and was even thinking about buying a new webber, but after a few months of mulling it over (and the fact that I had a total knee replacement) i stumbled upon something while out sitting in my car and running it. I noticed that my temperature gauge never went up. I did some research and it turns out that the temp sending unit that goes from the engine block to the gauge also sends back a signal to the auto choke on the carb. Because it wasn't reading that the engine was coming up to the right temp it wasn't opening the choke, and my idle sucked, and i was having all the same issues you are describing now. I bought a new one from rockauto, was like $10 with shipping. When i took off the old one it looked like the PO had wrapped the threads in silicon tape (I'm assuming to keep it from leaking). The tape was blocking the ground on the engine and the sending unit failed. Soon as I plugged in my new sending unit and started it up, my temp gauge shot up to half way and stayed steady, after about 5 minutes my idle evened out and it's been running fantastic ever since. Of course I haven't been able to actually drive it seeing as my knee is messed up right now, but every time i start it up, it warms up and bam.. perfect idle, no jumping around no power loss... it's beautiful. Thought I'd throw that out there.
  11. this is my 3rd, and soon to be a 4th surgery on this knee. It's been a pain in my.... well everything for the past 5 years now. Got attacked by a drugged out patient while working in a hospital ER, so it's all worker's comp stuff. I'll probably be having another one soon, as all the damage done to my knee has caused a serious amount of scar tissue to build up, so they want to do a manipulation to help move it along a little quicker. If you notice on the 2nd xray all the weird white scarring just below my knee cap, that was from the previous 2 surgeries. Guy messed up my knee pretty good. Hopefully I'll be back to work in a few months, getting sick to death of sitting at home doing nothing. It's pretty sad that I'd rather be working than sitting around on my butt at home all day lol Oh, and yeah, never smoked a day in my life.
  12. So... project is on hold until my recently replaced knee is healed. I had gone through a "woah is me" phase and put it up for sale, but through my halfhearted attempt at selling it figured I wasn't really wanting to go there. So, I sit here dreaming up stuff I want to do with the ol' girl... while being pissed off at my knee for not healing fast enough. Till then.... i leave with a few cool xrays of my knee.
  13. Just wanted to say thanks for this. A nice simple list is a fantastic way to start. I have started my swap parts grab for my 74' 4-Door B210 with a PL510 cross-member and a 2 door 510 drive shaft. I'm probably going to go with the added expense of having my driveshaft adjusted to what I need, mostly because it's a more beefy version and I'd rather not have it fail on me at 75mph on SoCal freeways ;) Slowly but surely building my parts up. The way i'm going it'll probably be a few years lol
  14. Tolkmod

    B210 Rollcall

    I'm glad for you, and your 4dr that they're just urges, and not completed actions ;)
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