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    Turbo,L-series EFI, and swaps. I'm 16 years old, help me out Ratsun.
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  1. That4doorKiD

    Turbo Coupe B310 with A15 engine, my first project

    boost source quick tap or somethin like that hahahaha
  2. That4doorKiD

    Draker's 1970 2 door 510 - "Chuck"

    Love me some LS-X vintage seats! Those are awesome
  3. That4doorKiD

    Noob Turbo L-16 from Hell

    and that 4 inch exhaust hole is for a 3 inch exhaust. My 510 will shoot flames in between shifts. From an L20b. Be ready guys. Cause I'm not!
  4. That4doorKiD

    Noob Turbo L-16 from Hell

    Girthy😅 and bare ready for sealer and some paint Extra ass picture to let you guys know what parts I have stashed z32 rear disc fits perfectly over the 510 hub and centers itself through the hubs taper. I thought I was going to have to send them out to get drilled first before I started the brackets. But sometimes the water touches the seed before the sprout. I'll be drilling the 3 114.3 holes when needed in the future. I want my steering to be tight and no sway at idle. Investing my money into all the suspension parts is a must! The arms will get blasted and sealed as well. Hopefully I'll have the rear subframe in the car by the end of the week. If not, maybe another 2 weeks. Coming up next, I will be ordering pistons and bearings for a stock L20b to rebuild that I've had for a while. The dumb machinist did .030 over and it's hard to find pistons that size. Anyone have a reference? I really wanted to do forged pistons, and do the motor right once, but it'll just set me back a few more months cost wise of getting my girl back on the road. Honestly, I feel it's way better to pop my efi / tuning cherry on a stock motor instead of risk damaging a more liable motor that'd be built with forged internals. It'll be fun to push a stock l20 to the limits and see what power it makes😆
  5. That4doorKiD

    Noob Turbo L-16 from Hell

    Finally got my rear crossmember sandblasted! Rough draft... Cowcalations and stencil drafting.. Super close on the first try, but the arc was a bit too short. The stencil wasn't able to wrap around the control arm arch. ( As seen on the left side corner that is folded to fit) After a few failed attempts and redrafting, I decided to do in increments on a single stencil and decide which arc to use through the elimination process🤣, which I should've done in the first place. 3 days ago I had no idea how to use Autocad, so I watched about 6 youtube videos. Today, I designed my brake caliper bracket xD! It's a 2D design so it wasn't so complicated to draw. weld on dual caliper bracket z32 nissan datsun 510 rear caliper swap ratsun how to And I will leave the DWG file on here for anyone to use. I'll be sending the file out tomorrow for a waterjet cutting. It should be under about 80$ for 2 of these. Satisfied with this fitment! The most exciting thing about this caliper swap is that it'll fit under 15s😍 My mouth is watering just thinkiong about the little shiny red nissan pots appearing under the wheels at moving speed.. . I'm painting them red AND WHITE nissan letters. IMO there's no point of a dual piston caliper swap on a 510 if you don't paint them.
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  7. That4doorKiD

    Noob Turbo L-16 from Hell

    Finished bay! Need to sand and polish soon I learned how to spray🤩 after sanding coat after messed up coats. Single stage came out really nice. These pics do NOT have good sunlight. They'll get better soon! and I got a lot of interesting content soon. Anyone have a source for z20e rods? Or else I'm gonna do another stock L
  8. That4doorKiD

    Noob Turbo L-16 from Hell

    definitely using longer rods for a better CR. If not stock compression, I want to get the motor to 9:1 or something close. I don't have any spare cranks from a different motor and not willing to get one yet. Any piston/rod combo I can use with the l20b crank will be in my best interest
  9. That4doorKiD

    Noob Turbo L-16 from Hell

    Fast forward another two weeks to yesterday, and I layed down some primer. I got better and the hang of it! No runs and minimal orange peel. My compressor would run a bit low on pressure causing my gun to start spraying a bit funky like a spray bottle. But, for the most part I sprayed a pretty decent 2 coats or primer. Tadah. definitely not showcar clean but my harbor freight gun and I gave it all we got. PS no point in cleaning them, I bought like 3 already. Picked up some 637 EggShell Off White today at the paint shop. Some single stage 1k laquer paint like the original formula. I want to repaint my front valence and under sides soon. You guys will see the results tomorrow hehe. But as of next paycheck, I'm going in full blast this summer -Front suspension parts all new again -L20b stock rebuild -N42 manifold that I have yet to cut up and weld. Someone please PM me if your willing to get paid and do it -stainless t3 manifold .... exhaust, intercooler, megasquirt, etc... little guy things
  10. That4doorKiD

    Noob Turbo L-16 from Hell

    This is my first time using a spray gun :lol: and doing a shaved bay. but fuk it rite, I wasn't gonna stop after all that stupid sanding and resanding bare metal escaping the rain. Sorry if I'm moist guys, the hard work just makes me feel so accomplished. And jesus it's crazy to know that people do this for a living! Fuk engine bays!
  11. That4doorKiD

    Noob Turbo L-16 from Hell

    So many holes. So many sanding. So many pain. But, so many pretty now. My first coat I didnt know what I was doing. So many runs everywhere and orange peel for days. A LITTLE discouraging, JUST A LITTLE. But, yall know me, I learn from the mistakes and experiences. So I ended up sanding like 3 coats of sealer over and over.
  12. That4doorKiD

    Noob Turbo L-16 from Hell

    Here come the pics of my 2 month paint job :hmm:
  13. That4doorKiD

    Noob Turbo L-16 from Hell

  14. That4doorKiD

    Noob Turbo L-16 from Hell

    Yeah I've been researching a lot, I know exactly what you're talking about spreading the first layer firmly. I meant my car! :rofl: She's my baby. ​I just ended our relationship with my last girlfriend as a matter of fact cause I wanted more time to do the things I need(my car).

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