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Made a mistake


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Made a mistake of showing my Datsun collection yesterday.

I don't normally just show it and risk of being robbed later.

Sold wheels to a local guy from Vallejo and his name is very familiar.

Can't say on the forum

I've heard rumors about bad business with the guy but didn't occur to me that it might be the same guy till later.

Where he lives, what he works on and ethnic background.

Too much of a coincidence

He was very eager to see my collection of parts and convince me to show it.

He helped himself on checking the parts and tell me that his not really interested on much of it. And I know that's BS

His eyes was very busy checking everything maybe including security. :mad:

Pointed out to him that I have alarm.

Also made remark that he doesn't like to deal with 510 owners.

Actually, it's the other way around, 510 owners doesn't like to deal with him.


Anyways, I have reasons that he may put a word out where a good place to get collectibles. Woke up in the middle of the night just to check the garage and that everything is locked and all carstruck are still in my property. Not a good feeling, paranoid as hell.

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thats sucks!

i did it too when i used to be in the honda scheme...

usually honda hatchs/ gsr's get stolen minimun of 2-3 times in their lifetime...

showed my proyect to a guy who was about to pick some motor/cams...

he barely wanted to go...and he called me even a yr after i sold the

part for " questions " ...............


now i meet with ppl off gas stations or mcdonalds...

i pay / or get paid then i pump some gas / or eat something afterwards...:)


i think its about time to get some xtra locks for your garage huh?

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It would be a costly mistake if it ever happens.

Not even sure if my house insurance covers these items.

Lesson learned, make deals in public instead in the house.


Will be putting up my spare wireless camera with PTZ (Pan, tilt, zoom).

Pretty sweet surveilance cam.

Sends me pictures through email

And can access camera even if my ISP IP changes.

Panasonic BL-C30A

Expensive but buys you security and peace of mind.

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I feel like I made a mistake every time I buy a used part in the datsun community :| I guess I need to, in no uncertain terms, ask every time "IS THERE ANYTHING WRONG WITH IT? IS IT BROKEN?!?! WHEN I GET IT AM I GOING TO FIND IT BENT/BROKEN/MISSING PIECES OR IN ANY OTHER WAY DIFFERENT FROM HOW IT SHOULD BE?!?!?!"

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It's confirmed from a reliable source.

This guy is a scam artist and has been banned in some Datsun community.


so why not name the scum bag? :confused:

ban him before something happens.


innocent before proven guilty? :fu:





likely how it happened to the 2 cars at TSR this year...

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Ya know.. If his name is Ju*n, please speak up. Because I got burned for $50 by a guy named J*an from NorCal..


With all this said.. Call your homeowner/renter insurance company and straight up ask about your car parts etc. Get them insured or get the required documentation to be covered. Then you can sleep at night..

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In England its guilty till proven innocent.... Lets use this idea here today!!!! I'm afraid in letting people know were I live... Monsters! We work hard for our stuff.... Let us know!!!!! I sell parts too....


You can build a great trap out of a rat trap, a shotgunshell, and some string.... Blows the legs/head right out of them!!!!!


I have other ideas but I dont want to educate the robbers....

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From Jeff's "got robbed"




damn, that sucks:mad:. good luck on the recovery guys.



^^my "anti-theft system". theres not much scaryer if your creeping around some ones house at night

than the sound of a pump action 12 gauge chambering a round.



The final solution:

Well, I've found that the slug, although having a powerful take down punch, requires good aim. Many times I've missed the 'kill shot' and had to follow the blood trail for some distance before taking it. Very distressful for the 'meat'. Also I've found that stray rounds can travel through walls and even into the neighbors house... distressful to him!!


That's why I prefer shells that I have replaced the shot, with 8mm ball bearings from a tranny. At my age and abilities all I have to do is point at the sound in the dark and pull. There's less chance of missing, and the 'shot' will barely go through one wall. OK, one wall and a dresser drawers..... and a closet door.


Also I never chamber the round where the meat can hear me. I keep it 'ready to rock'. This way I don't have to clean up when they shit themselves.

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Hmmm, this is interesting since I got a call from a local Nor Cal guy wanting to trade me some other 510 parts for my 521 wheels I was recently selling. He did make a comment about "not liking to do business with most other 510 owners around here" so that is what rung a bell...I'm glad I sold it to some other guy who paid me cash instead of trading. It's not like I have a huge stash of parts anyway but still I can see how this could affect those with garage fulls of parts.

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If you feel that you've been scoped out. Change your set up. Add an extra lock, pile junk around the entries. If you have a garage door block it inside and/or out. Cover windows or white them out. Move the most valuable stuff to an even more secure area. Chain stuff up. Add extra lights that aren't easy to get at. What did Ice say about thieves and bad weather covering the noise they make? Think like a thief... how would you get in, how would you get the stuff out, how would you carry it away? Talk to your neighbors. I have an arrangement with mine... NO ONE is to be in my yard for any reason. If they see anything they call the nabbers. Day time isn't safe either, when people are at work, my neighbor is home 24/7.

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Lets use this idea here today!!!!

I'm afraid in letting people know were I live... Monsters!

that idea is why we left england, etc...

i prefer the pirate method(vs. the ninja) dead men tell no tales. also shot first-ask ??? later. hang the lawyers!


watts??? you live near S-Central. barricades & ammo are included w/ rent :lol:

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