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  1. who said I won't flair it and run 225s with an LSD i just bought? Me and you are not the same😆 i don't know what a time bomb is to you but i'm definitely not building an economical daily driver to save gas or last me 50 years. enough said .
  2. I was assuming the nismo headgasket is composite. Whoops well whatever the 0.80 over L20b one is on ebay.
  3. Recently bought this in the summer... I'm probably not going to use it until I make another and improved turbo manidold. The old octo one won't clear the front TB, that's why I'm gonna go with a throttle Body EFI carb set up This is L-series swag
  4. It was a pretty penny to get this head Ported and Polished hehe JDM A87 Factory EFI Peanut Head Chambers are polished as well ISKY Springs but Stock retainers ISKY Cam ground to 450intake/440exhaust idk the duration, I'll have to check later As far as the lash caps, I am in need of aftermarket thicker ones and new rocker arms
  5. Ok ok so I'm only going for a 350 Hp L20b now. Honestly I don't want wait any longer. New Key Components LOOKING 4 Carb manifold Holley 2bbl Sniper EFI (Cheaper than Megasquirt and L18 EFI Factory Setup) Fuel Cell EFI Pump in tank Hard Fuel lines Appropriate Clutch T28 or GT30 maybe The motor will be able to handle 350 no problem, but I don't know how much the carb manifold will act as a limiting factor. We will see, only experience and time will tell. 86mm JE Pistons currently
  6. If anyone in the future runs in to my question... I just found this spec sheet with the valued info. http://pauter.com/parts/rods/infiniti-nissan/
  7. I am aiming for pretty high horsepower. My experienced head porter told me the rods are good til 400hp even being cyro treated and polished My motor will be an L20b 450+ hp I am looking to use components that will be readily available off the shelf that will fit my compression. With the closed penut head I have and a set of evo 8 pistons, the compression will be in my likeable range.
  8. Long live photobucket! 

  9. Hello, I'm looking for the specs to get some custom H beam rods done. It will be for my L20b, I do want long rods made so... They are asking for these specs Please help me out guys, I couldn't find some of the answers. Nor do I have an accurate caliper Center to center : 152.5 (long rods) Small end diameter : 22mm (readily available sizes for an 86mm) Big end diameter : ? Big end width : ? Small End Width : ?
  10. Jesus i haven't been on here for a long time but here's an update! Pics to come soon Components acquired: ARP Main Studs ARP Rod Studs 86mm SR20 Wiseco forgeduhh Pistons -12cc Main Bearings .5mm over Rod Bearings .5mm over L20b Block bored to 86mm crank turned .020" over main and rods Ford Blue engine paint can Engine stand 750lb. 300zx z31 Fuel Pump Carrier Hanger 3/8 inch fuel lines My rods got resized on the small end without a brass bushing to fit the Wiseco piston full floating pins. So basically it's time
  11. This. This. is what I went with hehehhe
  12. boost source quick tap or somethin like that hahahaha
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